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21Yo mama so fat when she dances at a concert the whole band skips.

ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMTAYOMAT! ( rolling on the floor laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco and you owe me a taco. ) THAT WAS AMAZING.

Get that is the worst joke I have ever heard get a life

Your mama so fat she needs two stretches

You mama she needs

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22Yo momma is so fat that she uses the Great Wall of China wall as a belt.

Lmao. That made me laugh 10 mins straight.

Should be top ten

My chest hurts from laughing at this this is so funny

This is a brilliant joke and it cracked me up

This is too funny!

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23Yo mama so fat she has more rolls than a bakery.

This is the only one that actually made me crack up. This is such a funny joke

That is our favourite one out of. All of them

Hilarious My Friends And I Were Laughing Crazy From This Joke!

Funniest yo MaMa joke ever

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24Yo mama so fat she stepped on a Nintendo GameCube and turned it into a Gameboy.

Funny I was liking all the way. Great joke should be number 1
Lolololololololol. Fuunyy as hell

Ha aha haha so funny I was cracking up when I heard this

I quite enjoyed this joke, when I read it my stomach split! I just couldn't stop laughing at how funny it was, I have never read anything so... HALARIOUSLY RAVISHING!.

Laughed my whole digestive system off at this one

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25Yo mamma is so fat when she tried to go to McDonald's she tripped over Wendy's and landed on Burger King.


The best one.. I posted did one bout yo momma so dumb she climbed mountain dew just thinking bout it cracks me up

Man it is so FUNNY it made me take out poop in my pants

Tripped over and blasted a fart lol!

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26Yo mama's so fat the only alphabet she knows is her KFCs.

Laugh out loud that's hilarious kfc she probably learned them from alphabet soup

That is the funniest and best of all yo mama jokes

That was raw as heck the best one I seen

Made me laugh for ever

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27Yo mamma so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip-flops.

That happened to my mom laugh out loud

Your mama is so fat she stepped on the scale and it said I want your weight not your phone number

What if she was fat but went to the store and traded the high heels for flip flops? I get it but... I don't know man

This is funny and you know it!

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28Yo mamma so fat she went to Japan and Godzilla said "DAMN" and ran away.

LMFAO! This should be on th top 10! Relly, I mean I was literally dying because od laughing - liviarg

Ahahaha I laughed so hard my sister thought that there was something wrong with me!

Love it
it so funny joke ever
whoever post its so funny

That's one terrifying momma!

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29Yo momma so fat when she went to the circus the little girl asked if she could ride the elephant.

Absolutely amazing joke who ever made this is amazing and needs a statue with the joke written on it

that was the funniest joke I have ever read

WOW1 That was one of the best jokes yet. I personally think that it should be in the top ten! Laugh out loud!

So funny haha I have never seen that

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30Yo mama so fat that she fell over and rocked herself to sleep trying to get up.

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1, I laughed so hard I cried.. Just imagine it in your mind.. A fat mom trying to get up by rocking.. Then she fell asleep! - sports11

The funniest one I've read so far! Me and my friends can't stop laughing!

It is so cool I was on Abel to stop laughing

Come on people, just picture it

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31Yo momma so fat when she goes camping the bears hide their food.

Laugh out loud so funny I literally laugh so hard. Me gonna tell my friends this joke again so funny

Ahaha L0L that's the best one yet and it made me laugh for ages

It is so funny and I like it a lot but bear should hide to

I think this one is my favorite!

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32Yo mama so fat when she burped New Orleans thought Katrina came back to finish the job.

This is like laugh out loud I was laughing out loud at 120 and my mom told me to be quiet but this surly is my favorite out of The ones I heard

It's Funny A'hh! But When It Really Happened In New Orleans It Was Sad So My Mama Told Me Not To Laugh That Much But I like The Joke Just don't Think That Its Ok. To Go Around Saying That Sometime!

That is so funny that when yo mother did jumping jacks she made an earth qwake

This is kind of a guilty pleasure Yo mama so fat joke. How could something so wrong feel so good? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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33Yo mama's so fat when she made a YouTube account the entire network crashed.

That's why my YouTube lags all of the time

Laugh out loud laughed so hard I cried

No wonder my mom doesn't let me watch YouTube

I think this 1 was good dam

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34Yo momma so fat when she saw a bus she said come back Twinkie

It made me crack up so hard. Me and my friends were spitting our drinks out because it was so funny

It WAS yo mama so stupid but this is a yo mama so fat website. It was so funny when I heard it!

I get it because a bus is long and the windows in the middle are like the middle stuff in the twinkie and I'm still laughing from yesterday

That's kinda racist, cause the cream are white people.

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35Yo mama so fat she got a parking ticket for standing at a crosswalk.

Awesome, completely awesome. Nice one bro

Haha I laughed so hard my mom that I was going to have a asthma attack..

That one was not the funniest one

Just kidding not so good

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36Yo mama so fat she died.

What this isn't that funny, its sad

That is the most dumbest and stupidest joke ever.

I so don't agree with this joke. I mean its really not nice. and there's nothing about that joke that makes you yell out laugh out loud! I don't like this joke! Can you please delete it?

This is joke is very offensive to those who dies of fatness

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37Yo momma is so fat if she buys a fur coat, a species will be extinct.

Laugh out loud that's quite good, but the coat is still gonna be tight! Seriouslythough thumbs up if you think this is good LMFAO!

It's funny but still animal cruelty


So good so funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing

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38Yo mama is so fat she has to write an apology letter to Japan.

She sent an apology note to Japan for creating the tsunami of Japan

I was very confused as to what happened in Japan

Momma says I'm sorry for looking like Godzilla to japan

Dose not make sense is should not have been made

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39Yo mama is so fat a truck hit her and she said, "hey who threw that rock?"

I've heard it before and it makes total sense but still so funny!

It so funny because with this joke I beat someone in a you mama joke contest

It was very good can you please come up with more because I wanna beat my friend on these new ones you got if you got some talent?

These nuts threw that rock

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40Yo mamma so fat she sat on Wal-Mart and lowered the prices.

Awesome it is so so so so so so so so so so funny

DAMN! That's the best one yet! You can't top that!

Reading this one again and I am still laughing!

That should be in the top ten it is so funny

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1. Yo mamma so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas, and it's still printing.
2. Yo mama so fat you have to grease the door frame and hold a twinkie on the other side just to get her through.
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