Best Westerns of All Time


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22The Wild Bunch
23True Grit

Come on people, this has got to be in top 5! John Wayne is the west and this is his best movie

How is this western not in the top ten?

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24Hard Country
25The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
26Little Big Man

Great flick. A good dig at the political establishment of this country, with a humorous twist.

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27Django Unchained

This is the most craziest western movie that I've ever watched - mc113

I was expecting than the good the bad and the ugly was above this, but... 27?


Does a great job of parodying Spaghetti Westerns, but has so much dignity and emotional depth that it actually kind of becomes one of them.

By far the greatest animated western of all time.

By far the greatest animated western of all time.

29Blazing Saddles

It is good in a weird way.

31No Country For Old Men

This won Best Picture for a reason. I can't understand why some people hate it.

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32Last Man Standing
33Young Guns

Best sound track of any western.

34The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The best western ever made and the baddy stole the film elite walch

35Bad Girls
37Rooster Cogburn
38High Plains Drifter

A classic Clint Eastwood film - plmilligan1968

39ApacheV1 Comment
40My Name is Nobody

I have watched that movie in with my father and the movie is amazing - mc113

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