Best Xbox 360 First Person Shooters

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41Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Epic game with epic gameplay and graphics love it

This is such a good game it's underappreciated

Great experience on future war environment

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42Destiny: The Taken King

WHY IS THIS NOT UP THERE? Destiny finally has a story, rich, open world play, stunning graphics, and great gameplay... I'm shocked

Why the hell is this one so low too

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43Fear 2: Project Origin

Good Graphics, horror elements and a good story. - Keeganno

44Metro: Last Light

The atmosphere alone is enough to draw you in wait till you start shooting!

45Far Cry 4

Extremely fun game to play, lots of action and great weapons

Deserves a higher rating, try it and make your own mind up..!


This game brought me back to the shooters. Short but great story.

4750 Cent Blood on The Sand

great game with bosses in helicopters - JOSHL12349

48Halo 4

People say this game is better than it actually is it really sucked and multiplayer was worthless

The most overrated game of 2012 get over it. it sucks - htoutlaws2012

Play Destiny the taken King instead. Don't waste your money

All the other halos were better

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