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Ice Cube
First of all 2pac should not be here because it said from the west and he is from New York but if it said best west coast rapper yes he should be here but it said from the west so no he should not be here. anyway ice cubes first album was great with good storys bout the street and his 2nd album was even better since he got really political and rapped about loads of different problems in america and owned nwa with one of the best diss songs ever. he was part of the most influential rap group and him himself has also made great influence. he is just a great rapper his voice and flow makes him sound so op definitely the best from the west and 2nd best west coast rapper
Cube revolutionized rap, particularly gangsta rap. Cube and Eminem are the most controversial rappers of all time. Cube was writing lyrics for dre and the world class wreckin cru, as well as eazy e when he was 16-17 years old. Young talent like that cannot be overlooked. He was the powerhouse in NWA and once he left, he destroyed them with his diss track "No Vaseline". He completely took out a whole group. You cannot deny his skill. Cube is the best in the west
I don't care what pac fans say, pac never made an album better than amerikas most wanted or death certificate. Cube is king of west, being the best lyricist of NWA he practically made gangsta rap.
[Newest]Ice Cube is the best...

2The Game
He brought the west back after a relative silence. King of the west now! After red album drops he will hold the thrown for a long time
West side man, sell anotha five million albums, YES I AM!


To me is the best and ll alwayz be the best because he has won it before... After all he brought it back after a long period of time...
He is the best. I ;ove him!

3Snoop Dogg
Snoop doggy dogg is my favorite rapper. I even like his reggae
For me I will choose snoop as number one in west coast rapper and also number one gangstar rapper
LBC cripz knw how 2 do it

4Eazy E
Eazy E, the man that brought Compton on the map. he will allways be my greatest
Number 1; the king of Compton and Godfather of Westcoast rap! Born lived and died in Compton City; Dre day was only Eazy's pay day... If he had lived maybe he would have taken a cut of Eminem too
What is Snoop Lion and The Game doing ahead os Eazy E

5Dr. Dre
Dr dre is one of the best westcoast rappers and deserves the second position, not only his lyrics but his beats are simply the dopest. He is the mentor of eminem... What else can we say.. He is the producer who can rap and control the maestro! DR DRE
Dre made the careers of 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and The Game. He even worked on the career of Nas. He made two of the greatest rap albums ever "The Chronic" and "2001". I could write do much more than this, but people already have written about it
Dre dre is the best definitely better than eazy e

6MC Ren
Come On! MC Ren actually wrote lyrics for Dre and Eazy. How can he be ranked under them? One of the most underrated rapper.
SO underrated. People think eazy e is better than ren. Ha. that's funny. Ren wrote all of his lyrics. Listen to final fronteir


The best of nwa suge wanted him on deathrow

7The D.O.C.
His credits include the classic no one can do it better and ghostwriting the chronic by dr.dre.

Just listen to his verse on 'Check Out Time'

Enough Said

No rapper has represented the west coast as much as 2pac.
Why isn't he at the top, the what?
Everyone must have forgot he is from the west coast!

10Del tha Funkee Homosapien

The Contenders

11Kendrick Lamar
Currently the new king of the west coast, his got the game in a choke hold. His released Good Kid, M.A.A.D City which is already taken as a classic
Great potential for someone this young has the same type of point of view tupac had.
I salute kedrick big tym from my side his top dawg K. Dot keep rollin man billy here got lv 4ya peace

12Ras Kass

Nope, not just the creator of Pimp My Ride, Xzibit is origionaly a great rapper and claimed by the westcoast. He reaped hard and also made sure that the garage he used in his show was the most westside-relative garage in California, Westcoast Customs.


Go listen to whats the difference then you will see why he's underrated

14Spice 1
Amerikka's Nightmare is one of my favourite albums ever, Spice 1 had such good storytelling and had a wicked flow. So talented but so underrated.
most underated rapper ever and best gangster rapper of all time

15Ice T

16MC Eiht
Considered a pioneer in westcoast hip-hop.
One of the best Gangsters ever. His songs have a lot of meaning. Not like today's rap
This man represented and still represents Compton and west coast rap all his life. He is 47 years old and releasing LP's for goodness sake!

17Gift of Gab

18Myka 9

19Too Short

Westside Connections member WC has shown some of the charactaristics we miss in Biggie Smalls but can put his own origional westcoast spin on the tracks. One of the best westcoast rappers around.


The legend of west coast

21Mack 10
The chiccin hawk is hard as hell. never got his true due

Ever since I listened to his song tell me where to go, I've been hooked. I (of course) first got his hyphie trend setting album MY GHETTO REPORT CARD. Then got all of his block brochures and revenue retreivin albums.
Just listen to I am your. Trust me, because I played over 300 times (in counting)
Great storyteller and rapper

23Shock G

24Nipsey Hussle

25Mac Dre
The realest mc of them all!

"Hopsin is the best west coast rapper he should be on top"
This guy could beat 2pac like eminem beats weezy. WESTSIDE

He should be way higher

28Schoolboy Q
Repping the west coast on a whole new level

29DJ Quik
-_- do you guys know west? Listen to some Dj Quik. You may have heard some of the songs and just didn't know who they were bye! I really suggest you listen to some Dj Quik.

30Lady of Rage
Lil Kim can move aside, the best female of rap is straight out of the westside. She has the baddest flow and can rip shreads of the majority of guys in the rap industry today.


Tyga has very awesome different nice talent of rapping and no one can do as he does. I think Tyga is the perfect, flawless and so fetish. I really love his style, swag, rap and everything he does.
Tyga is a fresh start for the west again

32Nate Dogg
Really underrated he should be in the top ten easily
Obviously underrated.
His voice is damn smooth and cool!


34Twisted Insane
His speed makes him the fastest westsider and one of the best he should be no.5 or 10

35Wiz Khalifa
Best one at the moment



38Kid Ink

39Neilan aka Reaper

40Lil Eazy E


42MC Hammer

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