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21 I'll See the Light, Tonight I'll See the Light, Tonight

Why did I have to add this!?!?! This is my favorite! Yngwie is a very talented man, and deserves much more recognition. I'm about to go see him in concert right now, and I can't wait! God Bless you, and may Yngwie soon be recognized as he deserves.

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22 Fire
23 Prelude to April Prelude to April
24 Arpeggios From Hell
25 Caprici Di Diablo

Why is this so low. Why.

It's such a great song!

Best of the best. - Servbot

This song is awesome, so why isn't it higher? - Servbot

26 Save Our Love Save Our Love
27 Vengeance Vengeance

A song forgotten by fans but Magnum Opus had decent moments even if it's a weak record.

28 Prisoner of Your Love

This song have a very deep meaning in lyric and the vocals looks strength.

29 Seventh Sign Seventh Sign
30 Judas
31 Heaven Tonight
32 Hangar 18, Area 51
33 Distance
34 Spellbound Spellbound
35 Amberdown

Slow, steady and very melodic. Fast when it needs to be and makes use of a nice shift between major and minor keys. lovely!

36 Fugue
37 Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg

I can't believe this isn't on the list yet. Blitzkrieg is one of Yngwie's best performances ever. It's so incredibly technical and blazing fast towards the end

38 Cry No More Cry No More
39 Red Devil
40 Leonardo
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