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1Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is Best High Flyer I Think Rey Mysterio Move of WWE In The Histroy Rey Mysterio is Best Come on 619

Jeff hardy is good at being extreme but rey can do so much more highflying moves. (ever since jeff when to tna he hasnt been doing highrisk moves. ) 619 all the way

Rey mysterio is the best high flyer I think in wwe. He can do a lot of high flying moves. Everybody say 661199. And second I think can be Sin Cara after Jeff Hardy

Easily, the best

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2Jeff Hardy

He jumped for over 70 feet if not a 100 feet I gotta give it to him man he would risk his life to be wrestler so that's why think he's the best high flyer in the world

He is the best high flying moves for 2 reasons, because he fears nothing and because he is a risk taker.. and he does all his moves for the WWE universe! WE ALL LOVE HIM!

Number 1. There is no one that will EVER be better then Jeff Hardy. Jumping off stupid heights. I have seen Jeff do so much I just love to watch him. When it was team xtreme vs the dudleys and E&C. Just awesome!

He risk his own life for the extreme moves he takes, probably the best high flyer ever

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3Rob Van Dam

Seriously? you put evan bourne above rob van dam just cause he has a decent finisher
dude have you even seen his matches with not only jeff hardy but in ecw!

Rob van dam is the best WWE high flyer because I like his signature move the 5-star frog splash

Yeah like rvd's five star frog splash is high as 3 floors of an ordinary home he even defeated mysterio

Rob Van Dam Smells Like Ham

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4Sin Cara

The mystifying sin cara is better than mysterio, rob van dam, kofi kingston and evan bourne his side - backflip finisher is by far one of the best in WWE
watch out rey - benq

I have never seen moves like sin cara's. I wish he would return to WWE. Even his entrance is amazing. Which wrestler in the history of WWE can jump over the rope and land on his upper back without hurting himself? That is what I call talent

Sin cara is way WAY better than tyson kidd he would snap his neck!

To me, his wrestling is the most beautiful to see. - OhIfOnly

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5Kofi Kingston

kofi kingston is the best highflyer of the rest,, once he dived from the top of the hell in the cell cage and jumped to orton I was shocked because that was at least 95 ft. and he jumped,, jeff hardy is a high flyer but his finisher is not even a high flying move,, his moves are a little short,, but kofi is a real high flyer,,

Wicked I am amazed that he can do the handstand in the royal rumble and he still uses the ladder even if it is broken but I am still a huge Sin Cara fan

Undoubtedly the most exciting wrestler of all time. Unbelievable energy and swiftness is his USP.

His amazing athleticism makes him the best high flyer there is

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6Evan Bourne

Evn bourne has a talent the other superstars don't have. Since he made his WWE debut in 2007 he has done some amazing things and if ecw was around loner he could have won the title easy well then said.

So poorly used by WWE. I'm glad he has moved to ROH. Evan Bourne had the best high flying moves in WWE history.

I wish this guy would return. He didn't get the push he deserved but he had an amazing finisher

I think evan bourne is the best high flyer

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7Eddie Guerrero

I think he definitely deserves to be in this list. Moreover, he had something that everyone in this list lacks, i.e. Charisma. Eddie was a complete package with blend of high flying technical (not botched up) moves, in ring story telling capability and microphone skills.

How can jimmy wang yang, matt hardy, tyson kid and kofi kingston rank higher than eddie?

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8John Morisson

I think Morrison should get more votes than this. He had new moves every week while in WWE. To me starship pain is the best finisher in the history of WWE. How he leaps from the third rope and flips so many times is amazing.

Dude he is way better than chavo guerrero man! Chavo can do frog splash but john morrison can do starship pain and he can do parkour. Can chavo do that? NO!

Much better than
1. Tyson Kidd
2. Kofi Kingston
3. Evan Bourne

If you know any other guy that can do the splits on the turnbuckle than corkscrew off of it than tell me

His number 1 he is the best

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9Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

I think Jimmy Super Fly Snuga is the best because to me he was the one who stared this sure these new high flyers can fly but Jimmy can do it better where do you see a guy jump from a cage and land perfect nobody but Jimmy Super Fly Snuga.

10Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Jimmy Snuka... I mean wow the man jumped off 15 to 20 feet of the steel cage and his superfly splash you gotta give some credit for that ☺

Jimmy is an amazing high flyer. Especially at the end of the tag team championship match. When we say US ya'll say O

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11Tyson Kidd

This guy is awesome and is trained by the hart dungeon, his signature move the sharpshooter is my favourite move that makes someone tap out

I like Tyson kidd he is just amazing.

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12Adrian Neville

He should be no. 1 because superstar like Rey mysterio are equal

He can do high flying moves which other superstars can't do

Neville is a flying superhero. I think he is best ever

He has to be the best because do you see what he can do

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13Seth Rollins

His jumping knee move is the best

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14Brian Kendrick
15Shawn MichaelsShawn Michaels was born on July 26, 1969. He is an American professional wrestler. He is the first wrestler to win all the titles the WWE could have offered. He is known for his moves and looks. His nickname provided by WWE is HBK (Heart Break Kid). He was in DX (Degeneration X) a tag team with Triple more.
16Chris Jericho

I think jericho is high flyer when it comes to his finishing move the code breaker

Chris Jericho is the Best he jumped on the ropes and does a blackflip I mean seriously CM Punk does that to!

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17Jimmy Wang Yang

Sucked balls never heard of this guy In my life

18Dolph Ziggler

He is very good but I see one comment by any mad that he is loser.He is very good high-flyer

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He has some very good highflying moves, one of the all time greats!

His crossbody off the steel cage in TNA was sick, also he does a good Frankensteiner, along with a frog splash!

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20Matt Hardy

Matt hardy is awesome I wish he returned

He is best High flyer after Jeff hardy

He is the extreme hardy

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