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1Gravity Gun: Half Life 2

The design of this gun is really cool, the function of this gun is more than one, and at the end, you use this to kill every single you came across, Gravity-gun such a masterpiece weapon from masterpiece game

COOLEST GUN EVER! I mean come on, it makes pretty much ANYTHING ammo. Best thing ever: saw blades and explosive tanks... - Kazzong

Use it to shoot random stuff into the enemy's face, IN THE FACE!

When you ran out of ammo, grab this gun, such a lifesaver

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2Master Sword: Zelda

It gives you the ability to travel through time and repel evil!

It is the master of not just all swords, but all weapons too.

This is just a glorified steak knife compared to the ammount of firepower on this list.

The Master Sword is the best.

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3BFG: Doom

BFG = Big Friendly Giant, everyone knows that even if they haven't read the book. Dahl should have sued this upstart game.

Just the name. You can't beat that. Everyone knows what it is. - usmc650736

Best weapon EVER. The gravity gun can't take out entire waves of enemies in 1 blast! A

BEST GUN EVER! - rockisgood132

4Portal Gun - Portal 2

Why kill your enemys when you can have them kill themselves?

Swords can only swing. Guns can only shoot. But the Portal Gun... has endless possibilities.

5Keyblade: Kingdom Hearts

sora get the keyblade, oh wait, you don't have to because it magically appears when you need it because it is AWESOME

The keyblade is the most kickass weapon! It can destroy OR save the world! How is that not deserving of number1!?

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6Thompson 1928: Mafia II

Bring this bad boy into battle and the enemy doesn't stand a chance. Link would get shot instantly. This killing machine is more lethal than that glorified kitchen knife Link carried

45 calibre, 50 round drum magazines and a rate of fire at 600 rounds per minute. So why the Hell is some small master-steak knife beating this big bad boy?

Uses 50 round drum mags, and can hold up to 150 rounds on reserve, there's plenty of ammo, and this gun is a true icon.

Thompson 1928 repels anyone stupid enough to bring glorified knives to a gunfight.

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7Spartan Laser: Halo

Only enough charge for 2 shots but almost always a one hit kill on big enemies and vehicles.

8Energy Sword: Halo

Whatever it comes down to, this weapon is just badass. Bringing that out and walking into the fight is just awesome.

9Cerebral Bore: Turok

A drill that is shot out and burrows into there skull! Enough said

10Sky-Hook: BioShock Infinite

Head.torso, neck, nothing can survive its attack. - GREYBOYY

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11AK47: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
12Lightsaber: Star Wars Battlefront 2

really awesome! but what about the sword of
legends in world of warcraft and the minigun
in gta-san andreas

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13Portal Gun - Portal
14Chicago Typewriter: Resident Evil 4
15Lap Top Gun: Perfect Dark
16M1A1 Thompson: Call of Duty Big Red One
17Beam Katana: No More Heroes
18Celestial Brush: Okami
19The Lancer: Gears of War Series
20Meteor Strike: Destroy All Humans 2
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1. AK47: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
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3. Gravity Hammer: Halo
1. Gravity Gun: Half Life 2
2. Sky-Hook: BioShock Infinite
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