Best Young Female TV Star


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The Top Ten

Sophia Bush
so talented and she got more to give.she's a real actress i mean she can really act.

2Jennifer Love Hewitt
I don't know if she fits into the "young" area anymore, but she is B. E. A. UTIFUL.


From "Party of Five" to now, this girl has only gotten better and hotter.
Jennifer is gorgeous! Cleavage rules!!!

3Katherine Heigel

4Vanessa Anne Hudgens

5Kristin Kreuk
kristin should be number 1 but I'm happy she's on this list because she is so amaing, beautiful, talented and sweet but so underated... she's amazing and I hate that them damn smallville fans hate her so much.. but ima smallville fan who LOVES her more then anything My idol KK


Kristin is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world she definitely should be first or at least in the top 3

6Hilarie Burton

7Miranda Cosgrove

8Evangeline Lilly

9Jamie Presley

10Ami Teagarden

The Contenders

11Minka Kelly

12Bethany Joy Lenz. Golgotti

13Alexis Bledel

14Jenna Fischer

15Eliza Dushku
she's an amazing actress with great talent but she didn't get her real chance yet...too bad.

16Leighton Meester
She's just AWESOME - confident, great style, opinionated and exciting!

17Miley Cyrus

18America Ferrera

19Shiri Appleby
she's really a good actress but i don't know any of her latest news so if anyone does it'll be good to tell me at Shiri's comments .

20Selena Gomez

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