Top Ten Best Vocaloid Songs

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Servant of Evil
Servant of Evil is AWESOME. Especially because Len sings it. (I AM AN OBSESSED LEN FANGIRL AND HE SHALL BE MINE! ) AND, the first few times I watched this, yes, I was crying. I don't even cry when real people die (And that makes me feel really guilty, even though I am VERY sad when people my family pass away). One time, I even found my face red and almost drenched in tears. Poor Len. SPOILER ALERT! But at least he comes back to life in re-birthday! Love ya, Len! (P.S. mothy is AWESOME! )
Notice: when Len sings that live, Rin comes up and sings with him. When the guillotine click happens, they both smile and dace and sing 2x as energetically as before... And someone in the crowd yelled "YEAH! " when Len died... But I am completely obsessed with Mothy's songs. I've even written a book on them!
This makes me cry every time I watch it its just so sad but so amazing at the same time )
[Newest]Servant of evil really paints a picture of Len's dedication to Rin. I would love to have a brother like that!
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2World is Mine
This is the furst song of hatsune miku I've ever heard.. This totally amazing, I love it.
Love this song! This song is one of the more known songs and also one of the best! The tune is catchy and the lyrics are totally sweet! All around a great song!
Hatsune miku rules, finally my dream on the olympic games, I think that the aperture is going to be fantastic.
[Newest]I love this song so much it brings up my spirits when I am depressed
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One of the first songs I heard by vocaloids, and its what got me hooked on them, very deep and meaningful
This song is what got me to LOVE Rin, she is now my favorite singer and I listen to Meltdown nonstop! It's an AWESOME song and it get's me pumped up! Rin sounds AMAZING, PRETTY, CUTE, AWESOME when she's singing this, and Len's version is AMAZING to!
This song is just amazing. Especially when Rin sings it. Something about it just soothes me. It's truly the best vocaloid song I've ever heard.
[Newest]The song is just amazing, and Rin is awesome!
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4Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story may be a kind-of unpopular song, but it is DEFINITELY the best! It's really upbeat and catchy, but it is also full of emotion. I can't believe "World is Mine" is number one. I know it is really popular and sung by the most famous Vocaloid, but it isn't even that catchy or upbeat or emotional! Please, just take 3 minutes and 40 seconds out of your life to listen to Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story. IA's voice will make you love this song, and you will love IA.
"Wow". The single word I said for the whole length of the song. But it was because I couldn't close my mouth at the awesomeness of this song.
This song will completely capture you after the piano intro, and you'll find yourself pressing the replay button non-stop. I'm a big fan of Miku, but I must agree, this song is definitely the best of all vocaloid songs. The song is so upbeat and catchy, yet the meaning is so emotional. After this song, you'll find yourself wanting to listen to this song every second of the day.
I think it's sad that so many people aren't even bothering to LISTEN to the song!

I love this song because it has deep meaning, and IA's voice really suits it! The song itself sounds mystical and I feel both soothed AND energetic when listening to it.

It also goes extremely fast in the chorus, and I like IA singing it because she can keep up with the tempo, and the song suits her.

Furthermore, unlike other songs, most people can sing along (except for the chorus) because it stays in a reasonable range. It doesn't go extremely high.

I was so obsessed with this song that I listened to it every single day, close to six trillion times total!
[Newest]I say this song show great feeling...
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5Just Be Friends
If "Just Be Friends" isn't the best Vocaloid song, I don't know how any other song could possibly pass this one up. This song actually has things that World is Mine, along with other songs, don't have.

1. It has meaningful lyrics to it.
A song about break ups put into a whole new world. It's about a confusing relationship, where neither of them know what to do. Lots of emotion and feelings pour out into this one song; Regret, sadness, confusion, love, all put together to make this amazing piece of art.

2. The illustrations are brilliant.
The drawings actually have something important about them. They tell the song in different ways, and the illustrations basically show points of view that the song doesn't tell. It makes the song more enjoyable, as well as clearing up any confusion from the lyrics. Not to mention that the art is very beautiful.

3. The music/beat is perfect.
It's like a futuristic love song that's catchy, sad, yet something you can dance to, wrapped up into one brilliant piece of music. The piano version sounds amazing, too. It gives you this amazing burst of energy through your headphones. It's one of those songs that can be calm or fast paced and still sound beautiful. The instruments and technology used to create this song is overall wonderful.

4. Luka's fabulous voice makes this song even better.
Luka has the perfect voice for this song, and I bet everyone can agree with me on that. No other Vocaloid can sound as good as she can in this song. Her mature, smooth voice is absolutely astounding in this song. It's both peaceful and powerful at the same time, to make the song have even more passion in it. Personally, I think she has the best voice out of all the Vocaloids, which is why I love it so much.

5. It's catchy and a great song that can be played anywhere.
When I first heard it, I fell in love with it. It's very easy to get addicted to. It can also be played anywhere. Parties, weddings, block parties... Almost anywhere! I can honestly imagine this being on the radio anywhere. It can be played slow or fast, quiet or loud, and still sound amazing. In fact, it can be all those things at the same time. Going from slow and quiet, to fast and loud, it still sounds perfect.

Wow, that took a long time. Anyways, I put a lot of work into this comment... I hope you vote for this song and for Luka! :3
Personally, Luka is the only one that can sing this and sound beautiful. I love this song because I can really connect from where it is coming from. I can dance to it happily and have emotional connection!
Its so nice and I love how she sings this song! Luka really knows how to make a song worth listening to! I can hear her emotions to this song and I can SO dance to this! I love this song and its one of my first Vocaloid songs I have ever listened to! Luka so gets my vote in this song for sure! No doubt at all!
[Newest]Miku Hatsune will never be able to sing it better than luka
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6Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder
Because len sing this song, so I like this song
Len! I Love you so much, you know!
Len! Len! Len! Banana! Shota... ~ #Plak!
I always love you Len!
I love this its the best song ever ^_^ I love the twins vote for them minna there still at the 29 join them at top tens so they sing with and luke megurine too give some love everyone ^_^ good luck for voting
I have no idea what people are thinking when they vote based on the 'LOID who sings.

Trust me, every VOCALOID has at least one extremely catchy song that belongs on this list.

Migikata no Chou tops them all- interesting meaning, abundance of mixes, INCREDIBLE covers (Luka's is my favorite, go check it out! ), and I remember the first time I heard it, I was scribbling butterflies and humming the tune for weeks! You can't call yourself a true VOCALOID fan without having heard this tune!

This is a catchy song. It WILL get stuck in your head, but it's worth it!
[Newest]Love this song so much

Loud and clear 524! I love this song so much it's so adictive to listen to! I also really like the nico nico chorus! It's very unusual for me to find a song like this and like it so much!
I think it's one of the best Vocaloid Songs and it's also nearly every time in the Nico Nico Douga Vocaloid Charts...
This song kinda describes me...
Imma crazy girl! But is better with the Nico Nico Chorus
It sounds awesome...
[Newest]This song is REALLY catchy!

8Triple Baka
I guess this would be my favorite out of these ones here. It's a super kawaii song. Miku did an okay job at singing the lead (i. E singing quite fast), Teto was adorable on the high notes, and Neru, her phone is like a mini piano!
One of my all time favorites! :)
Its just that weird that you have to love it.
[Newest]YES! This was the first Vocaloid song I heard! At first I just thought it was weird, but once you know Vocaloid, it's awesome!

9Trick and Treat
The tune is very unique and it has a really spooky halloween story theme that is great to listen to anytime!
I love this song.
But I prefer the song that is sung by: Gakupo, KAITO and Len
Or as some people like to call it "The yaoi version"


Rin and Len are so evil in this song. I really like this song because it's kinda like RinxLen AND because, miku is really confused.
[Newest]After me is the best song for Halloween and the video is cool. I love all duets with Miku and Rin, Len

10Love is War
I like Alice Human Sacrifice, but my most favorite and for me the best is, LOVE IS WAR! It's the most perfect song I have ever heard. The best Vocaloid song ever created! Why does everyone like Alice Human Sacrifice so much? Love is war is better.
Love is War is one of the first vocaloid songs I've ever heard. I didn't know what vocaloid was or how to even pronounce Hatsune Miku, but a couple years later I get into vocaloid and remember bobbing my head along to this angry but meaningful song.


This is the first vocaloid song I heard. It is a fantastic song created by Supercell. They did a superb job on the vocals and used Miku in a way I'd never heard before. The song shows how painful it is to see the one you love with another woman, and some people can really relate!
[Newest]It's pretty good. I love that "AAA! " part.

The Contenders

11World's End Dancehall
I absolutely love this song!
First off it has two of my favorite vocaloids in it, (Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka) and has one of the most catchiest beats I've ever heard. The meaning is beautiful yet playful, ugh I just don't know why this song wasn't on at least the top ten!
Everything about this song is flawless, from the complex yet catchy beat to the lyrics. The Project Diva video for this song is superb as well!
This song is so amazing and catchy! The beat and lyrics are absolutely perfect. Its definitely the best Miku and Luka duet ever.

I randomly stumbled upon this on Crunchyrolls homepage. It was the first Vocaloid I ever heard and I still love it.
The is on of the most catchy songs by vocaloid. It got stuck into my head the first time I heard it. I personally like the miku version of it. The melody is just awesome and just raises my goosebumps! I'm surprised this is not in the top 10
Teto's version is definitely amazing! Though I love miku's too. It has that traditional touch to it since it is an old Japanese song that they rebooted totally and fastened the beat. It made it really good and somehow, a little obssessing to me
[Newest]Just great and love the costumes~

Seriously why isn't Melt on the first place its one of Miku's Best songs and Ryo did a great job in creating the song and using Miku's Vocaloid Product you can even put me in a Room With white walls floor and roof with only Water, Food, and play this song all day long I can survive that Melt and Ryo for the win
This is basically the turnabout song for Vocaloid phenomenon. Only a true vocaloid fan would agree that THIS is the REAL START by the Knight of Vocaloid songs, ryo.
This song is seriously adorable! Ryo is a genius. Go away you Len fangirls! Why are the Kagamine's number 1 in every list? Because of you fangirls! I mean seriously I adore Len too but at least I don't go around saying that everything Len does is the best! Oh and Miku's voice is not too high pitched! If anything, Rin's voice is. Did you hear Meltdown? "This ringing in my ears won't stop." Yeah. Probably because your singing is deafening!
[Newest]Innocent, sweet, simple and just overall the most beautiful VOCALOID song there is. Absolutely brilliant work by legendary producer Ryo.

14Rolling Girl
Rolling Girl is so beautiful, it made me cry. I didn't even cry at Servant of Evil so you'll know this is one amazing piece. It's about the struggles of a girl who feels misunderstood with the rest of the world and it feels like she's all alone and there's nobody out there to save her. It's very sad, makes me cry so much... It's about suicide for pete's sake! Suicide is one of the problems we deal with today! Luckily, Miku got saved in the end from dying, thank you random guy. The melody is fast and upbeat with a sad message. Miku's voice is perfect for this one. I've heard covers of other Vocaloids and nothing can beat the original. We all have to admit, Rolling Girl is amazing beyond doubt.
This piece is very close too my heart. It is chaotic, yet sad... The melody conveys its message so well. Churning emotion, a struggle to where it becomes difficult to advance, to even stand... Just trying to reach that horizon that is always just a bit farther off. It is alright, you have done well... !
No song this brutal should be this fun to listen to. Its' fast pace and powerful instrumentation push you down the hill and gets you moving faster and faster, while the lyrics building to a breaking point that isn't definitive in how we're supposed to take. Add in Miku's vocals delivering a strange balance of fun and tragedy, and what you have here is a great song that both evokes and challenges some of the most common issues people deal with today. Yeah, this song is just that good.
[Newest]Much like meltdown I can relate to this song very well, not only does it sound amazing, but it is one of the few Vocaloid song I relate too. I know it in English and it is very deep.

15Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~
This is one of the songs that made me fallin love with Vocaloid. Telling a story of a fallin angel (detenshi) and her forbidden love with a beautiful girl. The first time I listened to it I cried at the part where rin/Len disappears. I really don't know why this is down the bottom
Awesome graphics, beautiful tune, beatiful lyrics. What can I say? This is one of my favorite Vocaloid songs. I love its story, it's one of the best in all of the Vocaloid ones. In my opinion it's even better than the Story of Evil. So well, this shouldn't be the 30th song.
How the living crap is this not in the top 5!? This song is too awesome to only number 38! Come on people!
[Newest]YES TO THE EXTREME! There is nothing bad about this song, everything about it is perfection~

16Tell Your World
It is the strongest and the best songs in Vocaloid! It shows how strong is miku, and even Vocaloid. She sings very well in this song, and it is so touching that makes listen it for a lot of times!
Tell your world is a very beautiful song that is worth listening to over and over again. Even though the notes are rather high at some points, Miku manages to fit them very well. The video even shows you how Vocaloid developed in time, which is another amazing thing to watch. This is a song that I'm sure many fans will love.
Amazing beautiful touching song. It goes well with really any vocaloid in my opinion. Miku just sings it so well and the lyrics are very nice. I don't understand why this is not already on the list. Go Tell Your World!

I have fallen in love with the song. It's funny, upbeat, has a samurai setting, and the Kagaine twins! That's all I need!
Declare war on all Vocaloids? Yes!
Right, this a nice song also it's quite funny and it's catchy
[Newest]Great song. Funny and nice beat as well

18Kokoro (Rin and Len Mixed Version)
It's by Rin and Len it's both sad and a happy song. It's about a robot created by a scientist, the scientist sent his whole life making a program called "Kokoro" which means heart. The robot downloads the program and feels what it's like to have a heart, but in the end realized that the man who created her was gone. In the end the heart was too big for her alone and died smiling. In Len's side of the song he's talking about raising the robot who is Rin. In the end he needed no more miracles since her being created and that she was able to have emotions was enough and died or re-died since he came back as a ghost. Listen to it! It's amazing!
Best vocaloid song EVER! Why this is on bottom I don't know, because it's a very beautiful song, I 've cried with it, and I just can't explain how beautiful this is, you have to hear the song yourself, it's really touching.
Why is this on the bottom! Best Vocaloid song I think. It's so pretty and sad! Especially this version, hearing both sides of the story makes me appreciate it much more.
[Newest]I can't believe Kokoro placed here! I have known this song for two years, and sure, I found lots of version of it, but I believe salty tears always crawling from my eyes!

It's kind of depressing, but in a good way, kind of like Haku. And the harmony goes perfectly. This is the one Len song that I really like, and he really does sound good, even for a Miku fan. Although he does sound a lot like a girl, there are no glitches and he sings very smoothly. There isn't much emotion, but that's just perfect for this song.
The sound is indescribable, almost unreal, the video is the awesomest, and the lyrics are like you've never seen before. It's one of those songs near perfect, even though the song itself is about imperfection. And should I also mention that it held the #1 position in weekly top vocaloid songs for 5 weeks straight?
Paradichlorobenzene <--copy this paste it at YouTube or nico nico and listen then judge
Most people don't know about this song because it is not very likely that you'll search something similar and get this one
But those who do listen to it will surly like it.
[Newest]I love it! Best Len song so far.

20Two-Faced Lovers
It's upbeat, fast, catchy and has a meaning. I love it, it's absolutely addicting to me. I agree the video was a bit weird, yet I also enjoyed it because it was different than most videos I've seen, and it's about how love isn't always love when the other one isn't committed, and how it hurts
I know the song is fast, but I love their dancing!
THIS IS AN AWESOME SONG! ! ! I have literally MASTERED the dance! I dance to this song AL the time, SO hard no too! :P
[Newest]Miku's most amazing song!

21Bad End Night
How is this possibly only top twentys? I agree with other comments that it should be at least top five. I absolutely love this song! The beat is so amazing, and so much thought was put into this series of songs The first one is about Miku's (The Villager Girl) perspective, or at least I think, when she goes into the mansion. My opinion is that the mysterious voice at the end (With the letter) is the person, or thing, that wrote the story that each other Vocaloid has to go through. Then the missing page is the letter that Miku is holding when she arrives at the mansion. When it's the other Vocaloid's perspective they just say it's all according to script. This is honestly one of the most confusing Vocaloid song's I've ever listened to, and am still pretty confused on what is actually going on. This should absolutely be top five at least, or even the first place!
Bad end night is a song that is exciting and has a entertaining story behind it! It makes me excited and whenever I hear it I can't turn away. Bad end night is a song with excitment and endless fun.
This song is really nice and the song before this one is Crazy Night
[Newest]This song needs to be on the top ten list on my top five love the series

I love Len's voice here :) Love the Kagamine twins It's a really comforting song I usually listen when I'm about to sleep :3 It definitely deserves more than the 13th rank!
Rin and Len are such great siblings in the music video
My favourite song by the Kagamine twins!

Synchronicity is literally anything you could ever want in a series of songs. Fantastic artwork, unique and strong storyline, great character development, and not to mention my favorite Rin-Len duets of all time (especially in Requiem of the Spinning World. )
I love this song... But I'm still waiting for the next chapter..
I Love it so much, I just wish I knew Japanese so I can sing it all day long!
I also love how their voices just combine so nicely, it makes me want fan girl all night every day

24Imitation Black
I LOVE THIS SONG! It's my absolute favorite Vocaloid song ever! One, it sounds like a rock song, which is my favorite kind of music, two, it has my first, third and seventh favorite Vocaloids in it, and three, Kamui Gakupo is in it (I LOVE THAT GUY! )! Why is it so low on this list? It should be number one!
I love this song! With Kaito, Gaukpo and Len all in the same song makes it even more awesome! It's pure epicness!

25Piece of Thought
You. You right there. I was like you until I listened to this song. I listened to it once before, maybe like you. I had thought "I don't see what's so good about this song. It's pretty slow". I deleted the song. And now, I've listened to it again. Please give this emotional, beautiful song a chance. And then it will surprise you.
This song is really nice and emotional, and the fact that it could be pointed toward many different characters made it stand out for me.

26Coward Montblanc
I just absolutely adore this song! It was the first song I heard by Megpoid Gumi and is the reason she is my favorite vocaloid. This song should be at the top of the list!
Hell no! What happened to all the Gumi fans?!
This song is really unique and addicting, I don't understand why it's in no.72!
People! Seriously Gumi needs more love!
Sincere lyrics and beautiful chord progressions. This one is pretty damn underrated!

27Bacterial Contamination
I love this song! So don't feel bad if you like it because is one of my favorites. This song I really took to heart because it's basically what happens to people when they get bullied, they start turning into a moster and all they want is to not be alone but they feel so bad about themselves that without even meaning to they hurt someone else just as others had hurt them and in the end they can't escape the fact of what they let themselves become and fall into utter despair and darkness. This is a very powerful song full of truth that I think if people watched the video to it they wouldn't ever want to be mean to anyone ever again (but of corse they'd need to know the lyrics to get the message). Despite how dark it is this song will always be on my top ten list.
This song has contaminated me with it's dark yet beautiful tune. It's a very unique song too, and its tune is stuck in my mind. It is rather dark but then it's also meaningful, and it is actually able to connect to some people's feelings. Overall, the (almost) best song I've heard yet.
This song... It really relates to my life. I have been told countless times that I am worthless, stupid, and that I'll forever be a freak because of my anime obsessions, and that I should kill myself because of that. But in a while, the school's talent show is coming up. I'm going to sing this song while looking at my tormentors straight in the eye.
[Newest]I like the song but the video is the most disturbing thing ever.

28Ten Faced
I love this one, it has an intriguing story in it, and it's one of the ones that actually doesn't have an ending where someone dies. It ends well where the girl finds her love and all her personalities fulfilled there duty and leave her in peace. It's extremely catchy as well, and I love the beat in it! It's my second favorite vocaloid song that I've heard!
This song is so catchy, and one of the best songs by Gumi. When I first heard it, I fell in love with this song. Anyways, give it a listen, maybe it's going to be your favorite song!
I ADORE this song. It was the first on that got my favorite Vocaloid to be gumi. If you like this song, I recommended listening to Matryoshka.

29Kemono No Uta
I have to say, it's a really nice song. It's sung by Akita Neru and this is the first song I have heard by her. I like her voice.

This song is so beautiful that you actually have to cry.

31Regret Message
When I saw the PV for this song, I literally cried. There are many different PV's for this but the one I saw showed Len on the guillotine and Rin in the audience. It showed Len smiling right before he died and Rin crying somewhere in the middle of the song. It was really heartbreaking. Now matter how many times I listen to this song I burst into tears. You can easily tell how remorseful Rin is as said in the title of the song. If you don't know what the series of evil is, I recommend you watch it on youtube. It consists of 5 songs, I'll also give you a somewhat long summary of each song but it's up to you if you wanna watch it.
1st song is daughter of evil: Here Rin and Len are born of the royal family blood and separated at a young age due to selfish adults' reasons. When the king and queen die, Len becomes the servant and Rin becomes the queen. The kingdom is referred to as the yellow country. Rin grew up ruthless and selfish with high taxes etc. While walking in the neighboring country, Rin falls in love with Kaito, the prince of the blue country. Rin finds out Kaito broke off the engagement offer and gets jealous of his lover Miku, the peasant girl of green. She orders her army to wreck havoc in the country of green and kill every green haired girl. Kaito finds his dead lover and get VERY mad. He teams up with Meiko, the swords woman of red, and they get an army to revolt. The song suggests that every servant has fled and the army is worn out. It then tells how the queen has been 'killed'.

2nd song is servant of evil: This song is more well known. It has a more detailed version of the whole story from Len's point of view. The twins are born, Rin becomes queen, Len becomes servant. Len is only able to see Rin's innocent side and is oblivious to her selfishness and is thus VERY loyal. They go to the neighboring country yet again but this time it shows that Len has fallen in love with Miku! Seeing how sad Rin is, Len kills Miku despite his love for her. How Miku dies varies between versions. The army revolts and before they break into the castle, Len switches clothes with Rin so she can escape. Len then dies in place of his beloved twin sister. At the end he states that if they ever meet again, he wants them to play again once more and be the best of friends.

3rd song is Regret message if you are still reading. Here Rin is feeling very sad and wishing she hadn't been so selfish. She reminisces about when she was with Len up till when he'd died. She then gives her written wish in a bottle to the sea as said in an old story that the wish will come true if done so. It ends with Rin seeing a flash of Len's ghost at sunrise and her starting to smile(int he PV I saw)
4rth song is Re birthday: to sum it all up, Len is reborn due to the lullaby Rin sang in regret message
5th song's daughter of white: Another short one, It tells from the point of view of Miku's best friend, Haku who's the daughter of white. When Haku meets Rin near the end of the story on the beach where regret message happens, she figures out Rin is the daughter of evil when she overheard Rin's confession at the nearby abandoned church. Haku gets mad and wants to get revenge for her best friend Miku so she gets a knife. As she is about to kill Rin as she is doing a scene from regret message, she's unable to do so. Haku says that Rin is the girl she was before she met Miku, a very very lonely girl. She ends the song saying she'd seen a boy as she was about to stab Rin and wonders who that was.

Hopefully you read until the very end! I hope you vote for Regret message or at least Servant of evil!
Regret Message is the saddest song in the 'Series of Evil', and honestly, I LOVE that series. It made me cry (almost, kind of? ). D:
The story was very touching and it was an awesome song and it deserve lots of votes!
[Newest]Made me cry good soft song.

32Double Lariat
Why is this not even in the top 10?
The radius of 85 cm is the distance my arms can reach!

33Splatter Party
This song is awesome and should be in the top 10

34Last Night, Good Night
This song was just beautiful and amazing. At first, I thought the title was really stupid, but then I searched for it on YouTube. I regret nothing.

I really, really envy Miku's high vocals and stuff, because when she started the chorus, I was MIND BLOWN. The way she sang "Last night, good night" was magical and mesmerizing (did I spell right? )~...

The music box version is also lovely and calming. Both versions are like lullabies that can put you to sleep, but not in my case: if I listen to this with earphones on at night, I won't be able to sleep because I'll stay up trying to memorize these lyrics

This should be in the Top 10! Go Miku-chan!
I love this song so much! I always listening this song everyday! Miku's voice is amazing! When I tried to sing this song, I feel weird.
I can't sing the part of the high tone!
This is the first vocaloid song that I heard... It deserves to be in number one position... Love miku...
[Newest]I love the vocals in this song. I watched the concert video of it and Miku's voice is beautiful.

35This Is the Happiness and Peace In Mind Committee

Without it, I wouldn't even know what Vocaloid is. Got to give it respect for that alone.
I mean, no PoPiPo, no vocaloid, right? At least I think so
Popipo even though its just about vegetable juice it AMAZING!


I spend hours on end just listening to this beautiful song. It sounds so classic with the strings, piano in the background. It chokes me up when I listen to it: it's just such an amazing song ;w;
I'm so in love with this song. It was the song that mads me a Vocaloid fan. I new almost nothing about it, and I decided that I should listen some songs. The moment when I heard Kaito's voice was the moment when I started to like Vocaloid. I diracltly felt in love with Kaito <3
The song is also really amazing and it has wonderful lyrics. It's a pity that this song isn't higher in the list.. But that's my opinion
I've replayed this song countless times already and I'm still not tired of listening to its lyrics over and over again. I absolutely love Kaito's voice in this song. It is truly a wonderful song that has captured my heart (just like how Kaito has).

38Panda Hero
Best song EVER! Because of this baseball is now my favorite sport. If only I could print off the lyrics...
This is one of my all time favorite song! And best of all, Gumi Sings it
Creative song all winded together to form strange lyrics. The tune is catchy. It's a great Gumi song.
[Newest]Pandas are my favourite animals. This is my theme song.

39The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
This song is overwhelming. When I first heard it, the first steady tones got me expecting anything but what I got to hear. It was one of those songs which I instantly download--I loved it. I usually dislike Miku's voice, but it just seemed to be perfect for the song itself. It's so upbeat, catchy, different.
Best. Song. Ever.
Got a beautiful melody, and intense tunes all at the same time, yet the intense pace of Miku's fast parts add a special feel to the song. Hard to sing, but really brings out the best of Miku's wide vocal range.
This one was just so emotional, I loved it so much. I could not stop watching it like, I love it, I am obsessed with this song.
[Newest]Makes some people cry and has a very fast pace. I love when miku's voice gets all screechy and the ending as well.

40Daughter of Evil
Servant of Evil is so much better. Len has a better voice, and his version has so much more meaning Serious. Rin's is just "oh hey, guys, I'm evil! I'm gonna rule the world! " And Len's is actually ABOUT something.
I LOVE THIS SONG! Why is it at the bottom? Such a beautiful, classic tune. I love it.
I used to listen to this over and over. it has a really good story and series
[Newest]Great and I love Rin

41Dancing Samurai
First vocaloid song I listened to. Got me into vocaloid, and also made gakupo one of my favorites. It's a really good use of Gakupo's voice, he sounds really good. And it's just a really awesome song.
I really love this song! And come on, I KNOW you all have tried the dance Gakupo is one of my favorite Vocaloids, and I love all his songs, serious and funny alike. He always puts me in an upbeat mood, and I can find ANY song by him that fits how I'm feeling.
It's sooo catchy and makes me want to dance every time! Plus the video is hilarious. I mean, Kaito in underwear with a horse mask! Ridiculous and great!
[Newest]This song got me into Gakupo. He rules!

42Soundless Voice
Soundless Voice... Words cannot describe it, but it describes a sad yet beautiful story... It makes me cry each time, it should be more well known.
ONE OF THE BEST BEST BEST VOCALOID SONG WHY IS IT ON 108?! It's so beautiful it makes your heart melt. It greatly describes the pain of loosing a loved one. And since I'm an absolute len fangirl I cry every time I listen to this
This song is amazing! It was one of the first vocaloid songs I watched so its very close to my heart. Whenever I listen to the song, I cry, and I nevet cry durring songs. And you can't forget the fact that Len's voice is awesome I am a total Len fangirl

This isn't a song...
This is mis-spelt. Type in "Paraphilia" to listen to this wonderful song.

44Ok, Green Is the Enemy
I don't like Miku so... yeah. The obvious favorite song for a Miku Hatsune hater. don't judge, but there's so many other vocaloids out there that I could name, right now, that are way better singers than Miku. (Rin, Luka, Neru, SeeU, Gumi, IA, Len, Meiko, SF-A2 Miki, Lily, and so many more that are not even well known and aren't even female. ) This song is great and Neru and Rin sing it perfectly together! So catchy and definitely a song that will make you want to listen to it again and again. Deserves so much better than #26. #gottalovethissong
I mean, I really don't like Miku, and I think lesser known Vocaloids are better. So this song makes sense for me.
Okay, Green Is The Enemy! A perfect rin and neru duet. Catchy amd AWESOME!. Give neru and rin some love!

45Karakuri 卍 Burst
I have fallen in love with this song, I was taken in by the music and the video, the story is a little hard to follow though. Rin and Len sing it so well!
WHAAT! At the bottom? Has anyone heard this song? Or at least watched the video? Arrghh! People you need to listen to this song! It's my favorite and I think the Len and Rin version is the best

46I Don't Care Who, Someone Go Out With Me!
I sang this at school, and I got a boyfriend. Yuss.

47Black Rock Shooter
Was 59th... But Black Rock Shooter is mysterious yet it has some rock to it! I love BRS and this song is totally her! The song tells a touching story and the singer has the point of view in this story. The singer is relying on BRS to help them and is the "hope that shouldn't have been there. "
Black Rock Shooter is such a catchy song! How could you not love it? It also has a deep meaning of when a person loses all hope and wanders in despair to look for that important something thatvthey have lost. They suddenly find the strength to move on towards the future with courage.

I think I broke the replay button.
BRS is epic she is better than miku or any vocaloid she is the black rock shooter for the win who doesn't love BRS she even has her own anime who
[Newest]It's a great song

48Freely Tomorrow
This song makes you dance even if you don't want to. It has a very catchy tune and it's best sung by Miku Hatsune.


I absoulty love this song. It's very catchy 10/10 stars!
This song is what J-pop should be. Catchy and sweet, this is Miku tuned correctly and it really shows how good Mitchie M. is as a producer.

49Heat-Haze Days (Kagerou Days)
This song may seem bland on top which is what I thought at first, BUT this song is one of my all time favorites! It may seem like any other song and just boring but your missing out on half the point because this song is all about the story, but that's not all because there are other songs such as Lost Time Memory or Outer Science which continue other parts of the story. On top of that there is also a Manga and Anime which further continue the story. I highly recommend taking a listen to this song and others in the Kagerou Project to find the song you love!
Seriously, if you haven't watched Kagerou Days go watch it NOW!
It's got an epic rhythm and it's really nice to listen but the story behind this song is a completely different subject!
So go watch it now and read the subtitles and watch the entire song and trust me you will not be able to stop watching it.
This song is the BEST song! It's the most meaningful song!

50Monochrome Blue Sky
NO! This can not be no.41. This song is beautiful. It starts in a distorted way and you think, "oh no, this is going to be one of those depressing songs, isn't it." But then it scoops you right up in its melody and then transports you to a happier place. No, this isn't weed. I'm just trying to express the change in this song's tone and how much of an uplifting effect it can have on your day. It's incredibly meaningful too. Miku sounds a bit more realistic in this one. Please check this one out.
DUDE THIS NEEDS TO BE IN THE TOP TEN! This song is just amazing, and it gives you a light feeling. It's one of Miku's best songs and listen to it you'll love it. And I love the melody at the beginning, and Miku's voice is very nice. I love this song forever!
Such a gorgeous, captivating song, plus the PV art is AMAZING!

51I Can Take Off My Panties
It's one of the first I heard and it's so funny and upbeat!
My dad doesn't want me to listen to this one. I do it anyway.
I like the illustration

52Madness of Duke Venomania

This song made me hate Gakupo. Went back and listened to it again a year later. Was like: "OH MY GOD HIS VOICE THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I DON'T CARE LET ME LOVE YOU GAKUPO"

So yeah. Just don't watch it when you're 11, and you'll be fine!
Gosh this song just HAS to be on the list. I mean this is the BEST 7 deadly sins song ever. Period.
Gakupo's my favourite, and what could top his beautiful voice off like a song like this? An awesome 7 Deadly Sins one. :D
[Newest]GAKUPO IS KING and this song and art is amazing

53Mozaik Role
Gumo has a lower, sightly rougher and more realistic voice unlike Miku Hatsune's which doesn't put you off when you hear it. One of the first songs I heard from Vocaloid was this and I just fell in love with Gumi's voice. I find her unique and I'm honestly not sure why Miku's at the top (not trying to offend others, its just my opinion). Personally I feel that Miku is a bit too high-pitched sometimes. However, Gumi's songs (or at least most of them) are among my favorites.
This song always makes me feel sad but its also impossible to not sing along. The song is really unique and I'm glad GUMI sings it, and its not just Miku at the top of the list.
This song is the best song ever! I love it, I wonder why its not on here yet?!
[Newest]I really really like this Song

54Fear Garden
The song was so catchy and captivating! I can play it for days non-stop! (I kind of do)

55Yobanashi Deceive - IA
The music in this song was so awesome! I love IA!
Has yas has everything about this I love especially the characters
Love the song! Love the character! Love the lyrics! Love EVERYTHING!

56TwiRight Prank

57Star Story - Hatsune Miku

58Kagome Kagome
Kagome Kagome is somehow a creepy song (scratch that, it is) but kinda gives you a calming feeling... At least, for me.

Anyways, Kagome Kagome is a song that is extremely recommended for psychological anime lovers, especially of those who love Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Another, Elfen Lied and all those.
Kagome Kagome is one of the creepiest songs of Vocaloid I've heard, but as much as I'm scared to death almost of it, I guess it has some sort of calming melody. It's a good song!
I really like this! If I could make this list, I would put this at number three (next to Joker and Imitation Black)! Why is it here? Please tell me why!

59Hirai Hirai
Soft, soothing Miku song for whenever you feel relaxed. One of the first Miku songs I've heard. I recommend it.

A! My two favorite Vocaloids singing like my third favorite song! Rin and Miku sound AMAZING singing this, I listen to it everyday!
I just like it no matter what ~_~
I found a cover with the twins, and they seem more twinny when dancing to it!

61Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses
A dark, yet traditional Japanese song with a interesting story, of how children's 'innocence' turns dark and destructive, my third most favourite VOCALOID song. Miku also is perfect for it, an innocent girl, singing such a dark and mysterious song.
Wow! I can't believe this is so low on the list! Its an AMAZING and addicting song


It's very dark, but super catchy

62Love Words / Ai-kotoba
The beat is really catchy. It's really fun to hear and to sing! Definitely should be in top 30
I sang this at the school talent show, and instantly became famous.

63Rain Dream Tower
I really wish this was closer to the top. It's got a really nice tune, the voices were used well, and had a beautiful story to boot. But it's so sad... I think this song really deserves more attention.
This... Is just gorgeous.
Another amazing piece with Miku and Rin with the amazing art by suzunosuke~

64The Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka
This is... Mesmerising.

You will never find an instrumental or singer better-suited to it's theme. I'm... just at a loss for words here. If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a song say? Just listen to it already, and please, give it some thought. Turn up the volume and listen to the real story of the Little Mermaid... It's quite brutal.
I honestly love this song, if it weren't for Len being the guy and it would have made more sense if the guy was Kaito, people like Miku and Kaito, and people like Luka and Kaito together... Besides Miku and Kaito's age differences. Well now back to it, I honestly like LuKaito better. You know instead of Luka and Len.
This song is so beautiful, and the video has gorgeous art. I always tear up when listening to it.

65Gotya Gotya Uruse! (Stop Nagging Me!)
Story of our lives, huh?
Neru Akita for the win
My song to my brother.

66Paper Airplane
I think paper plane is a very wonderful and sad song. It has so much emotion and love, and the song can make people cry. It
Awesome song! Really sad though... This song really touched me especially when Len starts singing his part, telling Rin not to go. This love is wanted for everyone.
Seriouly, what is so wrong with you people. Have you ever heard the Kagamine tragedies.

67Odds & Ends
I'm really upset this isn't higher on the list! This is honestly one of my favourite vocaloid songs. Whenever I feel really terrible, and my depression is acting up, I just listen to this song. The lyrics, the video, the instrumental, everything about this is amazing! How the song is like, if you need someone to be your voice, I will be your voice. You aren't useless. I just love this song so much
Ryo's done it again. This is so beautiful. The meaning, the lyrics, the instruments, the tune... They're enough, but it's the way they pick you up is what makes this song truly fantastic. Please listen to this work of art.
Ryo's best work. Amazing instrumentals and melody as well as some of the best vocaloid voice tuning to be heard from any song. I am honestly surprised this song did not make it higher on this list.
[Newest]I love this song! Supercell did a great job! He is one of my favourite Vocaloid producers!

68Lovers Runner

69Deep Sea Girl
The lyrics are so deep and beautiful; reaching for something you cannot have, sinking in despair, etc etc. It was the first vocaloid song I heard (by scrolling through my Japanese friend's iPod), and I fell in love with it immediately. I really love Miku singing in this song! SHINKAI SHOUJOU! HATSUNE MIKU!
The song, in my intpreation of it is about a cold girl, who is worried she has fallen in love, she starts sinking into despair and depression, and the boy keeps trying to get her, but she is too scared to talk or reach out to him, she keeps sinking, and she can't take it and in the end the boy saves and reaches out to her. Such a 'deep sea song'.
This song is so catchy. it has a nice plot

70Happy Synthesizer
Love this song! Both versions are awesome, there's Luka and Gumi's version and 96neko and Len's version. Love them both, really catchy. ^_^
Loved it. luka and gumi's version is so awesome. happy synthesizer also has many English covers on YouTube
GUMI and Luka are awesome! I love them and this song, too. So lovely, cute and catchy!

71Millennium of Wiegenlied
Great song and instrumentals + interesting storyline~

72Iroha Song
Rin makes the song sound nice, a little weird, but nice~

73The Game of Life
In this song, Miku takes the role of God and humans are just there to entertain. Kinda scary if you think about it.
This song is really catchy I love the lyrics
Catchy, creepy and cool. The voice eand the truth. The story it tells.


75World Is Mine - Kagamine Len
Serious? Just choose World is Mine by Miku. What's the difference?
This song is AWESOME (like its singer) and I love Len's voice!
I always imagined he was singing to me.

76Tsugai Kogarashi
I love this song. GUMI and Miku sing beautifully. GUMI-GUMIYA's cover is so awesome!
Vote this song, everyone!

77We Are All Pop Candy!
This is such a cute and upbeat song! I can't help smiling when I listen to it. :D

78Cyber Thunder Cider - VY1
Super duper inspiring, to me at least, although it talks about "who's fault it is" and to keep moving forward! Look it up and read the lyrics~!
Most Epic Vocaloid song EVER!

79Konoha No Sekai Jijou - IA
This should be the best!

80Dark Woods Circus
The best song I've ever heard by miku, rin, and len.. This song tells about a story in edo periods, that all childs who got deformity are caged in a place, and people see them through a hole. They even tortured when they can't entertain well. Yes, by acid.
Best song. Very tragic. ;_; Song made me love vocaloid.

That song makes me feel like if Miku really was human and I could feel some kinda hope in her voice. Great song!
I really like this song, because the melody is like... its good give me feels
Love this song so much! I hope that this will be part of the top 10

I love this song because not only Miku and Luka are so awesome together in a duet, but also that the lyrics define 'forbidden love' as a good thing. Basically, they're promoting equal love to everyone who wants to love anyone who they desire. I'm a guy who likes guys and I approve this song! :D
Its such a deep song it just pulls you in like a magnet (heh pun) its got good music and miku and lukas voice s flow so well together
Greats song duet ever
Love vocaloid!
[Newest]This only works with Miku and Luka.

83Canary - Hatsune Miku
Please guys listen to some other songs that popular ones, even though they are unpopular they can still be good.
I like this one because I have found it recently and I like it so take some of your free time to listen to unpopular artists.
By they way I recommend Tilt-six (he has an account on YouTube and he is quite good so please take some time to pass by)

I think that SeeU is the one the makes this song. People just hate her because she is Korean. SeeU has a unique voice that needs to be recognized for the the beauty that it is. Give her a chance people and I know that you will certainly not regret it! I fantasy fantasy nan geoul gi malma Nya... I fantasy! (I'm sorry I don't speak Korean fluently haha)
Surprised I only saw this song on ONE list. It's really catchy and it makes you want to dance and sing. It's best sung by SeeU. This is the exact song that made me a fan of her.


This song is what made me become a SeeU fan. Its really catchy and I can't get enough of it!
[Newest]I don't actually like this song but I love SeeU. My favorite of hers is 'Hide and Seek'. You have to hear it!

85Hello / How Are You
This song is just so lovely. Don't get why no one else made a comment before. I really love it.
This song is sweet c;
I like oliver's version..

86Usotsuki no Parade

87hypnoSpirA - Megurine Luka

88Gigantic O.T.N.
You kidding? This should be at number 1!


Best song ever. I was hooked onto this song for almost a year now. Len fanboys anyone?
HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS PERVERTED SONG? THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST SONG EVER! Wotamin's voice sound amazing and it's so upbeat and I strongly suggest this! And try playing this on osu, it's also a great experience

89Twilight Homicide Song
Meiko has a boyfriend who she loves, only for him to cheat on her with another girl

One of the best Meiko songs~
I like it because of meikos amazing voice

BEST SONG EVER! SF-A2 Miki and KAITO sound fantastic in this song and the tune is very catchy. This song should be in the top 10
I love this song so much and all the people who I know love it too why so much hate?!
The lyrics are agreeable, the end is nice, and the whole song is great!

91Online Game Addicts Sprechor
It's such a catchy song! You would probably find yourself bobbing or dancing along to the beat. I especially love 96neko's version!

92Proof of Life

93Pokemon X and Y
This isn't vocaloid. I think. Wait what?
This is beautiful song I'm not joking
This is the only REAL vocaloid
The best vocaloid

94Black and White Ward
Creepy, creepy, creepy

The tune of this song is just... just... CREEPY and the way they sing is also...

Is also... CREEEPYYY

This. Was. Catchy. Oh god, I had this song stuck in my head so badly, I learnt all the lyrics and the dance. It's nice and light AND TOTALLY NOT DEPRESSING. Also I love how Meiko is lead, she deserves more love!
First song by vocaloid I heard? Its this one.
Everyone sings.. Meiko, rin and len ♥♥♥, miku, kaito, haku and even teto. *fan scream*
Are you kidding me, this is the spirits, and funniest song

96Interveiwer [Luka]

97Monochrome No Kiss
Amazing intro, fast, swirling beat that pulls listeners in, SID had great vocals and a riveting instrumental. Highly recommended.
This was actually the first Japanese song I liked. I also learnt the lyrics awfully fast. This song is actually really good.
But this isn't vocaloid

98Kagero Days
This song portrays a tragic and bittersweet story excellently!
Yes kagerou daze is one of the best vocaloid songs I've ever heard and watch kagerou project along with it
I like the double meaning in the title as it can also be read as Kagerou Daze as in a heat haze. I love this song and it inteoduced me to the series.

99I Like You, I Love You
I absolutely adore this song, and I think it's like the rin version of melt-only way better!
This song is very relatable to most lovesick teenage girls. The tune and background music are really cute in a way. Rin sounds so... KAWAII

100Cendrillon - Hatsune Miku & Kaito
So awesome, these two fit the song perfectly!

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