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He is the best! I love him! Graystripe is better than any other cat! He is great! I feel bad for him though, why did his first love Silverstream have to die? She was so great to him. And then he lost his daughter then he lost his son. That's like his first family gone. That was really sad. Anyway, he should have became leader he was deputy before Brambleclaw. Definitely Graystripe! I love you Graystripe!
Graystripe is a cat of... AMAZINGNESS! He helped Firestar/heart/paw all through his journey to sucsess. When Firepaw fist came into the clan, he was not fully accepted. But Graystripe helped Firepaw be accepted into the clan, and made the clan get used to him. When Bluestar died, Fireheart obviously became Firestar, and with no hesitation, he made Graystripe deputy. Graystripe was, and always will be, the best friend of Firestar. Though all the stages: paw, warrior, and leader, Graystripe was the real backbone that held Firestar up.
Graystripe is amazing! I know that he never stopped loving Silverstream. Even after Millie came! I feel bad for him though. His mate died, then Feathertail, his kit died, then Stormfur, his other kit, lived in the Tribe so Graystripe never got to see him. Plus who knows if Stormfur, s still alive? Erin Hunter does I suppose.
He is so cute! Handsome and I think that his mate, Silverstream dies so unfairly... He is awesome and one of the best warriors because he doesn't really like fame. He is the bravest warrior and isn't scared to break the warrior code if he needs to.
Greystripe is just awesome, such a roll model. He's not perfect, but so lovable, and always smart, fore-thoughtful, and witty. He can find his way out of a tough situation and is always good to the people he loves; nothing will ever separate them. He tries his hardest no matter what happens, and proves himself worthy and loyal.
I love Graystripe. He should have been named deputy instead of Brambleclaw, because he was deputy first, and he will make a much better leader! Go Graystripe! I also love him because he follows with his heart!
Graystripe was so loyal to Firestar after he left on the journey to revive SkyClan. He could've just broke his promise and went to the Moonstone to receive his lives, and probably would receive them since StarClam couldn't see that far. But, he didn't. He waited all those long moons for Firestar to return. He is amazing,
Yeah! Graystripe has always been my favorite! I think he is the best warrior to have ever existed! If I could I would be his mate, even though he has Millie. I can't wait to read the triology about him! I LOVE YOU, GRAYSTRIPE! P.S. I also love Millie, Stormfur, Brook, Silverstream, and Feathertail.
Graystripe is my favorite because he fought for his friends and helped raven paw escape his death. Gray stripe also helped many cats escape from the two legs. Grays tripe is MY favorite Warrior cat
Graystripe is so cool! He has such a sweet and brave character. He's been through so much, first losing silverstream, then taken away by twolegs. I'm happy that now he is with millie and that he is happy. he totally should have been made deputy forever! Go graystripe!
Graystripe is one of the few cats that I really liked. He's one of the only cats in the books that are actually funny. He's hilarious! So what if he fell in love with a cat from another Clan? He came back to ThunderClan! He's smart and kind and caring...
Graystripe is the best cat on earth! I hope he never dies! I wish he existed! I am a big fan of Graystripe! He must be Thunderclan leader! I love him more than anything!
Graystripe is the best because he is an awesome warrior who cares about every cat and he is a great friend to Firestar!
GRAYSTRIPE ROCKS! He's so brave and nice and cute and funny and athletic and AMAZING! He reminds me of the boy that I like!
Graystripe is AWESOME! He is such a good friend to Firestar and is so CUTE! I felt so bad for him when Silverstream died! He's also extremely loyal to his clan.
Graystrip is my favourite character because:

1.I LOVE his sense of humor like in 'Into the Wild' he said he hates catching sqirrels and says he shall sit on one until it gives up or something. That was so funny! (I'm not sure if he said that or not)

2. He would have been a great deputy/leader if it wasn't for, well us!
Graystripe is the cute gray kitten who is adorable
So sad that silverstream had to die... I feel bad for graystripe... Go graystripe go
Graystripe has been through so much and is by far the best warrior cat ever
I love love love graystripe so much he is so awesome I love gray gray
Oh yeah graystripe! He's my favorite!
He was so funny in the first books
He is so nice. Cool, freindly, and full, of style. My total favorite person. The way he trained millie... Most kittypets who had been to the cutter so would never fight. He is caring, always helping. When millie got greencough he made sure to help her.
Yay graystripe! I love him, he fount Millie and silver stream!
Remember graystripe find firestar/heart/paw if graystripe never found firestar the thunderclan can be died I think so he the bast! :D