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Xenoblade XenoGears XenoSaga...amazing. Xenoblade though (wii one) is my personal favorite

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122SplatoonV2 Comments

Wow top 50. Like come on.

124QuakeV1 Comment
125Twisted Metal
127TimesplittersV1 Comment
128Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade's open world gameplay and huge mod community make it a must have for anyone interested in medieval combat and politics, along with free-roamers.

129Professor Layton

This should be WAY up. This series is not just about puzzle solving, it has a strong narrative, amazing music, eccentric and lovable characters, and what's more, fully hand-drawn animated cutscenes! It's a series that makes you think a lot, and full of twists charm, and mystery. How low is on the list is just a reminder how much people are missing.

OH MY GOSH YES YOU MUST PLAY THIS EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE TO SOLVE PUZZLES. It's just... I don't even know how to describe it...

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130Touhou Project
131Just Cause 2

This game is Awesome with its grappling hook

Are you kidding me 130 that's not right


A great game series from the 90s where we all grew up from along with other games such as Doom, Wolf3D, Quake, etc. Let's vote it up guys!

133The Witcher

This game is so awesome and it should be in at least top 15

134Shin Megami Tensei
135SkylandersV1 Comment
136Super Monkey BallV1 Comment
137Metal Slug
138Ghost Recon

1 & 2 especially - htoutlaws2012

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