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1Servant of Evil

Servant of Evil is AWESOME. Especially because Len sings it. (I AM AN OBSESSED LEN FANGIRL AND HE SHALL BE MINE! ) AND, the first few times I watched this, yes, I was crying. I don't even cry when real people die (And that makes me feel really guilty, even though I am VERY sad when people my family pass away). One time, I even found my face red and almost drenched in tears. Poor Len. SPOILER ALERT! But at least he comes back to life in re-birthday! Love ya, Len! (P.S. mothy is AWESOME! )

This makes me cry every time I watch it its just so sad but so amazing at the same time )

Notice: when Len sings that live, Rin comes up and sings with him. When the guillotine click happens, they both smile and dace and sing 2x as energetically as before... And someone in the crowd yelled "YEAH! " when Len died... But I am completely obsessed with Mothy's songs. I've even written a book on them!

Servant of Evil is actually one of the few songs that made me very depressed. It is part of the Story of Evil series, and it teaches a good lesson. This song comes after Daughter of Evil, in which the princess (Rin) is to be executed for being involved with torturing the country. Len, who is her brother and servant in the song, does not want his sister to die, and they switch places, Len being executed instead of Rin. Even after the way Rin acted throughout her entire life - selfish, cruel, and only caring for herself - Len still was willing to give up his own life instead of watch his twin sister die. (I will warn you now - it is a very sad series and although Len comes back in Re-birth it still remains a depressing theme to it - no matter what the songs and lesson will continue to get stuck in my head lol. A great song within a great series!

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2World is Mine

This is the furst song of hatsune miku I've ever heard.. This totally amazing, I love it.

Love this song! This song is one of the more known songs and also one of the best! The tune is catchy and the lyrics are totally sweet! All around a great song!

Hatsune miku rules, finally my dream on the olympic games, I think that the aperture is going to be fantastic.

This is probably one of the most popular Vocaloid songs created, with over 10,000,000 views on YouTube. It's an amazing Vocaloid song overall.

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One of the first songs I heard by vocaloids, and its what got me hooked on them, very deep and meaningful

This song is what got me to LOVE Rin, she is now my favorite singer and I listen to Meltdown nonstop! It's an AWESOME song and it get's me pumped up! Rin sounds AMAZING, PRETTY, CUTE, AWESOME when she's singing this, and Len's version is AMAZING to!

This song is just amazing. Especially when Rin sings it. Something about it just soothes me. It's truly the best vocaloid song I've ever heard.

This song is absolutely beautiful! Rin does an excellent job singing a calm yet still catchy song that portrays lots of meaning and emotion. Oh, and there are plenty of high notes within the song too, which also brings on the beauty of one of my favorite songs by Kagamine Rin.

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4Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story

Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story may be a kind-of unpopular song, but it is DEFINITELY the best! It's really upbeat and catchy, but it is also full of emotion. I can't believe "World is Mine" is number one. I know it is really popular and sung by the most famous Vocaloid, but it isn't even that catchy or upbeat or emotional! Please, just take 3 minutes and 40 seconds out of your life to listen to Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story. IA's voice will make you love this song, and you will love IA.

"Wow". The single word I said for the whole length of the song. But it was because I couldn't close my mouth at the awesomeness of this song.
This song will completely capture you after the piano intro, and you'll find yourself pressing the replay button non-stop. I'm a big fan of Miku, but I must agree, this song is definitely the best of all vocaloid songs. The song is so upbeat and catchy, yet the meaning is so emotional. After this song, you'll find yourself wanting to listen to this song every second of the day.

I think it's sad that so many people aren't even bothering to LISTEN to the song!

I love this song because it has deep meaning, and IA's voice really suits it! The song itself sounds mystical and I feel both soothed AND energetic when listening to it.

It also goes extremely fast in the chorus, and I like IA singing it because she can keep up with the tempo, and the song suits her.

Furthermore, unlike other songs, most people can sing along (except for the chorus) because it stays in a reasonable range. It doesn't go extremely high.

I was so obsessed with this song that I listened to it every single day, close to six trillion times total!

Yes. Just yes. My favorite song by far. I can dance to it of that's my mood, or I can sit and be sad because of all the emotion. Wonderful.

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5Just Be Friends

If "Just Be Friends" isn't the best Vocaloid song, I don't know how any other song could possibly pass this one up. This song actually has things that World is Mine, along with other songs, don't have.

1. It has meaningful lyrics to it.
A song about break ups put into a whole new world. It's about a confusing relationship, where neither of them know what to do. Lots of emotion and feelings pour out into this one song; Regret, sadness, confusion, love, all put together to make this amazing piece of art.

2. The illustrations are brilliant.
The drawings actually have something important about them. They tell the song in different ways, and the illustrations basically show points of view that the song doesn't tell. It makes the song more enjoyable, as well as clearing up any confusion from the lyrics. Not to mention that the art is very beautiful.

3. The music/beat is perfect.
It's like a futuristic love song that's catchy, sad, yet something you can dance to, wrapped up into one brilliant piece of music. The piano version sounds amazing, too. It gives you this amazing burst of energy through your headphones. It's one of those songs that can be calm or fast paced and still sound beautiful. The instruments and technology used to create this song is overall wonderful.

4. Luka's fabulous voice makes this song even better.
Luka has the perfect voice for this song, and I bet everyone can agree with me on that. No other Vocaloid can sound as good as she can in this song. Her mature, smooth voice is absolutely astounding in this song. It's both peaceful and powerful at the same time, to make the song have even more passion in it. Personally, I think she has the best voice out of all the Vocaloids, which is why I love it so much.

5. It's catchy and a great song that can be played anywhere.
When I first heard it, I fell in love with it. It's very easy to get addicted to. It can also be played anywhere. Parties, weddings, block parties... Almost anywhere! I can honestly imagine this being on the radio anywhere. It can be played slow or fast, quiet or loud, and still sound amazing. In fact, it can be all those things at the same time. Going from slow and quiet, to fast and loud, it still sounds perfect.

Wow, that took a long time. Anyways, I put a lot of work into this comment... I hope you vote for this song and for Luka! :3

Personally, Luka is the only one that can sing this and sound beautiful. I love this song because I can really connect from where it is coming from. I can dance to it happily and have emotional connection!

Its so nice and I love how she sings this song! Luka really knows how to make a song worth listening to! I can hear her emotions to this song and I can SO dance to this! I love this song and its one of my first Vocaloid songs I have ever listened to! Luka so gets my vote in this song for sure! No doubt at all!

All songs are pale in comparison to this one. Especially Luka's voice, it's just perfect in so many ways. Aside from it's meaningful lyrics, it's just nice, soothing, & fun to listen to!

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6Triple Baka

I guess this would be my favorite out of these ones here. It's a super kawaii song. Miku did an okay job at singing the lead (i. E singing quite fast), Teto was adorable on the high notes, and Neru, her phone is like a mini piano!

One of my all time favorites! :)

Its just that weird that you have to love it.

Haha this song is awesome! Miku was a little fast when singing but it truly is a super cute song!

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7Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

Because len sing this song, so I like this song
Len! I Love you so much, you know!
Len! Len! Len! Banana! Shota... ~ #Plak!
I always love you Len!

I love this its the best song ever ^_^ I love the twins vote for them minna there still at the 29 join them at top tens so they sing with and luke megurine too give some love everyone ^_^ good luck for voting

I have no idea what people are thinking when they vote based on the 'LOID who sings.

Trust me, every VOCALOID has at least one extremely catchy song that belongs on this list.

Migikata no Chou tops them all- interesting meaning, abundance of mixes, INCREDIBLE covers (Luka's is my favorite, go check it out! ), and I remember the first time I heard it, I was scribbling butterflies and humming the tune for weeks! You can't call yourself a true VOCALOID fan without having heard this tune!

This is a catchy song. It WILL get stuck in your head, but it's worth it!

This song is pretty good, but what's funny is one of the first words that's sung.

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Loud and clear 524! I love this song so much it's so adictive to listen to! I also really like the nico nico chorus! It's very unusual for me to find a song like this and like it so much!

I think it's one of the best Vocaloid Songs and it's also nearly every time in the Nico Nico Douga Vocaloid Charts...

This song kinda describes me...
Imma crazy girl! But is better with the Nico Nico Chorus
It sounds awesome...

This song is really catchy. I like both the nico nico version and the miku and gumi version :3

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Seriously why isn't Melt on the first place its one of Miku's Best songs and Ryo did a great job in creating the song and using Miku's Vocaloid Product you can even put me in a Room With white walls floor and roof with only Water, Food, and play this song all day long I can survive that Melt and Ryo for the win

This is basically the turnabout song for Vocaloid phenomenon. Only a true vocaloid fan would agree that THIS is the REAL START by the Knight of Vocaloid songs, ryo.

This song is seriously adorable! Ryo is a genius. Go away you Len fangirls! Why are the Kagamine's number 1 in every list? Because of you fangirls! I mean seriously I adore Len too but at least I don't go around saying that everything Len does is the best! Oh and Miku's voice is not too high pitched! If anything, Rin's voice is. Did you hear Meltdown? "This ringing in my ears won't stop." Yeah. Probably because your singing is deafening!

It's totally meaningless and meaningful at the same time.

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I randomly stumbled upon this on Crunchyrolls homepage. It was the first Vocaloid I ever heard and I still love it.

The is on of the most catchy songs by vocaloid. It got stuck into my head the first time I heard it. I personally like the miku version of it. The melody is just awesome and just raises my goosebumps! I'm surprised this is not in the top 10

Teto's version is definitely amazing! Though I love miku's too. It has that traditional touch to it since it is an old Japanese song that they rebooted totally and fastened the beat. It made it really good and somehow, a little obssessing to me

I love this one, IT is my favorite

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11Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

This is one of the songs that made me fallin love with Vocaloid. Telling a story of a fallin angel (detenshi) and her forbidden love with a beautiful girl. The first time I listened to it I cried at the part where rin/Len disappears. I really don't know why this is down the bottom

Awesome graphics, beautiful tune, beatiful lyrics. What can I say? This is one of my favorite Vocaloid songs. I love its story, it's one of the best in all of the Vocaloid ones. In my opinion it's even better than the Story of Evil. So well, this shouldn't be the 30th song.

How the living crap is this not in the top 5!? This song is too awesome to only number 38! Come on people!

Although I just recently discovered this song I must say it's on it my favorites. It is very catchy, has a great story, and I simply love the vocals.

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12Tell Your World

It is the strongest and the best songs in Vocaloid! It shows how strong is miku, and even Vocaloid. She sings very well in this song, and it is so touching that makes listen it for a lot of times!

Tell your world is a very beautiful song that is worth listening to over and over again. Even though the notes are rather high at some points, Miku manages to fit them very well. The video even shows you how Vocaloid developed in time, which is another amazing thing to watch. This is a song that I'm sure many fans will love.

Amazing beautiful touching song. It goes well with really any vocaloid in my opinion. Miku just sings it so well and the lyrics are very nice. I don't understand why this is not already on the list. Go Tell Your World!

It's such a beautiful song, it shows the true power, as if Miku is so passionate about her singing she wants the viewer to tell their family and friends and the word to spread. Servant of Evil is just an overrated fairy-tale, Tell Your World is much better!

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I have fallen in love with the song. It's funny, upbeat, has a samurai setting, and the Kagaine twins! That's all I need!

Right, this a nice song also it's quite funny and it's catchy

Declare war on all Vocaloids? Yes!

Great song. Funny and nice beat as well

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It's kind of depressing, but in a good way, kind of like Haku. And the harmony goes perfectly. This is the one Len song that I really like, and he really does sound good, even for a Miku fan. Although he does sound a lot like a girl, there are no glitches and he sings very smoothly. There isn't much emotion, but that's just perfect for this song.

The sound is indescribable, almost unreal, the video is the awesomest, and the lyrics are like you've never seen before. It's one of those songs near perfect, even though the song itself is about imperfection. And should I also mention that it held the #1 position in weekly top vocaloid songs for 5 weeks straight?

Paradichlorobenzene <--copy this paste it at YouTube or nico nico and listen then judge
Most people don't know about this song because it is not very likely that you'll search something similar and get this one
But those who do listen to it will surly like it.

Really cool sounding lyrics

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15Two-Faced Lovers

It's upbeat, fast, catchy and has a meaning. I love it, it's absolutely addicting to me. I agree the video was a bit weird, yet I also enjoyed it because it was different than most videos I've seen, and it's about how love isn't always love when the other one isn't committed, and how it hurts

I know the song is fast, but I love their dancing!

THIS IS AN AWESOME SONG! ! ! I have literally MASTERED the dance! I dance to this song AL the time, SO hard no too! :P

Miku's most amazing song!

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16Piece of Thought

You. You right there. I was like you until I listened to this song. I listened to it once before, maybe like you. I had thought "I don't see what's so good about this song. It's pretty slow". I deleted the song. And now, I've listened to it again. Please give this emotional, beautiful song a chance. And then it will surprise you.

This song is really nice and emotional, and the fact that it could be pointed toward many different characters made it stand out for me.

Songs not bad but I personally prefer everlasting night


I love Len's voice here :) Love the Kagamine twins It's a really comforting song I usually listen when I'm about to sleep :3 It definitely deserves more than the 13th rank!

Rin and Len are such great siblings in the music video

My favourite song by the Kagamine twins!

18Trick and Treat

The tune is very unique and it has a really spooky halloween story theme that is great to listen to anytime!

I love this song.
But I prefer the song that is sung by: Gakupo, KAITO and Len
Or as some people like to call it "The yaoi version" - lukagemmamegurine

Rin and Len are so evil in this song. I really like this song because it's kinda like RinxLen AND because, miku is really confused.

This song reached the amount of views it had been aiming for on my birthday! :D :D :D

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19World's End Dancehall

I absolutely love this song!
First off it has two of my favorite vocaloids in it, (Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka) and has one of the most catchiest beats I've ever heard. The meaning is beautiful yet playful, ugh I just don't know why this song wasn't on at least the top ten!

This song is so amazing and catchy! The beat and lyrics are absolutely perfect. Its definitely the best Miku and Luka duet ever.

Everything about this song is flawless, from the complex yet catchy beat to the lyrics. The Project Diva video for this song is superb as well!

World's End Dancehall is very meaningful. It also has an upbeat tone, very catchy and comforting to listen to.

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20Love is War

I like Alice Human Sacrifice, but my most favorite and for me the best is, LOVE IS WAR! It's the most perfect song I have ever heard. The best Vocaloid song ever created! Why does everyone like Alice Human Sacrifice so much? Love is war is better.

Love is War is one of the first vocaloid songs I've ever heard. I didn't know what vocaloid was or how to even pronounce Hatsune Miku, but a couple years later I get into vocaloid and remember bobbing my head along to this angry but meaningful song. - WillaRoW

This is the first vocaloid song I heard. It is a fantastic song created by Supercell. They did a superb job on the vocals and used Miku in a way I'd never heard before. The song shows how painful it is to see the one you love with another woman, and some people can really relate!

It's pretty good. I love that "AAA! " part.

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