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41Anon and Kanon

Anon and Kanon have beautiful and mature voices that are very realistic. Their "Heart Chrome" is one of my favorite songs and their voices fit most genres. They deserve more fans.

They both sound so realistic! Kanon's voice is good for strong songs, whilst Anon's is good for softer songs. Look up Kanon's cover of Outer Science, epic singing right there!

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42Akita Neru

She's not a Vocaloid. She has no voice.

Her voice is amazing. Being a lesser known vocaloid or 'Boukaloid' (similar to a vocaloid) j can't understand how she isn't more popular! She has an AMAZING rand in pitch and is also adorable she should get more credit for what she is getting!

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43Macne Nana

What about Macne Nana, everyone?

Her voice is pretty and cute, and, similar to Oliver's voice, can pull of any type of song (discluding heavy metal and similar genres). Her voice is great, and she needs a lot more recognition. People see Miku and Rin as the best ones, since they have adorable "moe" and "kawaii" designs, but Macne's is cuter than them both! She's a great Vocaloid, in my opinion.

They are better than big al you are all WRONG!

Yeah she's pretty kawaii, and she's in a bunch of song covers. Her voice is pretty beautiful

44Suzune Ring

In my opinion, I think she sounds so much better then Miku, you people need to check her out because she's AWESOME!

Ring is one of the new v3 releases, and is one of my favorite vocaloids, even though her voicebank has not been sold yet. She has such a unique voice, and really catchy songs. I suggest you give her a try and listen to "Sweet Pain".

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Sad to see that no one loves LEON. I think he has a very soothing voice. It's sad that he has been abandoned.

47Sweet ANN

Perfect for ABBA and Adele covers. I love her and it's sad people don't care about her.

No matter how satanic her box art is, she has a great voice

She does have a nice, husky voice.

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49Yowane Haku

Why is she low on the line? Does anyone here like Haku! She just as mature as Luka. I would give 1st place if I could.

Sadly, she has no real voice. Hoping and praying she gets an official vb soon.

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50Yuezheng LingV1 Comment
51Hibiki Lui

I hope that you like mizuki and please vote him

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53Big Al

Big al has such a mature voice which makes him one of my favorites

55YanheV1 Comment
56Otomachi Una

She's new, but her voice is golden


Her voice is absolutely gorgeous in slow ballads. Listen to her cover of Tori No Uta. Her voice sounds absolutely perfect.

Why is Galaco all the way down at 55? I mean, who could dislike a Vocaloid with Nebulas all over them?

She is beautiful, my only problem with her is her emotioness voice. But she is SO DANG CUTE.

I really love her voice

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He's crazily realistic. He's one the best quality vocaloid due to him being developed by a university. In short, he's amazing. Listen to his covers of circus monster and bad apple if you don't believe me.

Bruno should be number 1. He sounds like a real Spanish man. The others don't stand a chance

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Her accent is very gorgeous. Kind of heavy, but it's still nice on certain songs.

SHe is beautiful voice and face, I love her song and her look

Oh come on she might have some problems but she still good

Her voice is scary but still nice.

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