Best X Factor US Contestants of 2012


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The Top Ten

Carly Rose Sonenclar
I have only to say this she is a star when she sang feeling good by nina simone I did the same as LA Reid. WHAT
Carly Won XFactor. At least that's how I remember it

2Diamond White
Teens with Britney Spears



4Fifth Harmony
I love 5th harmony!
I'm a Harmonizer for life! This girls are AMAZING!

5Tate Stevens
Come on, the dude won the whole thing. He's a talented man and he deserved to win, I'm happy for him
Tate Should Win the whole thing.

6CeCe Frey
Young Adults with Demi Lovato


7Paige Thomas
Young Adults with Demi Lovato


8Jennel Garcia
Young Adults with Demi Lovato


9Beatrice Miller
I won't say she was the best singer, but she was easily my favorite and she has the most potential to make a hit album out of all the people here.
Teens with Britney Spears


People did not like her that much but I wanted her to win. She got kicked off in round 3 of the pulic votes. She actully stayed longer then I exspected.

10Lyric 145
Groups with Simon Cowel. Blah

The Contenders

11Alex & Sierra
They are so unique and there's nothing fake or unreal about them
There just one of a kind...

12Vino Alan
Over 25's with LA Reids


13Jillian Jensen
I still cry every time I watch her audition

14David Corey

15Reed Deming

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