Quezon City Polytechnic University


Proud to be QCPU students <LOVE IT>
being an I. T student they developed my communication skills, the diction, grammar and the pronunciation and also all about my course. They developed our moral values, the cleanliness inside and outside of school, to respect elders and Alma matters and follow them, they also developed our academics subjects and in sports.

QCPU develops real people thru real experience of life has to offer. Being one of the young universities in the country, this institution makes sure that its students will graduate with the current needs and experience of the society.

I believe that what Philippines is, that is QCPU. It reflects our country.

Qcpu is best especially when it comes in promoting a best information technology students. They can teach well by not only providing a better function rooms but also the teachers here as well are very superb!

Many might be looking at QCPU as an ordinary academic institution. But if you will look deeper and observe, you will realize that it has and produces Extra Ordinary students. Students who are diligent in their study habits, whose passion is to achieve academic excellence.

I or we are proud to say that this institution provides skilled, talented and competitive graduates among universities that produces Industrial Engineers,.

QCPU is not a teaching institute its a learning institute..

Recommend my school to the people who wanted to find a right institution that can enhance their ability in computer technology, in being an industrial engineer and especially if the course they want to take is about being Entrepreneur.. I can proudly say "go! To QCPU they can manage and enhance your ability their "

Institution not only for learning and quality education but also to train and built professionalism, high moral values and etiquette...

This is the best university.. Because of the quality education.. It's not only the best in Information and Communication Technology but also in producing Intellectual Industrial Engineers, ECEs and Young Entrepreneurs.

Affordable for masses. With the soaring tuition fee increase at preent what we, minimum wage earning family needs is a quality yet manageable when it comes to tuition fee expenditures.

QCPU is one of the best universities in the Philippines

O develop professionally competent, socially responsible, productive members of society imbued with a deep sense of nationalism, commitment to ethical and moral values, and respectful of socio-cultural and political diversity.

Go.. QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY we are very proud of you!
we all know that you are the best university

Believing QCPU aims high for its students.. Proud to be...

Advanced lessons in 1st/2nd yr.

QCPU has now regain its integrity to the fullest.. We, the students of QCPU will achieve hard to have a better position as one of the best universities in the Philipinnes

Best University ever. Producing Experts from different areas, Not only in IT (information technology), IE (Industrial Engineering), or EM (Entrepreneurial Management) fields as well in Theater field, ROTC field.
Quezon city polytechnic University will produce competitive individuals who can make the world amaze.
GO Quezon city polytechnic University POLY PIPS! :)
Quezon city polytechnic University

QCPU can be the best for me. It has a low tuition fee!
My professor said that we are lucky because when there's storm the classes must go on because our place is not part of a flood.. Thank you! :))

There are so many opportunities that will be given to you.

It has a good quality of education and nice atmosphere.

QCPU has the good quality of teaching knowledge and experience

This is school is great.

Giving quality eduacation, and well standard graduates

What a great university that develp the student's not as job seeker/s, but a job provider/s

Every QCPU student is an extension and reflection of the University.
As such, he/she is expected to be a model of the highest norm
Befitting a Filipino citizen