Best X Factor US Contestants of 2012


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1Carly Rose Sonenclar

I have only to say this she is a star when she sang feeling good by nina simone I did the same as LA Reid. WHAT

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2Diamond White

Teens with Britney Spears - dharanaaraujo

4Fifth Harmony

I'm a Harmonizer for life! This girls are AMAZING!

I love 5th harmony!

5Tate Stevens

Come on, the dude won the whole thing. He's a talented man and he deserved to win, I'm happy for him

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6CeCe Frey

Young Adults with Demi Lovato - dharanaaraujo

7Paige Thomas

Young Adults with Demi Lovato - dharanaaraujo

8Jennel Garcia

Young Adults with Demi Lovato - dharanaaraujo

9Beatrice Miller

I won't say she was the best singer, but she was easily my favorite and she has the most potential to make a hit album out of all the people here.

People did not like her that much but I wanted her to win. She got kicked off in round 3 of the pulic votes. She actully stayed longer then I exspected.

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10Vino Alan

Over 25's with LA Reids - dharanaaraujo

The Contenders

11Lyric 145
12Alex & Sierra

They are so unique and there's nothing fake or unreal about them

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13Jillian Jensen

I still cry every time I watch her audition

14David Corey
15Reed Deming
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