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Tie with Saving Private Ryan, this movie is easy top ten and one of my all time favorites. Have shown it to years worth of American History classes and have yet to have even 1 kid not love the movie and find it inspiring.

This is my fav movie period, it is highly detailed, plus it won a lot of awards

42Lone Survivor
44First Blood
45The Longest Day

Best War movie of all time. A long list of the some of the greatest actors of the of all time. True to the events of D Day. Shows both sides the the English channel on an historic day.

One of the finest war movies ever. An "A" list of Hollywood best at the time.


Entertaining, but not that great.

49The Pianist
50The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
51The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity
52SpartacusV1 Comment
53RamboV1 Comment
55Tears of the Sun
56City of Life and Death
57Act of Valor

Great movie, Shows the diversity that the seal teams have!

Only war movie that active duty navy seals starred in it

Amazing movie. makes you appreciate the troops - ryanrimmel

It's closer to have fighting is today.

58Sink the Bismarck
59Black BookV1 Comment
60The Pacific
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