Best Warrior Cat Characters (Book by Erin Hunter)


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I vote for Firestar. He such a peaceful warrior. Also he fought for the clan and he did not kill Tigerstar even when he is a bad cat. He is also very smart because he planed how to kill the dog pack. He also mentored a lot of cats that were training how to become warriors. I advice you to read the warriors cats book and then type on this website that Firestar is your best warrior cat.

Plus I also love Graystripe because he brought Firestar to Thunderclan and if he did not there would be no such book called warriors cats.
Firestar is BRILLIANT and AMAZING! He /could/ have killed Tigerstar, yet he didn't; that takes some patience and and self-control as everyone knows anybody else would have tried to slice his throat out. But Firestar/heart is the best!
Firestar is the best cat EVER in the warriors... I even named my own cat rusty from his kittypet name. I LOVE FIRESTAR!
[Newest]Firestar.. He was a good character in the first and second series, a loyal, brave, typical protagonist, but in the last two series that included him, he was just too perfect, and ruled everybody around. He was a good leader, and good friend, just not realistic.
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I love her because she had such a sad life because first of all her dad never really liked her, and then her mother died, then she can never be with her mate, and then her sister died, then she had to give up her kits, then one of them died and it's just all sad!
I voted for Bluestar because she was a long living leader: she gave her heart for her clan through the tough times and never gave up only if needed. She was loyal to her clan and to Oakheart, Mistyfoot, and Stormfur. She was awesome and should always be remember.

With all respect and true Bluestar and warrior lover
She is an awesome cat and a brave warrior even when she let go of her kits(mistyfoot and stonefur)WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE!
[Newest]I've ranted about Bluestar long enough. She's whiny, a brat pretty much in Bluestar's Prophecy, being sad and upset for moons when Snowfur and Moonflower die. When you're a warrior cat, your family members will die in battle, and it's not as shocking as in the real world, because everyone has a short life in Warriors. She went insane for three books, gave her kits away on a grain of salt, (Thistleclaw never killed anyone), and got her own kit killed anyway. Actually, if she'd never met with Oakheart in the Trees, the whole thing with the kits wouldn't of happened. She was a good leader for two books. I hate her. I'm sorry.
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Graystripe is awesome! I know he fell in love with a beautiful female Riverclan cat, but I still love him anyway. People shouldn't hate him if he fell in love with her.
Sometimes you just can't help it if you fall in love with someone. In fact, Graystripe is probably the cutest warrior cat in the whole world!

He is also very caring, and I will always love him no matter what.
He is kind and caring, he doesn't let the Warrior code get in the way of his love. He is protective and strong. He is the best choice! (plus he is adorable! )
Graystripe is amazing he's fireheart's best friend and he's so powerful
[Newest]Graystripe is me, I am Graystripe
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I like him because even though he is the son of tigerclaw he is a brave and loyal cat unlike his father. He also becomes deputy.
I think he belongs with squirrelflight and I'm glad she chose him over ashfur. I DON'T like ashfur and I'm not sure why.

I also like the fact that he killed his brother and most cats didn't trust him so he wasn't fully excepted into the clan. I also like the fact that when fireheart was deputy he kept seeing brambleclaw and seeing the darkness in him even though there isn't any darkness.
HE IS MY favorite CAT!
Brambleclaw is great, really. I loved the scene where he chose Firestar's life over Hawkfrost's, and then killed him. I disliked Hawkfrost from the start, and someone needed to take care of him - it was surprising it was his brother, which made things awesome.
OK first of all if I were a warrior cat, I would be his mate, and second of all HE IS THE BEST FIGHTER!


[Newest]Brambleclaw is my favorite character. Why? Because he is loyal, brave, but flawed, like trusting his half-brother and taking Squirrelflight's betrayal so hard. He has to deal with his father's treachery, and in the beginning not having his own mentor/deputy trust him. He's a good deputy, father, friend, and now, leader.
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Fun facts: 1. Sorry to burst your bubble but Jayfeather is a cat. 2. Jayfeather is fictional 3. You cannot date cats.
Jaypaw gots some guts and quite a heart on him to be just a kit when he had his accident and became blind. He goes through a lot in the books he deserves a lot of respect.
Jaypaw is just... AWESOME I have no idea why but he's like my favorite character in the whole series!


[Newest]I love Jayfeather. I don't like the fact he's grumpy, and rejects cats' help, and shunned Leafpool and Squirrelflight for a while, but he matured. He hated Brightheart in the beginning, but helped her and respected her when he grew older. He's blind, and his other senses make up for it, but he still can only see blackness--at least when he's awake. He's my second favorite character, and he's amazing, and he showed the most development out of the Three (Hollyleaf the third, not Dovewing).
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She became a med cat because she couldn't for fill her dream of becoming a warrior. She kept her head high and she still helped her clan! Cinderpelt is the best!
Killed by a badger, was a great medicine cat and injured her leg on a thunderpath because of Tigerstar
Cinderfur is a great cat when she dies she is given a second chance by becoming a warrior and her warrior name cinderheart. Her mentor was cloudtail when she was training to be a warrior the second time.
[Newest]Cinderpelt was a wonderful cat that I honor the most.
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I love her! She's so cheeky and mischievous but at the same time loving and she actually cares about her sister and help suffer the consequences on adopting Leafpool's kits (Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf)
She rocks
The awesomest cat in the whole entire book and she is so awesome she should have had kits because she is good at mothering leafpools. I am her biggest fan she is beter then any cat in the books!
Me and my friends always play Warriors and she's squirrelflight so I thought that I would vote for her. I wish Spiderleg/paw was on the top 10 because he is a awesome Warrior. And he's funny. I think he would totally be on the top 10!
[Newest]She's ONE of my favorites!
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The best medicine cat, and dies unfairly.
It was so sad when she died. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH FIRESTAR! Sandstorm was so mean to him at the beginning( I actually don't like him very much but she's even worse). Anyways at least Firestar can see her in his dreams and take a vacation away from Sandstorm at last. I know Firestar loves spotted the best... Quote "... But she's not you, Sandstorm. " Firestar's quest P. 403. What he left out was... "she's way more awesome! "
She was like my Favorite character, I hate how she had to die so soon but at least we got to keep seeing her and she is the wisest most beautiful cat ever and Firestar and her should have been together.!
[Newest]She was very wise, I loved her so much.
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Yeah She is she was stubborn in the beginning but when they help her she was nice and getting nicer I love these books
She rocks plus I think she should have lived and I am happy she killed her son
stubborn and loyal even though she was in shadowclan
[Newest]How did you think of a character like this Erin? She wonderful
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The most wise, loyal, and strongest cat EVER! Bluestar should have made him deputy as soon as she was leader and he should have became Whitestar and his deputy should have been either Lionhert, Redtail, or Fireheart(in that order. )oh and Spottedleaf should never have died, then her and Fireheart should have been together and Sandstorm should have went with Dustpelt, wait, then the Three might not have been born, oh well.
Stupid Tigerclaw/star and ShadowClan ruined all that.
Whitestorm is wonderful, should of been made deputy earlier. RIP. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE? Always admired him. RIP FOREVER he should have lived and lived a longer life, been leader Whitestar, perfect and then firestar/heart would have been deputy, perfect story and a happy ending. For some at least...
"Brave, coragous, loyal, fierce one of those warriors who will lay in memorie forever"


[Newest]Whitestorm is not Bluestar's kin.

The Contenders

Sandy is so funny, sarcastic, pretty, and skilled! Plus she's a great hunter and a good mother! I think she's way cooler than Spottedleaf, anyway. =D I LOVE her spunk and her relationship with Firestar, too!
Sandstorm is SO funny! She really cheers me up.
I remember when she said to dustpaw/pelt "hurry up you lazy fur ball, all the prey will die of old age before you get up! "
That was so funny!
I love Sandstorm Firestar should have picked her as the new deputy. She is his mate she is awesome she has had an apprentice she's a born hero a great hunter and an awesome fighter. Firestar: I choose the cat without an apprentice and who convinced me my best friend was dead! Brambleclaw! I was so angry
[Newest]She is me... Angry on the outside but fall for cats you hate.

Leafpool is brave and gentle and always tries to do what is right. Although she loved Crowfeather she stayed loyal to her clan. She has to be the Best medicine cat ever!
I love Leaf Pool, she listens
Carefully and knows when a cat needs her help... She is the sweetest!
She created drama and tension of trust in the clans it made it surprising and intresting
[Newest]Leafpool is so kind and gentle, even though she messed up, she will prove herself again! I always loved and she will soon be loved again by everyone!

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He is part of the three. He is awesome and talks ACTUAL sense. He is my favourite medicine cat and definitely should be much more well known amongst all cats. GO JAYFEATHER! ^_^
He has special powers, but he's also the most realistic character in all the books. He has an attitude and isn't afraid to show it! He has a unique personality, whereas most of the other characters only seem to have loyalty to their Clan, while Jayfeather has many different traits
Jayfeather was determined to make up for becoming blind, but that didn't hold him back from trying his best. He always walked around normally and casually though he made a huge injury L.

He is a great medicine cat. He has a sharp tongue and stubborn personality which made him even better!

Also, him and half moon are a very respectful couple. And I love when he goes crazy and overprotective about that stick.
[Newest]Is it just a fact that of your a medicine cat your screwed

Silverstream was so pretty and was really brave. She broke the warrior code, loved a cat from a different Clan, and accepted her own death without protest! And then she couldn't even raise her own kittens when she died! Her adamance to stay with Graystripe was really admirable, too.
really nice and its sad when she dies :(
[Newest]Am I the only one who hates Silverstream? She was stupid and immature about her relationship with Graystripe, and was extremely spoiled as well, since she believes that she could do anything just because she's Crookedstar's daughter.

Graystripe, you can do better.

I liked Millie, though.

Hollyleaf is by far the BEST WARRIOR CAT!

1. She contributed so much to here clan, And all the clans. She saved the kits from the fox, she gave the clan fresh herbs, she fought in the battle against the dark forest, and always tried to follow the warrior code.

2. She helped the world around her when she saved that fox pup.

She forgived, herself, and others and accepted herself.

But that is only some of the acts of Hollyleaf. I suggest you read Hollyleaf's story to find out more about this magnificent cat.

And now a few words dedicated to Hollyleaf.

Hush. Your life was a battle field within yourself. And you fought bravely inside and out. Now rest yourself, Your body, Your Heart, and Your Spirit. I only wish you an eternity of happiness, serenity, and happy hunting. May StarClan light your path.
Hollyleaf is the best cat, because (1) her character teaches that insanity is not the best. (2) she dies a very loyal death. (3) she is simply awesome.

So she reveals the truth that she and her siblings were in fact living a lie. Sure it may not have been the best choice, but if she didn't, nobody would realize that lies could never be buried forever (as Yellowfang said on page 4 in Sunrise). Hollyleaf also was a very VERY loyal cat to her clan. She was purely dedicated to her clan. Now to me, the only reason why Hollyleaf was slightly insane in Sunrise was because she was just shocked that she and her siblings were living a lie. It just shook her sanity temporarily in comparison of the whole series (including of all arcs).

How she died was incredible. She died defending Ivypool from Hawkfrost. As simple as that sounds, it shows loyalty if you were to read the final book, The Last Hope. If Hollyleaf wasn't there to die for Ivypool, she would've most likely die. Now when she was carried back to her mother, Leafpool, she told her she didn't wanted to leave the clan without knowing her mother.

Sure, she killed Ashfur, but that was because she couldn't understand why she and her siblings were living a lie. Now imagine, if Ashfur was never killed. He could've reached the next stage of insanity where you would kill everyone. He could've possibly killed Lionblaze.

She was dedicated to the warrior code. Now the clan needed more cats like that.

I have something for Hollyleaf.

Hush now, you have fought well for your clan. May you have rest for the rest of your Starclan days, you have done what you've done and the clan honors you. May eternal happiness come as you no longer need pain. May you have a Spirit that the clan senses and remembers. May your story be passed down to many generations to come. May you help those who needed you. May your dedication be most appreciated for others.

You know that she is one of the few cats that had at least tried to follow the warrior code her whole entire life? She is one of the few cats that I really respect in a deep level. Everybody else? Firestar broke the warrior code. Graystripe broke it. So did Bluestar. And Leafpool. And Bramblestar. And a lot more. Okay, so she DID killed Ashfur, but it was either him or Squirrelflight's kins. If Ashfur has his way he might've killed Squirrelflight's family only because of Squirrelflight. I mean he did send FIRESTAR to the trap. Someone trying to kill the leader is insane, period.
[Newest]She is a warrior code freak. but I love her.
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SO SAD WHEN SHE DIES! she is the best ever! I wanted her to be with them when they moved she was one of the original cats that went
Dies when she rescued her friends and the Tribe of Endless Hunting from Sharptooth.
I love Feathertail because I made up that name before I read the book, and she's pretty.
[Newest]It's so sad when she dies you shouldn't of died

Go Ivypool, the best cat in the warriors series (though Bramblestar's a close second)! She is very awesome, and so brave. Everyone says that she is more jealous than she should be, but think about it, if your sibling or best friend started getting special treatment, you'd be jealous too, also she kind of made up for joining the Dark Forest by spying there. I really think she is also an intriguing character. #Ivypool=Awesome
Just the right combination! She's the most beautiful sassy funny cat in all of the series! She's amazing! Why isn't she number 1? Oh yeah, because mean Dovewing steal everything from her! Seriously Dovewing! Why is she so perfect! Oh and by the way, I'm a proud supporter of Ivy x Hawk!


Many people hate Ivypool because of her jealously. But Ivypool was tricked into thinking everyone liked her sister better. She was courageous to go to the Dark Forest despite Mapleshade's attempts to kill her. Ivypool, I will always remember what you did for ThunderClan.

[Newest]I. Cannot. Even. Begin. To. Tell. You. Why. She. Is. So. Amazing.

Killed his own brother so his leader could live he's the best he should be in 1st place for that also he forgave squirrelflight for what she did your great the best warrior cat ever
Bramblestar is a really brave warrior and saved his leader when 2 of the most evil cats in history were telling him to kill him. Bramblestar got chosen by StarClan to be I'm the great journey and I think he deserves to be leader. Go Bramblestar!
Even though his father was tiger star he was still loyal to his clan he rocks:-)
[Newest]I love him though he is too protective over squirrel flight

"The bravest of them all" "His corage and wisdom would of made him the best leader" "This cat taught me many things such as Loyalty and corage, he was the best of all, yea maybe Firestar was meant to be, but the bravest warriors taught him what he knows today"


Even though I have not even read the whole serries well I only read two books and I now all the cats and clans but lionheart stood out most of all. I hope the author will make more characters and more books I also have a name for a warrior cat you might like its name is Shadowclaw
Dies, was the best deputy and should have been in more books.
[Newest]I liked him, but he died too quickly

When I read his story, I just cried. From being a happy regular kit with his mother, then becoming rejected. Oakheart just showed so much support. His story is just sad, especially dealing with rejection from his mother and becoming a warrior late: that's all what he really wanted. He deserved it, with his loyalty and courage. Firestar looked up to him. RIP Crookedstar.
Stor-*clears throat* *winces* Croo *winces* ked *winces* star is so brave. Rainflower must burn in the dark forest for naming him that. I hate rainpoo with a burning passion. If it weren't for her, STORMstar would be happier. I remember from his book when he didn't care if his name was changed and he just wanted raincrap to love him. Raindung is such a shallow foxheart. And I also hate mapleshade! She killed me and two of my kits, and put Stormstar through so much pai and sorrow. He is so brave. I will always love you, Stormstar.
[Newest]Crookedstar is awesome. He became an awesome leader without Mapleshade.

I love Tallstar cause he's so cool and he won't let anyone think Windclan is weak. He's not afraid of anything! R.I.P. tallstar!
Worked till his heart shut down for his clan.he was the longest living leader!


He is noble and was a great leader. He was proud of WindClan. I hope he will not fade in StarClan for a long time.
[Newest]I love Tallstar! He is awesome!

Ravenpaw is awesome damn you tigerclaaw ravenpaw would have become a warrior if it wasn't for him he could have been called ravenwing I liked him better as a apprentice also I like the way ravenpaw turned from a coward to a hero (to mistyfoot stormpaw and featherpaw)
He was is an awesome cat. He may have been all nervous but he had many reasons to be. Tigerclaw shouldn't have been so mean to him. I kind of wish he got a warrior name but I'm glad he's happy on the farm with Barley. He's my favorite cat. It's sad he's out of the current storyline.
Ravenpaw is great! After Tigerclaw died he should have went back to ThunderClan but other then that he AWESOME! I wish he could have gotten his warrior name. But I was worried for nothing. He has his own manga I was worried that he would no longer be in the books but he is! I'm very happy for that.
[Newest]Ravenpaw rocks he is so sweet and kind he was scared but he was such a good cat and no one really believed him about tiger star give him some slack

Just a really strong willed cat... Learned to control his power and use it for good instead of evil and even though he had a power he didn't just use it for himself.
How is he only 25? He has a {SPOILER} super cool power. He can fight in battle without getting hurt or killed! I wish I could do that. C:
Why is Lionblaze number 21?!? He should be number 7 or in the top 10 somewhere, jeez.
[Newest]Why is he not in the top ten? He is one of the three!

Brightheart is great because even when she was attacked by the dogs, she still became a warrior, and a pretty good one at that. I was so mad at Bluestar when she was named Lostface! I like Brightheart be cause she has a story, a history. She even had kits, and is one of the very few warriors that is not perfect in terms of health, I think the only other is crookedstar. But crookedstar only had a crooked jaw, brightheart lost half her face! Her name describes her well, and she was even in the battle with bloodclan. Go Brightheart!
I felt really sad when she got beaten up by the pack! pack! kill! kill! weirdo dogs
Brightheart is always brave its sad that she got beaten up by the mean dogs
She was also still alive after she got beaten up! Yay she is BRAVE sh didn't even whine. She was so kind hearted, brave, curious too!
[Newest]Brightheart is a very bold, determined, smart, and loving cat! She had managed to bear through the pain both physically and mentally, she is also a very good fighter&hunter, I don't believe that a lot of cats can manage to live their life even after getting half of her face torn off... Brightheart definitely deserves to be highly ranked.

Oakheart was a very loyal warrior and deputy. In "Into the Wild, " Graypaw comments about how Oakheart had never been beaten in battle and was one of the greatest warriors in the forest! Oakheart loved Bluestar with everything he had, and he continued loving her, even coming to take her to StarClan with him when she died. When he was younger, his brother Crookedstar asked him to be leader, but even though that was his goal, he TURNED IT DOWN because he didn't think he was quite ready! He is so sweet to Bluestar, and he is so funny, fun, and loves to tease. *I WOULD LOVE HIM FOR MY MATE*


I always imagine Oakheart as the most noble and brave warrior cat ever!
He should be in second! Ivypool in first. :}


Oh, gosh! I love Stonefur, gotta be one of my favourite cats in the books. So brave, I wish he didn't due like that. I actually think he would have made a much better leader then Mistyfoot.
Stonefur is awesome! He was brave when he first journeyed to RiverClan and he was brave when Fireheart told him Bluestar was him and Mistyfoot's children! He died a brave death, being struck down by Blackfoot. Also, he always protected his sister, that's what a good brother is.
He would have been a great leader

"Loyal and wise the new deputy of riverclan she always stayed loyal"


I love Mistyfoot she is absolutely one of my favorite characters (Brackenfur, Sorreltail, Willowpelt, Firestar, and more) she was so brave, and loyal to Riverclan I am so glad she became the leader, I love her so much, she was a great fighter and loyal friend, she never ceased to be trustworthy and strong, her mate was Blackclaw I think otherwise why would Reedwhisker (another one of my favorites) be black her mother was Bluestar and her brother was stonrfur, I love him also. She knew how to control her temper, she's just like whitetsorm or Lionheart, or Willowpelt a true warrior, before the battle with BloodCLAN when she was trapped and almost killed in tigerclan she stayed in ThunderClan personally I wish she hadn't returned to RiverClan but that was where she belonged, she was a great mother to her kits, (Primrosekit, Perchkit, Pikekit, Reedwhisker, Dawnflower, I think that's her kits)she was a great mentor to feathertail (love her! ) ad even though Bluestar lied about her parentry she was the first to forgive, she was loyal to both clans and not to mention graypool, sometimes she was a fearful queen and others she was an epic, amazing, loyal, trustworty, strong, lean, agile, great and beautiful warrior the spitting image of Bluestar
She becomes a great leader just like her mother bluestar


he's smart and strong and a great warrior
This cat is the coolest cat ever, and he had to suffer when his sister died right in front of him. Only bad thing is he chose brook over the clan. And he should of been with squirrel flight.
He's just as brave and loayla as any cat and is so like his father. Because of that is their really need of any other reason
[Newest]HE IS THE BEST! Because of his awesome skill fighting the hawk! In Moonrise! BEST BEST BEST!

Dovewing is the BEST WARRIOR EVER! Her power is so cool! She saved many cats in Thunderclan many times like when she heard the tree fall. It is also cool how she can hear what is going on in the Dark Forest, too. Plus she is really good at hunting (excluding her assessment). She and Bumblestripe would be so cute together! She didn't want to be part of the Three at first but then she uses her power for the good of the clan. Vote for Dovewing!
She's so cute and brave! Her power is so cool and I think she and Bumblestripe should be mates. And are her eyes green, blue, or gold?
She is so nice and she is one of my favorite characters. (Plus Lionblaze and Bluestar and Cinderpelt) :) She's is the best warrior ever! (even if she's not too good at hunting)
[Newest]Dove wing is so beautiful. She is also really awesome even after she list her powers.

I am mad that Longtail died. I don't think Erin Hunter should have made Longtail die. He was sweet and I feel bad for him! Go Longtail!
Cranky at first but wized up later
LONGTAIL WILL ALWAYS BE MY favorite! He should be number one on this list. He was sorta mean in the begining, but it is Tigerclaw/star, and Darkstripe's fault. I like Darkstripe, but not Tigerclaw/star. Longtail will always be my favorite. He was SO SWEET later.R.I. P Longtail.P.S. longtail is mine!

Hollyleaf is CAT NIPPING awesome! Shes cool, AND! She is NOT and I say NOT the only one who killed ashfur. Ashfur was going to tell the whole clan the scerct that squrillflight was not there mother. Lionblaze also helped kill ashfur! So shut up all you ashfur fangirls! I don't know why everycat says this evil! Like what?! I am just like... Pices of fox dung fangirls of ashfur... Hollyleaf is loyal, brave, kind, loving, and all the cool cats in thunder clan should love her! And in all the other clans to! Shes a good role model. And ps hollyleaf does not die until the last hope. Okay?! I love her, and we should all.

Love, Windflight of snowclan.
She is a great and loyal cat. I know that she killed Ashfur and I agree that wasn't the best choice. But she returned to her clan and she began loyalty again.
She is so amazing she's just like me! If I could be an cat it would definitely be her. Even though she killed ashfur I still love her.
[Newest]Awesome and badass except the fact that she made a mistake.. But who cares? EVERYONE can make mistakes

Snowfur was my favorite she-cat even though she died and took care of Mosskit when she died, she always been a loving caring sister for Bluestar. Oh man I still can't believe that Snowfur died D;
Snowfur is the best she was my favorite. I do not know what she saw in thistleclaw but still you have to love her. I was in tears when she died. :'(
Is snowfur related to bluestar?

Cinderheart is awesome! Because she was born because to give cinderpelt another life! I like cinder pelt more but it is nice to have another cinderpelt! I miss her so much!
I think it's cool that her kits have powers.

Ashfur is amazing, why do people hate him? I'm sure you've done something bad out of rage and sadness kept in. Ashfur was a great apprentice and would have became leader of Thunderclan if Squirrelflight didn't play him like a game. In a perfect world, Ashfur would have mated with Whitewing, had kits, became leader, and never care abut Squirrelflight and ignore her in the first place.
Ashfur suffered more than Squirrelflight! She hardly suffered anything at all! All she suffered was her saying yes to Bramble and dealing with Ashfur being mad at her. His mothers dead, fathers dead, his love doesn't like him. Poor Ashfur.
I personally LOVE Ashfur, and he's better than Squirrelflight.


[Newest]First of all I don't care if he tried to kill holly leaf, lion blaze, and Jayfeather. I mean squirrelflight broke his heart. But the secret thing is him and sandstorm are half cousins.

Cloudtail was always one of my favorite cats. When he was a kit, he had so much trouble with getting accepted. Though, he was determined. Even though as an apprentice he kept constantly visiting Princess and taking food from two legs. Though I believe this is stress and unsureness about being accepted.

Cloudtail always reassured Brightheart after her incident with the dog pack. Even though Brightheart had doubt about her beauty, Cloudtail reassured her by saying she was beautiful. I thought Cloud was very loyal even though he didn't make the best choices. And he is caring for Brightheart, his mate
I love Cloudtail he's just like me. He should be number 2 under firestar. He should be leader after firestar.
He wasn't clan born but is a brave fighter and loves brightheart
[Newest]Cloudtail was a brave warrior.

Okay! I am so sad that Swiftpaw is at 29! Really this is not okay he saved Brightheart and Had a very painful death that's how sweet and caring he is!

Even Brightheart understands how hard he fought This is the last thing she said about him "I don't know when the end came for Swiftpaw. I only remember him fighting like all of LionClan. That's how I will always remember him. " And brightheart is sweet too and I feel bad for both these cats...
He was a hidden hero. His bravery will be honoured. He would of made a mighty warrior. You rock Swiftpaw!
Swiftpaw had the most honorable death like ever, saving his sister from a pack of dogs, and he was so great, he was the fastest in the clan.
[Newest]Swiftpaw should have lived because he should have became a warrior, he should have had Brightheart as a mate. HE NEEDED TO LIVE

One of the most loyal warriors in the Clan, has a mate and could have been a great leader, and he was never ambitious,
Father of Fernclouds kits. But very brave and strong that will kill for clan and Ferncloud!

When Ferncloud died, I was like, "Oh, poor Dustpelt! " I love him. He's one of my favorite cats... but I have a lot of those.

Tawnypelt is AWESOME! She had the courage to go to a WHOLE NEW CLAN, and then she would easily give up her life for Shadowclan.
Think of how life must have been for Tawneypelt... She was ridiculed and teased in Thunderclan, and she traveled to the only clan where she could be respected. Then her father died, and the Shadowclan cats turned on her too! She had no kin, and her brother lived across the border. She has lived her life couragesly, and she is THE BEST! Please vote for the cat who seeks peace in a dark place.
I really like Tawnypelt, she is so loyal to my favorite Clan, ShadowClan and is my favorite character's daughter (Tigerstar not Goldenflower. ) She loves her kits and Bramblestar, Rowanclaw too.

I remember a time when SorrelKIT was poisened by deathberries! Brackenfur blamed himself and said "If Sorrelkit dies, I'll never be able to forgive myself! " And boy, he was right! If he took a trip in the distant future, he would have seen just how much meant what he said! LOL!


She was a great warrior, and queen
She is devoting to Brackenfur and loving to her clan. she should always be remembered.
She was a relatable character that was always there for the main characters like Leafpool. She was interesting to read about because she wasn't a goody two shoes.
[Newest]Sorreltail is so awesome! I don't know why but I love her!


Scrouge was an awesome cat I don't care if he was bad or good he was underestimated by a lot of cats including his siblings, but he proved them wrong. I was also epic when he killed tigerstar so easily. I think I speak for everyone when I say that scrouge put an twist in the last book, I wish blood clan where the main antagonist in the new series
She have a sad story, if I was here when they brothers do bullying with she, I will make shes brothers to be more cool and show the forest to they! But they do bullying, you now its BULLYING! ITS BAD! I don't LIKE TO SEE SAD PEOPLE! LET ME EAT SOCK AND RUBY MAN! I GIVE THEY HEARTS TO YOU SCOURGE!
I love Scourge. I don't believe it's entirely his fault he's how he is, well, was. *sniffle* It's mainly Ruby and Sock's fault he went evil. I love him! He's just so epic and awesome and deadly!
[Newest]A really strong cat! And I love strong cats!
More comments about Scourge

Nobody can forget about our little courageous, funny frostfur. It is really sad when she dies...
She is cool and pretty and she would die for her mentor blue star. She should be 5 on the list, not number 73! I love her and wish she could be right here with me!
She was so funny and a loyal cat. She was a great apprentice. She should be higher on the lest

I vote for her because she is such a strong and sweet warrior. Even when she wouldn't be able to become a real warrior like every other cat does she always looks on the bright side. She deserves to be top 10.
Briarlight was amazing. Discouraged after her back legs stopped working, she still tried to help the clan as much as she could. She helped in the medicine cat den and helped injured cats like when Icecloud fell into one of the tunnels and injured her shoulder. She would have made a great warrior
She is an amazing cat! She had to go through a lot even though at first she was unhappy about herself she found the courage to become strong again
[Newest]Briarlight is a amazing cat she should have not got injured

He was always so happy and laid back. Plus he was so brave when he told Sorreltail that Sootfur was dead. Why did he have to die! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER RAINWHISKER!
I feel bad that a tree fell on him.

The best leader of all time, she KNOWS what she wants and won't give in without a fight. The best-looking cat in the warriors series and my personal favorite. Long Live The Queen Of The Forest! All hail Leopardstar!
She has diabetes and so do I we also have the same personality go leopardstar people don't hate
Someone agrees with me! Love Leopardstar and Bluestar forever!

Yes I loved Ferncloud too she was my FAVORITE! She is so sweet and it was so sad when she died! Dustpelt and her were really cute mates, too!
YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME CAT EVER! Even though she is short-tempered (Like Mousefur) she is still the most awesome nursery queen EVER! Without her, Birchfall would have never been born. And Dovewing and Ivypool. I REALLY wish she didn't die. Ferncloud was my first favorite cat when I first read warriors. Girl, you ROCK! :-) :-):-)
Lots of kits all of them were amazing

My favorite warrior cat! Because even if he had a terrible destiny, he always believe in the right and, he saved the clans in reunified the medicine cats...
Flametail is a rocking cat! Even though he drowned he is awesome.
He is amazing he would have made such a great mentor. He was a great medicine cat go flametail


49Half Moon
I just love Half Moon so much! I know shes not in the books a lot but, she brings the best out of Jayfeather! I wish they could have been together! STUPID ROCK! When Jayfeather named her Teller of the Pointed Stones she was so understanding! And She has loved Jayfeather upon moon after countless moons. She has always loved Jayfeather, always...

On the last page of Sign of the Moon when Jayfeather is leaving the mountains Half Moon calls to him 'I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! "
Half Moon is defiantly one of my favorite cats and strangely most of my favorite cats in the warriors series die I mean COME ON VICTORIA (erin hunter) AT LEAST MAKE SPOTTEDLEAF, HALF MOON, RAVENPAW AND FIRESTAR COME BACK PLEASE! (definitely make Spottedleaf be able to visit Firestar again and the same for Half Moon and Jayfeather)

Firestar's Love for Spottedleaf and vise versa will be forever!
Half Moon's love for Jay's Wing will be forever!
Jayfeathers love first teller of pointed stones she is a strong she cat that has the power of a medicen cat and a leader all in one


She's almost the same cat as Cinderpelt... It's weird!
You rock cinderpaw you make me think of my self

I really get annoyed when people say they hate Crowfeather. No one thinks about all that he's lost! He loved Feathertail. She died to save his life. He loved Leafpool. She had to leave him for the good of her Clan. Now he's got NIGHTCLOUD? I don't blame him for being grumpy!
Crowpaw is AWESOME! Poor thing, falling in love with Leafpool, Feathertail and being forced to be Nightcloud's mate. He may have been a big grouch but he was soft at heart.
People don't like him because he had too many mates but lets see the first one died, he had to leave the second, and now he's stuck with Nightcloud. Poor thing. :(

He was very loyal and Firestar considered making him deputy. Whenever Firestar needs something, he is his "go-to" man. (Like stalking Darkstripe in "A Dangerous Path"! )


Seriously! Brackenfur! 42nd on the list! You have to be kidding! He is so brave and so loyal! He is about 3rd on my list! (first Squirelflight and then Brambleclaw)
WHY is brackenfur nuber 43? He should be at least in the top ten. He is kind and loyal to all his clanmates, and makes wise decisions to help Firestar. He also mentored really good cats like Tawnypelt, Whitewing, and Hollyleaf.
[Newest]I love Brackenfur, if I was in warrior, oh he would be MY MATE! I love him, he is gentle and loyal and kind. Who could not like him?!


Blackstat's life was a need for loyalty in my opinion. He wanted to be loyal to Brokenstar because he was his leader. He followed everything he told him to do because of LOYALTY. Then he found out how he truly became leader and Brokenstar left him and the other exiles.

This, of course, made Blackstar upset. He wanted someone to follow. So Blackstar went off and followed Tigerstar instead. He took his loyalty so far as to KILL Stonefur. Then his loyalty was broken after BloodClan was brought into the forest. That is why when he became leader he didn't trust the other Clans.

Now he was loyal to HIS Clan above anything else. He didn't trust the others because he was afraid that if he did something bad would happen.

This also explains why Blackstar did not want to travel with the others when the forest was being destroyed. Trust issues.

Then Sol came. Blackstar wanted to trust this wise loner, but again his loyalty was broken after he realized that Sol was trying to corrupt him. Even more bitter and untrusting now, Blackstar didn't like trusting the other Clans. He believed that ShadowClan could be proud, loyal and independent. Occasionally he would give in to the other leaders, but he always had his own opinions on things.

Then he grew older and he saw that he should be loyal and independent, but he needed to trust the other Clans. During the Great Battle he didn't just fight for ShadowClan. He fought for all the Clans becuase that is we're is loyalties lay.

After the battle was over Blackstar still wanted to trust the other Clans. He was growing older and felt sorry for all the times he had been snappish and unwelcoming to them. But they turned him down and Blackstar was crestfallen.

Blackstar later died from sickness, leaving his loyalty and Independence with Rowanstar. Who had not seen his leader's need for loyalty.
Blackstar had a rough go at things and he strives for the best of his clan I think he is misunderstood and thought of as a bad guy hut really even though he has a lot of pride he puts his clan above all! The only bad part was he killed stonefur :(
I love him. I don't know why. I just do.


I think Rowanclaw is very misunderstood. Rowanclaw is a great father, mate, and deputy. He is a much better choice as deputy than Russetfur. Russetfur is cool but Rowanclaw is AWESOME! Congrats to Blackstar for coming to his senses and choosing the one and only Rowanclaw as his deputy. I can go on and on and on about how great a father Rowanclaw is to Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. He always encouraged them and made sure that they were the best that they could be. Last of all, he was a great mate to Tawnypelt. He supported and protected her no matter what.
Don't you think it's odd that he and Russetfur both have R in their names and wereare deputies.
Blackstar sure likes cats with R in their first part of their names to be deputy

Go Sunstrike! She needs to have a bigger role in the books, not just be a evil cat in the Dark Forest. At least give her a good role in the next book.

She is such a pretty cat and in Crookedstar's promise you can see how much she cared about crookedstar as a medicine cat and a "mother" I just love her!
Is a great medicine cat you rock brambleberry

I LOVE BADGERPAW! I hate Brokenstar for letting him go into battle. Why could for one second Brokenstar could think. This is a kit not even an apprentice, he can't go into battel. Brokenstar take you selfish needs somewhere else.R.I.P. badgerpaw, you will always be loved in my heart and If you want to be called Baderfang after your mentor so be it, you deserve it.
Badger badger badger badger
I love him. So eager to be a warrior, and yet too young to understand the wrongdoings Brokenstar was doing to ShadowClan. And his death. Just. His. Death. He wanted to impress his mentor, even as he died. And him asking to be named Badgerfang in honor of his mentor Flintfang... Badgerfang will forever hold a place in my heart. (I also sort of ship him and Mosskit. Don't hurt me for shipping. )

61One Eye

Thornclaw is the best! Brave, strong, proud, and when he want to be, sweet. Never heard of a cat so awesome! Thornclaw should be number one!
He is awesome and I loved him the second I heard his name
He was such a brave cat. Also he was so loyal he would have made a great deputy then leader

I feel bad that he died of greenchough AFTER Leafpool got a message from Starclan!

Have any one learn about Smallear, Smallear don'ts have a back story.

Hawkfrost is the best cat in Warriors. I love that he is evil. He is nothing like Tigerstar and that's good. Hawkfrost should be number one in this list. He is dark hummer-ed, handsome, and will always trick any cat that gets in his way rather than killing them (Like tigerstar does). Brambleclaw is my least favorite cat for killing Hawkfrost. Also I hate starclan for making that stupid prosify: before all is peaceful, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. I LOVE HAWKFROST!
He's a strong warrior cat that was evil, but I still hold deep respect for him. I truly believe that when he would have become a leader, the blood shed would have stopped, he wouldn't allow it.
I know people will be against this comment, but just so you know, its my opinion.
Even though Hawkfrost is super evil and ambitious I still like him. There was something about him that... That I couldn't quite put my finger on. But thought that the way he fought was great. He fought for his clan and what he thought was right. I LOVE HAWKFROST! If I was a cat he would SO be my MATE
[Newest]I literally LOVE Hawkfrost! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Foxleap is the coolest warrior in the world. He is funny and has the coolest sounding name of all the cats. He is the best.
So awesome! The name is so cool and she is just awesome! Foxleap sounds so cute and I would love to be her and know her and... Yeah you get the point!
Love HIM you called him a her any ways I love him too

Skywatcher rocks! To think that cherry @ Boris called him moony!

He was a great he should have lived why him in the badger attack
I think that it was sad how he died in the bager attack. He was a good warrior.

Remember her? She's spirited, and should be deputy instead of sharpclaw.

I know right? Apparently its either because of her attitude or that she is with Crowfeather not Feathertail or Leafpool. Jayfeather and Yellowfang have attitude, but no-one hates them. Plus these problems occur in FireXSpotted fans about Sandstorm.
Everyone looks down on her but she has a perfectly good reason to be a little weird!
She was a good cat or was not her fault that Crowfeather used her or that her son turned evil. She was a loyal cat

As one of firestar's best friends his whole life he should at least get more lines in the books. He is an amazing cat that would be one of the top ten if he had gotten more parts in the book. please vote for him
He was such a happy friendly cat. Always a good sprit he had
Smudge has always been one of my fave chares! ;3

Midnight is an awesome badger! I think she loved the clans, because they were her friends even though she was a badger
I think she was nice because she did a lot for the clans.
Best badger ever she helped the clans so much

Kind and loving, a great mother to Bluestar and Snowfur. She was really nice, too. If only she had lived on. She would've been Great! I mean, seriously. Moonflower in Into the Wild!
I am so sad she had to die! After all, she was the only one that really cared about Bluestar (besides Snowfur. )
She died of an unfair reason! Warriors aren't supposed to kill without purpose!
[Newest]Love her so much! It was very nice of her to help the clans like she did.

74Grey Wing
Gray Wing needs to be higher on the list.

She is a mean cat she lost her kits, and her mate and she about killed Sandstorm, and SHE KILLED SPOTTEDLEAF, THAT IS A MEAN CAT
Mapleshade is good deep down, I just know it. She lost so much and needs a hug.
Mapleshade is such a great charater, her personality, her appearance, her history and that she is one of the only female villans! It's does show girls can be villans and how much revenge can come over a cat

Also dies and one of Bluestar's friends'.
I love her, she was so sweet and she loved cloudkit/tail when she wasn't his mother. I hate you Tigerstar for sending the dogs to kill her.
Her death was too sad and she was so sweet. I wish she could of seen her children become warriors ;[

He never should have killed whitestorm. Firestar.
He was amazing with scourge

Sunstar is definitely an undercredited character. He was a great leader to thunderclan. The other clans feared him during his leadership, and thunderclan was strong and thriving during that time. It is most likely we won't hear much of him more since his leadership was pretty much summed up in Bluestar's prophecy. Too bad.
Sunstar is so good with words. He was a amazing leader, cat, and friend. He should have not only got eight lives because of pinestar mistake.

Aw! Come on people! Tigerheart isn't all that bad! He knows what true friendship is! Even though he crossed the ThunderClan border he still kinda hot. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE AGAINST HIM! Just because his name was inspired by Tigerstar doesn't mean he is actually bad! He's not crap! -Rowanberry
He's so brave, and is a great friend, if I was a cat, I would totally be his mate!
He is a great cat and he is a perfect mate for dove wing

Leafstar is a great, bighearted cat, who has a hard job, of getting cats who know nothing of the warrior code, to join her clan. I think she is like me, strong, brave and loyal, and she is my favorite cat. She has made good choices, and Billystorm is a good cat for her. She spent her first life, fighting to save the OTHER sides kits (or Dodge's side). She is a great cat.
But you gotta say... She is pretty bad at making warrior cat names


Leafstar is awesome! She is loyal and hardworking, she'd do anything for SkyClan! She is a great leader, especially as she's the first leader for modern SkyClan. She led her Clan through horrid times, and she has an open mind.
She was ment to be the leader of skyclan. Leafstar is a loyal, brave cat with a humungus heart. When firestar and sandstorm came to the gorge they helped skyclan rebuild so now when the clan was together the medicene cat saw leafs dappling on the ground and that ment one thing... Leafstar had to be leader of the clan. (Leafstars warrior name was really Leafdapple). And moons after that she fell in love with... Billystorm! He is one of the daylight warriors in the book skyclans desteny a really good book.

She was a cranky elder but she was awesome and amazing in her younger days
I thought her cranky personality was funny and reminded me of my grandpa, who I love dearly. I also though she was a bit to old to have survived that long, but I am glad she went out with a bang. I was so sad when she died, I actualy cried. I had to put the book down and have a serios cry. D, : Rip, Mousey, love you.
She might be cranky but I just love her! She always some how makes me smile...

So handsome and brave and awesome! I hate how one of my favorite cats had to die! Screw you Tigerstar!
What the StarClan was Tigerstar thinking when he killed Runningwind? That is why I like Darkstripe Clawface and Brokenstar but not Tigerclaw/star!
So grateful when he dies!
Runningwind was an amazing and loyal cat who didn't deserve to die so quickly in the series. He should of died a proper life for Thunderclan, not by Tigerstar...

Woah, woah, woah. Why did no one put Spiderleg on this list?! He's so funny, awesome, playful, and brave! He should definitely be in the Top 10 list, or at least in the 20's.
Spiderleg is funny and a loyal amazing cat. I loved what he said to Firestar that made Dovewing a warrior. He truly spoke from the heart which is hard to do
Spiderleg is so awesome! I love his name so much! Spiderleg also have some awesome kits! I absolutely love Rosepetal

Honey was my fave cat and I can't believe erin killed her off with a snake protecting a ct that later can't walk and that was plain stupid and she was so cute and sweet and one last thing well one I am a drama queen and two WHY ERIN HUNTER WHY!?!?
Her death was the saddest ever *cry*
HoneyxBerry 4evaa
Honeyfern was such a loyal smart wise and a loving cat. I wished she lived longer. She was a little to in love with Berrynose. Honeyfern was a great litter mate
[Newest]I wish her death would have been more epic I mean come on.


Littlecloud is awesome! He is so nice and I felt so bad for him when he found out that Cinderpelt was dead. Why did Flametail have to die! Littlecloud worked so hard to make him a good medicine cat. Him, Tawnypelt and Tallpoppy are by far my favorite ShadowClan cats.
He is a great medicine cat. I am so glad he got sick as an apprentice because he would never have had been Cinderpelts friend or a medicine cat. He was a great mentor

Shrewpaw is one of my favorite cats. There's just something about him that I really like. I find that he is very underestimated. I know that I would have liked him even more if he had lived into his warrior years, instead of dying as an apprentice. I hope other people feel the same way.


Shrewpaw was Squirrelflight's best friend as an apprentice. Too bad he died! I miss him! Maybe they would have mated up if he didn't die! But Squirrelflight got Brambleclaw...

Barley helps fire paw by let his friend raven paw live there. If raven paw stayed he would of died! So barley saved raven paw!

Why the heck's Sol last!? I think that he, too, was misunderstood. I like that he's creepy, if you don't, then that's your problem. I think that, his kit hood, was very sad, and he misunderstood Leafstar. I hate, though, that h doesn't believe in star clan. Sol is a great cat, no matter what you say. Poor, Sol-shmukins! If only people knew what he's been through. Also, he's adorable, and I also LOVE Greystripe, and Ravnpaw! It was. Tough draw!
He was charming and manipulating. I'm surprised how he could ask questions like " DO you still believe they hold all the answers, Hollyleaf? " at times when Hollyleaf had doubts, and obviously Sol had no clue. He was so smart, that he could tell a cat's troubles just by watching their behavior.
Sol is AWESOME! He is so wise and smart, not to mention his inborn ability to manipulate other cats!

Smokepaw should never have died on the Great Journey. He lived a short and scary life. First, when the ShadowClan camp was getting torn up by monsters poor Blackstar had to FORCE Smokepaw to get out of the camp because Smokepaw was paralized with fear. I was so nervous for him then and when he fell off the cliff on the Great Journey and the other cats never retrieved his body I was really really really sad. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS SMOKEPAW!
Also Smokepaw's mother tried to get to him, Russetfur tried to save him but it was too late. she was also heavy so it was hard to get to him

It's SO sad when she died. It broke Crookedjaw's heart. It's just so sad.
Wow. No ones put her down yet? She is so beautiful, with long legs and gray pelt. She was Crookedstar's mate and best friend. She is so sweet. She gave birth to Silverstream! But then evil greencough came in and made her sneeze and cough... And die. I love her so much she is so, so great!
Ahem! I'm really sorry, but can you please call him Stormstar? We both like it much better. Also, please don't say I'm shallow for voting for myself, because I've voted for Stormy like 3 times. And I like myself. ^_^

Ps: Yes, I am the person who called themself Willowbreeze on Stormstar's vote-y thing. Well duh, I call myself Willowbreeze, 'cause that's my name!
Bye guys! Stormy and I love you!

He should be number 1 he just wanted bluestar to be happy he loved her so much when she did not love him he should be with bluestar I LOVE YOU THRUSHPELT
I like thrushpelt he was a great warrior but not arrogant and he loved bluestar so much and just wanted her to be happy even though she refused him and agreed to pretend to be her mate I like badgerpaw too but Thrushpelt is the most loyal loving cat and definitely my favorite cat
Thrushpelt was in love with Bluestar but he wasn't upset when she refused him. He was loyal to Bluestar to pretend to be the kits' father. He was an awesome friend and he kept his word until the end. Awesome cat.
[Newest]He was in the same situation as Ashfur but handled it way better.

He was in the dark forest wasn't he?

She is definitely my favourite character. She is nice and it is sad when ThunderClan leaves the forest, so she is no longer a character.
I love Princess she's the brother of Firestar and I love cloudtail he is the BEST but I like princess better since she had made firestar comfrtable as a kittypet and like I said cloudtail, one of the greatest cats I know of so yeah CHOOSE PRINCESS OH YEAH!

Brook is one awesome tribe cat! Love her! Shes not afraid to be who she is. Shes loyal and sticks up for whats right. She would do anything for her mate stormfur. Brook Where Small Fish Swim is one brave kitty. Go Brookie!
I just love her name. I weish she was in the firs serice then I would love her more. I wounder if her and stormfur have kits if they did I bet they named one featherkit.

Greypool is my FAVE warrior cat, she was wise, brave and kind and she looked after Stonefur and Mistyfoot (THE WARRIOR CATS BOOKS WOULD BE DIFFERENT WITHOUT HER) and she told Fireheart the truth even though he was from THUNDERCLAN and I HATE Tigerstar for killing her and startling her! I will mourn her deeply and I will NEVER forget her!
Greypool was an amazing without her Mistyfoot and Stonefur would have had no foster mother and even when she got grumpy and old she told Fireheart a long lost secret!

She was a strong cat and died baring Leopardstar. She deserves to be remembered. Mudfur was her mate.
Brightsky was so sweet. I wished she had lived to at least have been in book one. She would have been a great mother to Leopardstar. No offense to Mudfur lovers but I think Mudfur spoiled Leopardstar.

Jingo is awesome! She is so brave because she led the poor kittypets that Sol ditched. I think Brambleclaw like liked her. YOU ARE AWESOME JINGO!

As an apprentice, Loudbelly was strong and courageous and dedicated his life to RiverClan. When he was an elder I thought him, Shadepelt, Frostfur, and Speckletail were so brave when they said that they were going to stay behind and bury Mudfur while the other Clan cats set off on the Great Journey. It was so sad. I will never forget you Loudbelly!
Loudbelly is awesome for his name!


Leafstar doesn't deserve to be so low on this list. She had to construct a new Clan, make cats understand the ways of the warrior cats, send out patrols and fight battles, and make tough decisions. To add on all of that, she even had kits, which made her job even harder! She's doing a great job commanding SkyClan.
I am so glad she became leader of skyclan! Shes an awesome Cat and I'm happy she got nine lives for her new clan.
I think she's a great leader. She even had kits!

He was kind of mean at first but then was a new and loyal warrior of skyclan.
He isn't afraid to speak his mind. He should be leader. It's good that he doesn't like the kitty-warriors.
I think he's a noble cat.

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