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161Karakuri Pierrot

It's the first song I heard from Vocaloid. Miku sings really beautiful in this one, and it has a great instrumental. The meaning is also sad, but interesting.

I heard Piko sing it and I fell in love with him.

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162Prism Heart
163Unhappy Refrain

I opened the website, thinking: "I'm sure I'll find Unhappy Refrain in the top 5/10! " and it wasn't there. I hoped for the first 50 items, but then I saw it wasn't even in the first page. So I had to look in Page 2. And I found out it's #159. But it should really be in top 10. It's catchy and sounds good, and has wonderful and meaningful lyrics too. And it's sung by the awesome Miku. Do you want more?

This song is so catchy and beautiful and really meaningful too! It should totally be number one on here or at least in the top ten or top five list.

Better with Nico Nico Chorus than Hatsune Miku standing alone.

This song is amazing and deserving of a spot in the top ten.

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164Lovely Futuristic Electro Music - GUMI
165Nostalogic - MEIKO

Awesomeness on a plate.

166Meteor - Hatsune Miku

I really enjoy this song, and the feeling and meaning the song conveys. You can pretty much tell what the song is about without looking at subtitles! That's some talent the creator has!

The most upbeat sad song you will ever hear

This song is moving and beautiful.

167Green Green ~Euglena~ - GUMI & Sonika
168Remember - Utatane Piko

I just love him. I don't know why he is not popular

It's a catchy song and the tuning and mixing is good. I think piko sounds awesome in this song and it is a prime example of how he should be used!

Piko needs more love

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169Indulging Idol Syndrome - mayu Feat. Gumi

YES! This is my favorite vocaloid song ever! Justin Beiber, take notes.

This song is my favourite song of all time! WHY THE HELL IS IT THIS LOW!

Yes yes yes thank you person who added this song I love it...
And if you don't vote for it...
"I won't forgive you, after all, I'm an idol! (Laughs)"

170Self-Inflicted Achromatic

An extremely emotional song saying things like "I wish I lived in a world where no one would care if I died, so it wouldn't hurt as much and make my meaningless life less important" or "why must you care so much about me? " The chorus is extremely high, which sends shudders down one's spine. Really, a lovely and sad song.

Damn, this song is hauntingly beautiful.

I LOVE this song. I mean you should listen to the Hetaloid Romano version of it. It's way better and not as high. The lyrics are emotional and relatable sometimes and Romano singing it makes it 10 times sadder.

Please, higher... It is getting annoying that those kind of songs are not higher...

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171Tokio Funka - Gumi

GUMI's voice in this one get's me pumped up to battle some mother****ers like a true samurai, plus the yokai in the video and the mix of modern and old Japan make it great. Plus, even though I love Len I must say Gumi, my girl is the BEST!

172Mind Brand

Good song feel free to give it a listen, its very adult and catchy but I think it should be more popular, rather then world is mine. This also has a cover by namine ritsu.

A song with a very catchy tune, combined of "dubstep" (not really) and an awesome guitars. I fell for it the second I herd it, and I was hummimg along the whole 4 minutes. Miku's vocie fits perfect too. Probably one of the most genuine songs I've' heard in a long time!

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I love the melody of this song. Also Kaito's voice and Len's voice work perfectly together. But Kaito's voice really can surprise us.

Kaito sounds great with this beat

174Reincarnation - Gumi & Kagamine Rin

It's my power song, and the main point of one of my favorite series

175Bullet For Prisoner
176In Chains

This is my favorite song along with Tell Your World. I love In Chains because in some parts, the syllables are sung separately. I just love that kind of style. Tell Your World is an awesome song too. It even won the Japanese iTunes chart. They are my favorites and of course my favorite Vocaloid is Miku. Who else could it be? Miku is the best!

177Circus Monster

The quirky circus-sounding parts contrast wonderfully with the moody lyrics and beautiful chords. Definitely one of Luka's best English songs.

My friend can play this on piano. I don't think I've ever fully heard the singing part, but the bit she plays on piano is constantly getting stuck in my head.

Actually this song is really good but this song is a newcomer. I suggested to you to hear this song, it's so beautiful

155?! Are you kidding me?!

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178Corrupted Flower

I just love this song. It has a beautiful story behind it and a nice tune to it.

179Fairy-taled (Meiko)

Anything by Meiko sucks. Her voice sounds horrible. The song is good, but the voice is bad.

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180Dragon Rising - Gumi and Kagamine Len

One of my most favourite 1980's hip-hop / techno like songs. It is a very good combination, never thought that gumi and Len would make a good duet, this song proves it.

This is an absolutely amazing song. So underrated. The beat, meaning, illustrations... perfect. Those looking for a powerful, uplifting song - here you go.

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