I've used each of the big 5 for a period of about a year each exclusively minimum, and must say Opera is my favourite by some distance it's fast, slick and easy to use. The only downside is due to a relatively small user base some websites don't bother to make themselves compatible with it, but that isn't a problem I regularly encounter.

I use this browser on a daily basis, because it hasn't crashed on me ever, it has has some great built in features, I suggest you try this browser, because I am always so entertained by the features, and the speed. I also like how easy it is to use, it also doesn't take up much of your screen either!

Since Opera is with a smaller company, they can take chances that larger companies like Google can't, these guys have taken all the right chances. I think that this is the best browser out there, so many features in such a lightweight and organized way make it that much better than the rest.

I have no idea why more people don't use this browser. It's fast, very functional, works with pages other browsers choke on and has features at your finger tips that other more popular browsers either don't have at all, or bury deep in menus. Highly recommended.

Better than any of the browsers below it by far, and it is completely safe and reliable. The browser is clean, downloads fast, runs efficiently, and in my opinion it should be ahead of Safari by a long shot.

Best browser in the world. Amazing features filled with a lot of functions. Mouse gestures are awesome. Lightweight, fast. Built-in speed dials. Shortcuts to speed dials.

I really like Opera - don't understand why a lot of downloads don't support Opera (or the other way around? ) I hate the interface in Explorer and FireFox kept crashing on me. Opera is stable, secure and easy to use.

Safest, most responsive and fastest web browser on Windows. Also, available on other systems too. It's mainly the safest and fastest browser and mostly also the most responsive one.

All I can say, is why aren't you using it yet? Haha.

It's really clean, first off. It doesn't ever clutter or glitch - and I can't remember it ever crashing.

I love this browser so much.

It is so good to me. Never crashes, always runs clean, well, safe, reliable. It's so sleek and amazing!

Such a fast browser, easy to use and gives you tonnes of space and great add-ons. Chrome is a close second, but Opera is just great (and so much better than IE)

Opera is fast, visually appealing and full of apps browser. One can feel the difference when one starts using it. It is really good.

Its very fast, I think its the best internet browser but because of my internet its slow.. I think its one of the best internet browsers. Thumbs up please! :D

Easy to delete history, if you know what I mean

I am currently using this browser, it is user friendly and fast on comparing chrome.
It has many features and Simply I like this browser to use...

Has some amazing features like tab grouping that you just can't live without after you get used to it.

Lots Of Add Ons. It Doesn't Make Random Tabs For Very Used Websites. And It Has A Speed Dial And Stash.

I love this browser, it always helps me out, never lets me done! Never gives me up! So many features

Runs fast, supports standards, and has never crashed on me. Just an all around underdog that should take the title.

Opera suits my personal taste in look and appeal, functionality, speed, and ease of use. A great web browser.

It is friendly user and occupies less space. It has fast performance than safari.

I have a few (minor) issues with both Chrome and Firefox but none with Opera (so far! )

This is faster than chrome, matches chrome's security level, reliable. I don't know why its not number 1.

Haw to download it

Very attractive tabbed browser that REALLY focuses on speed! Gaining more new users.