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1The Revenant Choir

..i first listen to versailles but I love this song

It make sense.. I like it and I love Versailles :D

Very very very hard music

2PrincessV1 Comment
3Ascendead Master

This music rock.. the instrument get me deep


This is complete structure of metal music for me, like it!


Maybe not the best or my favorite but it should be on the top 5.
Princess, after cloudia and masquerade are awesome but this one should be higher than them by a razor-edge decision.

7Aristocrat's Symphony

Aristocrat's Symphony is up there with the best. Yuki's drumming throughout the whole of this track is just phenomenal. I think this was also the first song I heard from them.

The most perfect symphonic metal I have ever heard.
The balance of metal and symphonic is awesome

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Serenade was the 1st song I've listened from Versailles and today for me it's still the best ever! It should be on the number one!


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11Silent Knight

This song expresses all the things I know only in a melody, this is the more perfect and simmetric song I ever heard, really I love Versailles because they are my gods and musical inspiration, They are THE BEST an special part of mi life. The Revenant Choir Deserves the fist place, it is the Hymn of Versailles.

12After Cloudia

This song is epic! The main riff is great, and the chorus is impressive. Also the lyrics are beautiful and with meaning. - VJammer

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13Destiny - The Lovers

How can you not like this song. Its beautiful, sad, and awesome at the same time. Should be number 1.


The final single before the band went hiatus. This epic song is really awesome, should be on the top 5 list. Rosem/ - Ryo

15Faith & Decision

How can you not like this song, the guitar solo's in the beginning are epic. Should be number 1.

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Warm feeling in this song summarizes this band's whole ideology. It always makes me smiling X )

Maybe not the best, but should be on the top 5.
I like the revenant choir on #1 but this one shoukd be higher.
A very good song and one of the fastest

17Shout and Bites

Should be higher on the list! The song is really addictive - I could have cared less about the band if this song didn't got stuck to me. - saaarsdej

18The Love From a Dead Orchestra

This song is awesome, the structure, the spectacular riff, symphonic parts, everything is perfect in this composition.

20Edge of the World
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1. Masquerade
2. Destiny - The Lovers
3. Rose
1. After Cloudia
2. Masquerade
3. Princess
1. Princess
2. Ascendead Master
3. The Revenant Choir



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