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21Battlefield 1

This should be ways higher how is ghosts above it

22Call of Duty: Ghosts

Ghosts is slot better than battle field 4 and black ops 2

You can drive drones, control dog and it's the only game where ther is aliens

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24World of Warcraft
25Point Blank
26Star Wars Battlefront II

A great war game. With the many classes and maps. This has to be the best war game out there other then Call of Duty world at war. Also this game has amazing graphics, like world at war

It's amazing! Love the campaign /even though it's kinda hard/. Love the Galactic Conquest, love the 'instant action' maps, love the multiplayer! I love everything about this game!

27I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike
28Project IGI: I'm Going In

If you wanna play a war game than definitely you should try this awesome fsr. Project igi is a Legend!

29Medal of Honor Rising Sun

It's the best game ever of medal of honor, for PlayStation 2

30Medal of Honor: Underground
31Halo: Combat Evolved
32Medal of Honor: Warfighter
33Sniper EliteV1 Comment
34Halo: Reach
35Clash of Clans
36War ThunderV1 Comment
37Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

The hardest and most brutal Medal of Honor game in the series.

38Counter-Strike: Source
39Spec Ops: The Line

Amazing story and characters! Real emotion and thought into the narrative!

40Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I just played this game for the first time and it's so much like Halo. People may think its just a stupid ripoff of Destiny or something like that, but it's actually really fun. They have a really good mix of futuristic and modern day weapons. It's just so fun (plus the double jump feature is amazing). - username34

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