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New Era University


Vision: "A world-class Institution of learning with a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity. "
GO ERANIANS:) We have a good facility and good school And the NEU is most top list of engineering
New Era University rank number 1 on the Engineering courses, world class ( Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Science), exa% is the highest grades and the lowest grades, based on United Nations records and PRC records. And all are world SummaCumlaude, world MagnaCumlaude, world Cumlaude and world laude, for me, based on United Nations records, nothing beats New Era University based on its superior standing on Engineering courses, and it continues rising above 500 exa%.
"Godliness is the foundation of knowledge"
New Era University deserves to be on the list. This school continuously produces quality and world-class practitioners of different fields. Plus the attitude of the students studying here are greatly molded.
"Best Law Schools", see in the "Ultimate List" of ranker community search ( W. Ranker. Com) members of ABA approved law schools, operating in the US. Rank no.2 in "Best Law Schools Worldwide" next to Harvard University rank number 1. New Era University can't reach the highest voting list in ranker, no.34 on the list, but it deserve to be top on Bar Exams next to Harvard University. The world are watching us because of the succeeding success of New Era University on Bar/Board Exams taken in United Nations.
Not only a world-class institution of learning, but it has a God-Centered way of education. Students are highly molded in spirituality which makes them ahead of other students. Long live the University blessed by our Lord God!
One of the best school in the Philippines. I'm proud for being an alumnus in this university. Aside from being anchored with unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline is known to be its benchmark. It specializes in Engineering, Mass Communication, Nursing and Accountancy and we're proud that we've produced famous personalities known in the different industries today.. And still producing more. Go NEU to being world-class and globally competitive!
New Era University a leading university of good Christian living, the environment set with God's love and care, nurturing the youth and align them unto God's word.
This is the greatest University in the Philippines because it the holy university of our Lord God
Outstanding university when it comes to discipline of the students. Most of the students are active with their studies, because they are proud that they entered New Era University to study...
Discipline and Attitude makes the students of NEU shine among others... Being an alumni of the NEU CON, I'm also proud to say that we are consistent placers in the Top3 performing schools every Nurse Lisencure Examinations...
New Era University may be not the best among all the existing universities but it continually doing its best for educating their students.. Remember.. Doing your best is better than being the best
New Era University is an awesome school. I've been learning there all my life.
They have been trying to modernize the way of teaching that's why they launched so many projects this year. They keep their students learning while having fun.
The faculties of New Era University always give their best in teaching us. They mold our personalities to be a productive employees of the industry in the near future.

To God be the Glory
We may not be the best, at least we're here to serve you with our best :)

We are an institution that prioritize QUALITY before QUANTITY.. GOOD DISCIPLINE and EDUCATION you'll get with low tuition fee, unlike the others, HIGH TUITION but UNDISCIPLINED STUDENTS...
For just 37 years of existence from an INSTITUTE to UNIVERSITY, New Era University is now one of the TOP LIST of Academic Achievers GLOBALLY.

NEU provides not just competent graduates but one who has value, honor and integrity in life. HAIL FAIR NEW ERA!
NEU is one of the best in Engineering and Nursing. =)) Proud to be ERANIAN =)) NEU deserves to be number 1 on Best Engineering School.
This university will make you a disipline citizen & Godfearing person. :) I feel I was in the safest school, I know no one will ever harm me when I'm inside the school. Glory be to God.
For me, one of the BEST UNIVERSITIES in the Philippines. Even though it is not that popular like UP or PUP, but what I realized here in this school is that we're learning with a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity.

I believe that school are just one of the factors that give us opportunity to have a better job but truly it's in us if we let the world just pass by or do some waltz or chacha that will make our own destiny. What important is our character that will make us fly wherever we go, and this school offers that good quality of education through the Glory of our God Father...

Provide quality education anchored on Christian values with the prime purpose of bringing honor and glory to God.
New era for me could be the best university in the Philippines because it offers a quality education to all its students and it create also a thousand number of outputs such as outstanding and competent professionals that no doubt are all contributing to our country's enduring progress.
This university will bring you to greatness. :) I feel I was in the safest school, I know no one will ever harm me when I'm inside it. And Glory to God. Go NEU!
New Era is the Best. Very High standard of education, And all the students are well disciplined. Its always reach a 100% passing in nursing board exam. New Era is the Best.
Go! Hunters! New Era University is a world class institution of learning with a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline and service to humanity.
Disciplined students, top notch teachers and the best and cleanest facility. That is New Era University.

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