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How could you idiots not pick him! In pokemon black 2, and in white 2 I beat the elite 4, and champion, and caught the legendary with just a samerott+60, and arcanine+55, someone pulls out a carcosta, I just say ice beam! And the match is over

I like samurott because it can learn ice type moves like ice beam ice fang icicle crash and a water type Pokemon

No non legendary water type can beat him... Its awesome... Am having this pokemon and I love it.. Am glad that I have this pokemon... Its my favourite water type pokemon... I don't have words to say now... Awesome... Its best

Really good because he can learn ice moves and because your rival will always pick Snivy because samurott can learn ice moves so it's super effective plus he's not ugly like emboar and is awesome

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Carracosta is a Tank with Great Defense and attack and with the right Move set he CAN beat Sammurott easily along with high defense and attack. To me if I wanted two tanks in my party I'd have a Gigalith and a Carracosta to take hits on the battlefield and to start off a match well.

Black from Pokemon Adventures has a Carracosta. If he is the best in Unova then Carracosta must be good.

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I went from laughing at swanna and its design, to being UTTER TRASH for the Pokemon after one playthrough with it in my party.

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Dewott is so awesome

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It's pretty much like a Swampert. Seismitoad's type allows for it to get rid of it's weakness to electric-type Pokemon and at the same time it allows it to sweep the floor with any electric type if it has ground-type moves. The only drawback is his stats.

Has two abilities which are swift swim and poisontouch, and it only has one weakness which is grass! I used it in my pokemon black with these moves surf, drain punch, earthquake, and poison jab and its ability poison touch with the held item soft sand

Samurrot is at the top I guess they just chose the first starter they throw at there face seismic toad is the perfect type match up because it's not affected by eletric it's only weakness is grass

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Kingdra is awesome he blends in with its serounding and shode be past samorot

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Let me clarify some stuff Keldeo is from unova and second of all Keldeo is water and fighting Cobalion is the fighting steel type

Whoever thought that Keldeo you was a water infighting is a complete and utter moron furthermore he is only steel and fighting and I'm believe he's not capable leaving users so how could he even be in the top 10 water and lastly she is in Unova

Keldeo is not in unova right? If he is he is top 5

Keldeo is amazing, alright? - JordanZahHutt

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The cutest pokèmon EVER! (it's a girly thing to say but I'm a boy) I always choose it for my starter because of its cuteness! It deserves 1st place indefinitely!


It's a tank with ton of hp and can learn surf, waterfall, with ice beam and thunderbolt! Very good in attack, sp attack, defense, sp defense, its speed isn't too bad but it's a decent speed

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16DucklettV1 Comment

Well its quite hard to get pan pour and evolve it into simipour its still worth it! It might not have best HP or defenses but his speed and both attack stats are in the 100s! It has scald which can deliver loads of damage and then you can teach the water type hm,s needed! I think it deserves to be in top 5!


Shadow ball and surf with cursed body. Also it looks like the Pringles guy

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Arceus is God. Now coming in water type!

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