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1Too Far Gone

Wow! Is how I put it! Emotional, shocking, action-packed and very well acted. I admired the scene when the kids (Lizzie and Mika) take out Alisha with a single shot to the head; something I don't recall ever seeing before!

Best episode in the whole series. Most intense, most devastating, and most badass episode in The Walking Dead history!

The most badass episode of the Walking dead

Amazing. No other episode comes close to the perfection of this episode. David Morrissey is one of the best actors ever!

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2Beside the Dying Fire

Best episode in my opinion. This episode is set up so well in the previous episode and it actually deals with a zombie horde which should happen more often in my opinion.

It is simply amazing. This is my farm I'll die here!

Best episode ever and in probably the worst season so extra points in awesomeness

Was really the first great season finale.

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3Killer Within

The one where walkers invade the prison and kill T-Dog and Lori dies giving birth to her baby. - DrRyAn

The one where walkers attack and kill T-Dog and Lori dies giving birth. - DrRyAn

Only good because Lori died. I kinda liked t dog

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4This Sorrowful Life

I ain't gonna beg... I ain't begging you! Haha! That reminds me if what he said when trying to escape the cuffs in season 1!

By far the best episode. We saw another side of a very complicated character, Merle. Best episode yet.

Most emotional episode of The Walking Dead! Pretty sad at the end!

Definitely the most emotional and poignant episode in the series. Redemption...

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5Days Gone Bye

Days Gone Bye is still the best episode of the entire series. The way it was filmed and directed, the pacing and the scale makes me feel like I'm watching a movie instead of a T.V. drama. I guess it has to do with Frank Darabont directing it. Other episodes that I like are those with scenes of Rick going crazy like biting the man's throat, hacking Gareth in a church with a machete, hacking the inmate in the prison, breaking down after learning Lori's death and hacking walkers in a rage, talking to dead Lori over phone, hitting the cop with a car after he refused to stop running and scenes where Rick got to say the most epic lines of the series like "We are the walking dead", "They are screwing with the wrong people" and his promise made to Gareth to kill him with the machete even when his team was captured.

The first episode when the madness begins. - DrRyAn

Perfect setup to a perfect show.

The start of it all

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6The Grove

I feel like this episodes showed the absolute limit Carol would have to go to to keep Tyreese, Judith, and herself alive. She still does have her humanity in tact, as shown once she lifted that gun and knew there was no going back, tears running down her cheeks. I don't understand how Rick would find her a danger, since all she ever does is do what Rick can not, which is killing imams in order to save other humans. A gripping episode that kept you interested, with a devastating end to the characters of Lizzie And Mika. Easily one of my top episodes!

"Look at the flowers, Lizzie."

This will probably wind up being the most haunting line ever on television. I couldn't even type it without starting to cry. Mercy killings are one thing, but to see the lovable, caring Carol execute (pun intended) a proactive killing with the intent of preventing uncertain - even doubtful - possible future deaths is beyond chilling.

What started as another ordinary episode, turned completely into a shocking and emotional master piece! Couldn't stop crying for the last 10 minutes of the show, while I didn't drop a tear before this. Very we'll written, acted, and mostly planned. Hints were dropped in the early season three. Wow!

Without a doubt the best and darkest episode.

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7Pretty Much Dead Already

This was so heart wrenching to find Sophia, and it is so weird because how was she bitten, and when. It seems to me she was bitten and then ran off and hid somewhere and died. Otis then somehow found her and put her in the barn. I also wonder and this would be horrible, if Otis placed her in the barn alive since she was wondering alone. That would be horrible.

The one where Shane opens the barn and kills the walkers and we find out that Sophia was in the barn. - DrRyAn

Best scene of the history. And the music when sophia comes out is incredible.

Shane is cold-hearted bad ass!

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8Better Angels

Should be at the top at least in the top 5! Shane's death was devastating and it showed us how evil shane had turned.

"Damn you for making me do this shane. THIS WAS YOU NOT ME YOU DID THIS TO US! YOU NOT ME! " Then Rick breaks down after he killed his own best friend.

No I disagree, Shane was out of control. He wanted Rick's wife. Just like Risk said, Shane acted as if Rick was in the way. I get they were best friends which was so obvious and funny when Shane tried to carry Rick from the hospital bed but Shane was very insensitive from the start, wanting to kill Randall, wanting to leave the crew in Atlanta, wanting to forgoe the search for Sophia, heartless.

The one where Rick shoots Shane. - DrRyAn

The drama reaches it's max, I love watching Randall listen to Shane snap and not know what's going on

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9No Sanctuary

This should absolutely be number #1. Watching the survivors get hit and then bled out one by was the MOST INTENSE scene EVER. And also when Rick explains what's in the bag and with what weapon he is going to kill Gareth with. So brutal

This is an awesome, action-packed premiere! Really takes you back into the action, as well as giving more depth into Terminus and the character Gareth. - higgsboson2142

The goriest episode and badass thanks to carol I like it better than too far gone this had cannibals

Most intense and unpredictable episode of the walking dead

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10No Way Out

It was amazing seeing them all work together,". Primary, secondary, even the characters that we barely ever see were fighting together. It made it so awesome and intense and shows what they can accomplish when working together.

Shocking deaths happened and what happened to carl made me literally cry. The ending was absolutely action - packed, how they all came together and killed the walkers. Absolute favorite episode!

This, No Sanctuary and Too Far Gone are by far the best episodes

This episode should be #1

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This was the most intense episode for me.

Nothing beats the sad, conflicted character, Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich).

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Morgan's return was scripted perfectly. He said some very sad stuff and his story is heart-breaking. He gave us some memories of the first episode. It was nice to finally see Morgan, and Rick's reaction to finding him. I was hoping he would join Rick's group. This is also the episode where we see just how much Carl has changed. He is becoming more independent, and dark. He wanted to go in the cafe by himself and shot Morgan when he was attacking Rick. This episode deserves to be number one!

The most touching episode. It makes you realize everything is not all walkers.

Rick, Carl, and Microbe on a run and I love that part when she goes back in for the picture how she grabbed the cat statue cause it was too damn gorgeous

What? The best episode of the series right here. - Shaday7x

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13What Lies Ahead

The one where Sophia goes missing and Carl gets shot. - DrRyAn

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This episode was just filled with constant action and badass moments

To me this is in the top three along with when lori dies when giving birth, and when shane got killed by rick and carl, not only did this episode show huge charachter development, with hershal killing the walkers and then giving up his hope with god closer to the end, it also brought back one of the biggest T.V. villians (the governer), it most importantly reincarnated the fear of walkers, before they were just a distraction to the people

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I think this, Clear, and Days Gone Bye are three of my favorite television episodes of all time. But "A" is the Walking Dead at it's best. Better than all of season 2 combined.

I love the part where rick Carl and much one get held at gunpoint by the group of bandits Daryl was in it's the first time we see rick enjoy killing someone

Definitely the best season finale. So many intense moments. I know it just came oit yesyerday bit vote for it

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16Welcome to the Tombs

The humanity in all of it's sadness made this an episode to remember.


The one where we first see Glenn and they handcuff Merle to the roof of the building. - DrRyAn

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Taking that prison, chopping off Hershel's leg, the best zombie kill when Rick pulls of the security guard walker's mask, peeling off it's face...AND we get Emily Kinney singing "the Parting Glass"...Now if this ain't the best episode, I don't know anything... sure as hell deserves a better position than it's currently in (17). Upvote Please!

1918 Miles Out

Simply the best episode. The tensions between Rick and Shane reach a climax and the situation with Beth back at the farm really captivated me.

Great episode. But, I still think the Randall story was a waste of valuable time.

Rick and Shane's fight has always been a series highlight for me. - wolphert

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The one where The Governor attacks the prison. - DrRyAn

The best feeling- when they all arrive to defend against the governor

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