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August 3, 2015 - Sites that offer cam-to-cam chat. Some of these are free memberships while others have guest and paid memberships. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Best place on the net since stickam closed!.. AND IT IS FREE!
This is the best site in the entire world.
Ty place is nice this will be my new chat spot that is for sure!
[Newest]A great chat site love it
More comments about VIPTopia

Well that's no fun without exposing is it?
A lot of toneing down, now they stop people exposing themselves online.
[Newest]Why this cam has been removed from top 10 sites

Is great opinion cam to cam
Great website chat with great people
I think it is one of the best. Thanks
[Newest]Let's have cam chat

Simple, no fuss, great for meeting new people
Love being on it thanks
I want to meet new people and have lovely conversation with them
[Newest]Very useful for making new friends

Can I be one from your team please
Awesome website! Chat, webcam and more... Travel and gastronomy app!
It really is a very cool app. So far I have not found anything like baladacam website. Well worth the visit.


Very coll app website
[Newest]Amazing web app. Perfect for mobile devices.
Nice chat look and webcam function with create own rooms with or without password room or only in Public Lobby room, NUDE ALLOWED.
Site wont even pull up.

Chatso is a webcam chat platform for people looking to meet other singles. Members choose what age, gender and location of the person they wish to meet - Chatso does the rest.
Speed date in a one on one private webcam chat room and decide whether you wish to form a future connection or not.
A brand new alternative to the traditional online dating service.
Great free chat, upgrade for more functions, cam chat with live streaming for free.

The Contenders

11BuddieSpace Video Chat
I love this site. The admins care about the users and will help anyone who ask for help.

And they like feedback and if you ask for something to be made they do it 100% hands down the best site out ther
I love this site. It adds facebook and video chatting in to one its my fave
Best site ever. They are small but good
[Newest]Best chat I been on

This is my personal favorite, its free membership offers the same things as a paid membership would cost at another site: Unlimited messaging, including private messages, private cam-to-cam chat, allows you to see who is viewing your cam, and has diferent chat rooms to fit peoples interests. Great Site.


This site actually works. I've tried all these sites up there. It does not work. This is the best site ever. Hands down
Hi how are doing?
Awesome teen chat Website!
I can already tell this will be the home of all future teen roulette chat.
No registration and free... Totally anonymous! My kind of site
[Newest]I like that its anonymous and there is always an admin around so gross guys get booted quick

14JABBO Live!
This is a favorite of mine. No registration required. Allows me to be anonymous by blurring my face until I trust my chat partner enough. Best of all, I can play a music game to break the ice! Awesome!
The world's first webcam chat music game! JABBO Live lets you meet and play with new people over webcam!

Don't want to be seen on webcam but want to play JABBO Live? Don't worry, JABBO Live provides an option to protect your identity while you play!



Why its cute so much

Give a try out. You can fill your screen with as many webcam chat rooms as you can fit in on your monitor. Private rooms that are invite only and completely hidden from other users. It uses a Video Conference quality Server Client streaming server. It's not peer to peer like many other webcam chat services.
Nice streaming server and no strings attached (no fees for view time or anything else) plus they now have a pay per view room option where people get a 80% cut right into their Paypal account! Most sites give you a 30% cut if that. So anyhow, I think this new site has a great future.
Awesome server, its 100% unlimited and gets good pings from around the world!
[Newest]Love it, you can share files and photos, adjust your fonts / colors. YouTube videos play right in chat, you can even create your own profile! It's the best free webcam chat, in my opinion.

Chat and masturbate what is not to like
Nice site to chat on... Love it
I'm a cam model and I lve this site basic easy people are great that run it only thing is they need to be more picky who they let cam lol
Why? There is someone for everyone one there. Just because you don't think they're attractive doesn't mean someone else don't. Open your eyes everyone is beautiful.

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