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1Anderson Silva

Gotta go with Anderson Silva, too obvious. Fighting him must be like striking at smoke. Smooth and elusive movement, ridiculously accurate strikes, and the Muay Thai clinch... Vicious. Definitely the best - zacenroe86

No contest, 300 Spartans couldn't take him, chuck Norris could be multiplied a million times, and all those copies could fight Silva at the same time, and Silva would decimate them.

Yes, he lost now. But, don't judge him by those few losses. His achievements and records were accomplished in the most difficult fighting organization in the world, known as the UFC. He is the best.

He is very good

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2Georges St-Pierre

No doubt that he is the best, he fought the most dangerous fighters and came out smiling. He mastered many styles of martial arts, he is the most respectful fighter in UFC and he is the most consistent fighter of all time. He is a TRUE martial artist with a big heart. Even though he fought against animals like Hendricks and Diaz, he never lost his soul...

Over the years I've learned a lot from him mentally and physically and I wish him all the best in the future.

I think GSP has shown more heart and integrity in the UFC then most any other fighter. He is one of the hardest training fighters and has excelled in skill beyond almost anyone he comes up against - (his constant wins testify to his). I also think GSP has what it takes to beat Anderson Silva if they can ever make the match up happen!

Would dominate Silva. Anyone who disagrees is out of touch with reality.

He was great but he abused steroids

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3Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva are the only two who seem interesting to watch. Chuck is a very stronger hitter than anyone else in the UFC and has some good kicks too. Chuck can dominate in the octagon and knock somebody out cold and had a cool nickname as the Iceman the only name that's as cool as that is Silva's the Spider. Chuck I think at least is at least number 2 if not 1 in my opinion. Great fighter with much power he gets my vote.

Chuck Liddell is fast, agile, has all the knowledge his upcoming
Opponents he can throw a had punch and if you get court you are in
Trouble, he has his good moments and some bad he can fight on the ground and standing up he plays mind games and gets in to your head
If he loses he honors the winner and is a good sports man Vote: chuck liddell


Most overrated fighter in ufc history

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4Brock LesnarBrock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

He has not only shown good performance in WWE he has shown a good performance in ufc Also he has beaten superstars like randy orton and the undertaker he is a mixed martial artist wrestler as well as American football player he should be number1

He is a monster weighing 265 lbs you can tell Brock is just stronger than everyone in ufc

He may not be the best UFC fighter...but he is definitely THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET...

Lesnar is best no matter what's the condition is

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5Randy Couture

Bro he won titles in 2 weight classes and held the heavyweight title till he was almost 50, easily top 5 of all time

Randy couture is the best ever in the ufc because the ufc tried to get rid of him but couldn't do so he went and won the lighthaveywight title and after he lost it to the ice man and went and won the heavyweight title at the good old age of 46 my hero

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6Jon "Bones" Jones

Bones jones is crazy he is only 24 and already the ufc light heavyweight champion. He only has one loss and that was a dq which isn't really a loss but anyways he is beast and you got to admit it.

He is way better than brock lesnar he is tall strong and fast probably the most feared fighter in the octagon he no doubt the best his elbows is lime getting stabbed by a knife he is the best.

He is murderer powerful man sharpest elbows in hands can kill any best fighter in the world. Every fight he shown different skills.

How is Bones not #1

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7Royce Gracie

No pound-for-pound ranking discussion.
Royce would fight any guy no matter how bigger, heavier and stronger he was.
If he was contemporary to Fedor, I bet he would challenge him without a doubt.

Gracie fought and beat bigger fighters them him. He could submit anyone. He is a human anaconda. - Sabbath

he is one of the pioneer of UFC and one of the best fighter i've ever seen in the octagon

The human boa constrictor, need I say more?

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8BJ Penn

won a round against layoto, beat 2 gracies, beat matt huges when every one tought he was unstopable, put an ass whoping on gsp in 1st fight, he also put an ass whopin on din thomas, kenny florian, carl uno, dieago shanchez, jens polver, takanori ghomi, joe daddy stevason

The BJ Penn that beat Joe Stevenson and Diego Sanchez is without a doubt the best LW ever. He did overstay his welcome, but that does not take away from the greatness that is The Prodigy.

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9Ken ShamrockKenneth Wayne "Ken" Shamrock is an American mixed martial artist, Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer, and professional wrestler.

Dude the world's most dangerous man he was at the first ufc event

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10Matt Hughes

How Hughes isn't top 5 at least is absolutely bizarre! He's amazing and one of the longest reigning champion! How is lesnar 6! He is not good at all! But that's my opinion

Hughes is the most important welterweight - Sabbath

Matt is #5 he beat Royce Gracie okay

Top five no doubt..

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The Newcomers

?Joanna JedrzejczykJoanna Jędrzejczyk is a Polish mixed martial artist who competes in the women's strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

She's the queen of women's strawweights and arguably the queen of mma right now - Sabbath

?Felice Herrig

The Contenders

11Forrest Griffin

Forrest griffin is a true definition of a great ufc fighter he have fighting moves that most ufc fighters can not compete with he is a great ufc fighter and he is good looking with his supermodel hair hairy body, and goofy personality and I just think forrest griffin is one of the most greatest fighters and he can actually fight and hold his own inside the ring and never get tired he is a and born a fighter.

If this list was for personality and heart, he is number 1

Forrest was never a great fighter in my opinion

This Guy needs to get higher

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12Conor McGregorConor Anthony McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist who has primarily competed in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and now plans to also fight at Lightweight and Welterweight.

Why is conor not #1 he is the #2 P4P in the world by statistics and he will sure be number one he has just turned 27 and fought at welterweight and he had to eat extra that week to make that weight which is also the cause of him running out of breath too much weight but he repeated it and won and now he won another fight outside his vision by becoming the only ever man to hold 2 ufc tittles at the same time and made it look easy. If he is not number one within a week or two it means this site is rigged and anti mcgregor.

Good striker (was able to knockout Aldo in 13 seconds) but that's about it. It's apparent he doesn't train in other areas of fighting, like the clinch, wrestling, or submission defense, Nate proved that.

Very athletic and exciting fighter to watch, he is also very talented but he is too overconfident and arrogant.

Still hasn't defended his belt. He's good but not one of the greatest - Sabbath

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13Cain Velasquez

He would be ranked higher that that red neck Brock he whooped his ass

Come on lets get him to #1 he is the best and there is no denying that!

Cain would destroy every one of those fighters in the top ten

Amazing player

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14Lyoto Machida

He has the best technique and the best cardio of all the fighters

I'm voting for lyoro because first of all I'm brasilian, and I do karate with his father here in brasil once a year, for me the best player of course is minotauro Nogueira

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15Quinton Rampage Jackson

MINT! loved the way he put silva away

16Wanderlei Silva

Greatest two dimensional fighter of all time, even though he hasn't had so many victories in the ufc he is a warrior

17Dan Severn

How could no one put this guy on the list! He was one of he first to go in the ufc hof. he went toe to toe with royce gracie

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18Claudia Gadelha

Should be in the top ten for her ass alone

She is an amazing fighter. BJJ blackbelt and heart of a champion. I would put her at number one but she definitely should be top ten pound for pound. - maddermax77

19Demetrious JohnsonDemetrious Khrisna Johnson is an American wrestler and mixed martial artist. He is the first and current Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and currently holds the longest active championship reign at 8 title defenses.
20Mauricio Shogun RuaV1 Comment
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