Best US Politicians of the 21st Century


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The Top Ten

Hillary Clinton

2Ted Kennedy

3Bill Clinton

4Colin Powell

5Joe Biden

6Barack Obama

7Nancy Pelosi

8Carol Moseley Braun

9Dianne Feinstein

10Chuck Hagel

The Contenders

11Ben Nelson
Not afraid to buck his party (a lot).


12Barbara Boxer

13Ron Paul

14Robert Byrd
He's been in Congress since 1953, the senate since 1959. He may be old now, but he's sharp as ever.


15Harry Reid

16Daniel Inouye
This wise senator has proudly represented the Aloha State in the US House and Senate its entire statehood, 50 years next August, 2009. Keep servin', Dan.


17Condoleeza Rice
Best member of Bush's cabinet.


18Richard Green Dick Lugar
My favorite GOP sen. now that Hagel's gone.

19Newt Gingrich
Just read to save America

20John McCain
I might not like his political views most of the time, but J-Mac is willing to work with crazy liberals like Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy. Not afraid to work with Democrats.


We need john mccain to solve Yemen issue

21Paul Ryan

22Sarah Palin
She's not afraid to speak her mind! She's a strong woman who stands up not only for her country and her beliefs, but her family when they're being picked apart. She's not perfect, but besides Jesus Christ, who is? And before you call her stupid, read her book! It's absolutely incredible.
Palin is an amazing politition. People say she is stupid because they get their news from SNL, Stephen Colbeir (sp.? ), and Jon Stewart. Its incredibly saddening.


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