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Where do I start Just listen for yourself

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22House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

It's dark, violent, sexual, trippy, and most of all, it's The Weeknd. What more could you ask for?

This is an amazing song that is underappreciated. I'm gonna leave it at that

This song is so amazing it's probably my favorite on the album - Ajkloth

Most powerful song by The Weeknd, can't believe its #20

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Abel is basically pouring his heart out in this song, should be in the top 10!

My favorite song from Kiss Land and My 2nd favorite song by Abel.

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Saw the video for this... I can't erase it from my mind. But the song is great - JaysTop10List

The hauntingly beautiful melody and story attached to this song make it an amazing unforgettable masterpiece.

26Dark TimesV2 Comments
27False AlarmV1 Comment
28Belong to the World

The beginning is so great and hype

I absolutley love this song. I went to a concert for the Kiss Land tour. AMAZING

I'm surprised this song along with many others on his Kissland album didn't launch him into immense stardom sooner. The raw emotion and soul he poured into this song and many others makes it undoubtably one of his greatest.

29King Of The Fall

Should be much higher on the list. The deep bass knocks with the constant dark background melody combined with his smart yet sleek lyrics wrap around his incredible voice to create another masterpiece.

Trippy, Dark, Beautiful, undeniably a classic. Easily my favorite Weeknd song. The beat, his singing, just all around a masterpiece that sucks you in & keeps you

Should be much higher on the list. The singing mixed with a nice rapping flow is perfect and the beat is amazing.

No doubt my favorite song. Please give it a listen.

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30Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)

This song tells the story of his relationship with a woman in a destructive relationship.

Incredible song full of emotional pleading and loneliness told in an incredible way with killer vocals.

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31The Knowing

The story telling, the video, the passion, all amazing. If this was a later more known work of his, no doubt it would be higher. Definitely a pyre diamond buried under the sheer excellence of "House of Balloons".

No debate. Filled with unimaginable soul and crazy subtext behind the lyrics.

Definitely should be top ten the level of emotion in this song is crazy such raw vocals

32The Birds Part One

Best song by The Weeknd. Why is it at the bottom? Oh yeah bandwagons.

Love this song and it really gets me going

33Love Me Harder

This is awesome and shouldn't be this low on the list

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34Where You Belong

Without a doubt his most underrated song... It's shame Earned It was the hit from Fifty Shades of Grey, and not this. It's definitely one of his darkest songs.


If you liked this song listen to girls born in the 90's by the weeknd. It is the original version and much better.

People seriously this is the best one off of beauty behind madness. Abel we need a music video to get this to the top. So hurry

The best song off Beauty Behind The Madness, I love it!

This song is probably my second favorite off of Beauty Behind The Madness

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36I Feel It Coming

There's been comparisons to the Weeknd and Michael Jackson. I think this song is the closest one you can make.

This song gives you vibes its for sure bound to be a hit.

This song couldn't be better. I thought the starboy album was going to be the death of The Weeknd but this song proved me wrong.

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38The Town

This song is a DRUG! I'm addicted. please vote for this song. It deserves one of the first 5 spots. - Ark-M

I love this song so much! Lana and the weekend are legends

Amazing song. This is one of his best works.

Also ranking the weeknd hit's

Earned it (10/5)

Often (4/5)

The hills (4/5)

I can't feel my face (4/5)

Tell your friends (3/5)

Prisoner (3/5)

In the night (-10/5)

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Has a slow silky start filled with emotion and wonder that dives into the meat of the raw story and feelings The Weeknd paints across.

Awesome intro to Kiss Land. Details how he's starting to get introduced to the mainstream world.

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