Top Ten Best WWE Rivalries


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The Top Ten

The Rock vs Stone Cold
Greatest rivalry ever! Stone cold and the rock these both have made it all for WWE and have taken it to the highest peak! The rock was young filled with talent, passion, style and the most electrifying man on the other hand it was austin who's fearless, greatest brawler, toughest SOB, beer drinking machine and who can beat the hell out of anyone and have hammered everyone down and lastly is capable to raise the crowd at their toes! Best rivalry ever!
They deserve to be these two men the number one of the major rivalries of all the times, that so pretty epoch
NEVER disappointed this match. , these two put a lot of effort into it, the promos were great as were the storyline. My favoutire part was when they use to brawl and all the wrestlers use to come out to stop them
[Newest]Great storyline, great book, great promo & great match.

2Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart
Are you series bro come on this should be the best rivalry of all time they had ladder matches iron man matches and don't forget about the Montreal screw job this rivalry is legendary
Seriously NUMBER 2! Shawn and Bret at Wrestlemania in a Iron Man match to overtime got a 2 seriously I know austin and rock was great but Michaels and Hart is LEGENDARY OK!
This was talked about in till they made up last year
[Newest]Hello you suck. LOSER.

3Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon
Whoever made this list is an idiot for not putting this list as number 1! Millions across the world tuned in to Monday Night Raw just to see an employee turns their boss's life into a living hell! There's car property destroyed, vandalism, riots, brawls, interrupting meetings, ruining plans, carnage, ^^ so much more that made it all so damn entertaining and exciting to watch! Who doesn't want to see that? For all who disagrees, get this to your head, "Without Austin vs. McMahon" WWE would never beat WCW in the ratings! EVER!
The best feud EVER.
Even though it wasnt always Austin vs McMahon in the ring, they did wonders with this.
Everyone wanted to see someone step up to the boss, and Austin was the perfect man to do it.
Austin was the reason this feud is so awesome, his persona & Vinces persona play off each other like no other two in the history of the WWE.
Everybody thinks that The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin is the greatest WWE feud. Austin was mainly feuding with Vince MacMahon, The Rock being pretty much the guy Vince went to when he wanted Stone Cold's but kicked. Plus, nobody's put there boss through as much hell as Stone Cold.
[Newest]It's odd austin vs. McMahon in third

4Cena vs Orton
One of the greatest rivalries ever! When these two are in the ring against each other you can feel the electricity in the air! Should be in the top 3 I think!
In modern WWE, this feud should take a credit because no more feud in modern WWE is better than this one. countless matches. relentless wrestlers but what is the difference between cena/orton and stone cold/the rock is non-stopping blood busting open!. so, in this term, there's no feud that is better than rock/stone cold but for this PG era (damn why they change it -, - ), fair to say cena orton is the best and I think if they feud when the PG dint happen their feud maybe more more more better than rock/stone cold feud
Might be the best rivalry of the generation. Cena and Orton had awesome mathes and it was a shame Cena got injured. Sure the Rock vs Stone Cold was good but this is better and after their falls count anywhere iron man match. Best rivalry ever. Laugh out loud.
[Newest]I'm tired of this rivalry this sucks.

5Shawn Michales vs. Undertaker
Wow yes I think this was a good rivalry also but when it came to wrestlemania shawn lost the big one and that caused his career to end but he will be in his best friend side at wrestlemania 29... But anyway I live you shawn michaels
Wrestlemania 26 the best match could be possibly done!
The most Epic Fight in Wrestlemania History!
I Want A Rematch!

6Edge & Christian vs The Hardys vs Dudleys
HBK may have revolutionized the ladder match, but these 3 teams perfected it.


I can reljve every moment of it on DVD
Greatest ladder matchs ever

7Undertaker vs Mankind
How the hell can you forget that HELL IN A CELL MATCH where Mankind was thrown from the top of the ring and all those dangerous pins in the ring. An epic match. Any wrestling fan after watching this match will go crazy. This rivalry should have been at number 1. Show some respect to Undertaker. If you want you can criticize him but remember we cannot ever lift Mark Henry or big show the way he lifts them. We are all too weak compared to that legendary man. We can just say and write things about him but cannot even perform one of his actions in the ring
The best ever mick showed taker he was flesh and blood
the best feud ever in history of wwe.

8HHH vs Randy Orton
OMG he punted half of HHH's family and they had a most powerful tag team ever Evolution, THIS IS #!


Randy vs H is the best rival

9John Cena vs The Rock
Wrestlemania 28 great match
Wrestlemania 29 absolute travesty and the crowd was dead once cena won


This has been on for about a yr. What in wrestlmania 28 it was said to be once in a lifetime and here its back on wrestlmania 29 in ny nj. But this one is nearly as good as cena vs randy orton. What an epic match it was.
I think wrestlemania 28 is greater than wrestlemania 29 because wm 28 is one year hard working the most epic match I ever seen rock is most greatest than john cena ever I love rock more than cena iam the rock biggest fan of all time
[Newest]Twice in a lifetime

10Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels
Duh... Its Y2J Vs HBK. Period.

The Contenders

11CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
This was the extreme in wwe
Jeff hardy is the best.
Funk that hardy better

12CM Punk vs John Cena
This is a big Rivalry

13Batista vs Undertaker
The best rival but only in 24 are you kidding
This must be the 2nd or 1st, it doesn't belong in this place
This is the top 3 riverly of all time ffs.

14Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero
two of the best wrestlers ever simply fantastic
Great rivalry both men where the best performers in wwe when they clashed and how eddie and rey wrestled angainst each other was classic and will never be forgetten RIP Eddie guerrero

15Edge vs John Cena
Edge uses to capture the wwe champion and world heavyweight champion too the john cena to
John Cena's greatest rival is Edge, They fight for the WWE Championship in 2006 and the World Heavyweight Championship in 2009.
What? This isn't even the top 10? It should be at least in the top 3!

16Ric Flair vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

17Randy Orton vs John Cena

18Stone Cold vs Bret Hart

19Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

20D-Generation X vs The McMahons
This rivalry was the best ever! So many epic moments and hilariousness :D SO ENTERTAINING AND FUNNY
And McMahon's rivalry will go down in the history books
It is the best

21Undertaker vs Edge

22Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
Lead to the first and I think greatest survivor chamber match. Add the best triple threat match ever at wrestlemania between them and Chris Benoit. Mix in some three stages of hell, hell in the cell and a great last man standing match, and it was the rivalry which saw the return of michaels after his back injury. It is is my favourite of all time

23Cena vs HHH

24Randy Orton vs Undertaker
Legend killer vs legend this feud lasted for 9 month. Randy orton introducing him self to the deadman by giving him an Rko. Undertaker knew what was coming. So on they feud at wm21 orton fail to end the streak. Orton then attacking undertaker on smackdown with a surprise rko on taker
All of the build up and reputations feuded what would be the best rivalry of all time, the constant mind games just made it better and whenever I hear orton or undertaker, thisnis what I think about

25John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio

26Matt Hardy vs Edge

27HHH vs Batista

28Undertaker vs Kane
I know they are brothers. But that is what makes them amazing rivals. Both are tall, have long hair, scary faces and very powerful. Epic!
What on blue earth is dis...this should at least be in top 10...two legends of d game and their rivalry in no.31...what a shame...

29John Cena vs The Miz

30Cena vs Edge

31Big Show vs Randy Orton

32John Cena vs. Ryback

33John Cena vs Masked Kane
Masked kane returned at Slamy Awards 2011 from Mark Henry's injury when Mark Henry vs John Cena was happening
They are going to fight at Elimination Chamber 2012 in an ambulance match cena will get ready for Rock vs Cena Part I.
Good but cena vs razor ramon is better better yet a hell in the cell

34Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant

35Undertaker vs Triple H
Their wrestlemania series were great and they are two of the most respected wrestlers who always wanted to be the best in the business!

36The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

37HHH vs Austin

38Randy Orton vs Triple H
This two have became one of the greatest rivals ever since in 2004 up till early 2009, when Randy Orton was betrayed by Triple H and his group Evolution. But coming up to 2009 when Randy Orton RKO Triple H real life wife, things started to get hetty between Triple H and Randy Orton, as Triple H went to Randy Orton home and attack him. Even with Randy Orton by kissing Triple H wife.

39Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
This one was absolutely intense! Come on Lesnar broke his arm twice for pete's sake. Such a fearsome rivalry!

40Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

41Kane vs Rey Mysterio

42CM Punk vs WWE

43Ryback vs Mark Henry

44Lita vs Trish Stratus
Even divas could be better than some superstars

45Randy Orton vs. Christian
For me its by far the best rivalry and an emotional one too
Christian's best ever fued...
He'll definitely remembered for this one...

46Cena vs Brock

47Curtis Axel vs Big E Langston

48Jeff Hardy vs Edge

49Goldberg vs The Rock

50John Cena vs Hulk Hogan

51Kane vs. Matt Hardy

52DX vs Spirit Squad

53The Rock vs Chris Jericho

54Undertaker vs. Hogan

55CM Punk vs The Shield

56The Rock vs HHH

57Bret Hart vs Owen Hart

58Rated-RKO vs. DX

59D-Generation X vs. Legacy

60Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

61Kane vs Drew MacIntyre

62CM Punk vs Brock Lesner
I feel CM Punk would have won at summerslam but dam that heyman

63Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg
The greatest feud of all time.they fought against each other at wrestlemania 20 with stone cold steve austin as special guest refree

64Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

65Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

66Ryback vs Goldberg

67Santino Marella vs Scott Steiner

68Daniel Bryan vs Authority

69Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

70Wyatt Family vs The Shield
In modern WWE, only this stables are lifting up the WWE universe. hope this feud will continue to a new stage

71Cena vs Zack Ryder vs Eve Torres vs Masked Kane

72Love Triangle Eve vs Cena vs Ryder

73DX vs. Jerishow
This was the best especially when they fought in TLC I was at that concert I loved it

74Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro

75Kane vs Edge

76Michelle McCool vs Mickie James

77Goldust vs Undertaker

78Hornswoggle vs Snitsky

79Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk

80Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

81Kane vs Undertaker
One of the best brother vs brother rivalries

82CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

83Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella

84Roman Reigns vs The Authority
The rivalry which is currently going on and which is the best.
Whatever The Authority sends at Roman Reigns he faces it and also wins against it whether it is Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton or Triple H himself.
Believe in Roman Reigns

85John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
At Summerslam Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which created a very tough and great rivalry between the two of them.

86Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
If I was Seth Rollins I'd be running away from dean too.

87Nexus vs WWE

88Batista vs John Cena

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