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Bitter Sweet Symphony
One of the best songs of Indie Rock of ever, clearly
Famous for the legal controversy surrounding plagiarism charges


Best song of the 90's by far!
More comments about Bitter Sweet SymphonyListen to sample

2Lucky Man
Great positive song and easy to learn on the guitar. Bitter Sweet Symphony and History close on joint 2nd for me
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3Sonnet Listen to sample

4Drugs Don't Work
Number 1 surely this is an unbelievable song but very sad. Richard ashcroft at his very best. Brilliant
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5Love Is Noise
It as rlly shocking when this songs wasnt even in their top 10 list. This is one of their best song n
Certainly deserves to be in top 5
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6Slide Away Listen to sample

7All In the Mind Listen to sample

8Space and Time Listen to sample

9Gravity Grave Listen to sample

10Come On Listen to sample

The Contenders

11She's a Superstar Listen to sample

12On Your Own Listen to sample

13This Is Music Listen to sample

14Lord I Guess I'll Never Know

15History Listen to sample

16Velvet Morning
Easily a top 3 song
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17Weeping Willow Listen to sample

18One Day Listen to sample

19This Time Listen to sample

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