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Ryan is just ' awesome. He's absolutely hilarious. Ryan doesn't just make you laugh; he makes you practically cry with mirth. Every time I watch his videos, I have to keep pressing on the pause button or I won't hear what he's saying because I'm laughing so hard. Ryan doesn't use the same material in any of his videos and he's original as well. This guy should be number one on Youtube again.
Nigahihga is great! It's so funny I can't stop Laughing from their vids.
Ryan is more imaginative and creative. He uses himself in most of his videos. All RWJ does is use other things to make his humour. Although Ryan makes much less videos. Ryan deserves the top subbed spot.
[Newest]Deserve to be number one on YouTube again
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Smosh make whats easily the best comedy on all of youtube, and arguably the whole internet in my opinion
I love Smosh I've watched all their videos like a million times! I love them and I look forward to fridays just to see them! They are truly comedic geniuses!
Smosh deserves to be number one! Nigahiga I can understand but why is ray william johnson ahead of smosh! All he does is take a random internet video and make a bunch of penis jokes. Smosh is creative in their sketches. They never get old!
[Newest]Smosh is the best YouTube channel of all time

I think he is really amazing! He has a great sense of humor and he is just awesome without trying to. He always cheers me up with his videos and with his reactions. Can't understand why isn't he in the top 10.
Pewdie's more like rank of top 3 than top 10. Why? I'll tell you. He can cheer me up even on the worst days, though sometimes he can scare the crap out of me, I like it. Even being scared the crap out of, when he yells "BARRELS! ". I know some of you don't see yelling barrels scary, but when he randomly yells it, you might see why. He's just too good to be top 10 or top 5. Top 3 is where he should be.
Are you kidding? 28th? He is so funny when he plays videogames. The use of language and how he adds life to the game is awesome. He can be in the middle of screaming in terror from a monster in amnesia and then be like 'that as'. Its funny
[Newest]He is just hilarious to me. All of the jokes he ever made (mostly) are spontaneous.
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I think Ray William Johnson is easily the best comedian. He usually always picks out funny videos with his slight edits which are even more funny and also makes his video very entertaining. I don't know what to say about this guy... He's so amazing!
He tries his best not to be a hater of anything at all. And still makes people laugh. That is an incredible feat.
Ray makes the funniest videos on youtube! Although Nigahiga is pretty cool too, but Ray has something new in ever video!
[Newest]Ray William Johnson can make you laugh harder than anyone did before. He's just too hilarious not to be number one on everything comedy-like.

Shane Dawson and Smosh are the best youtubers out, I can't believe they got all the way up here from nothing they are so funny and have turned my life around a lot, keep up the good work guys.
Shane is a good actor, he can play any rolls, like Shanaynay or his mom for example, he makes funny things, and he's just really cool
His older videos do a really great job of covering real issues, but making them lighter with a little bit of comedy. Somehow he manages not to just make fun of the serious topics while making them a whole ton easier to deal with. Great job!
[Newest]Shane Dawson is my idol

6College Humor
Lots of good videos, the first kiss video was so funny
Batman skits are the funniest things I've ever seen!
Really good, I like Kim Jong Un.

7Epic Rap Battles of History
They actually come out with great lyrics, take ideas from the people who comment, and put time into their videos. I think they're great.
You know there lyrics make sense... hilarious!

8Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham is excellent! He may not be a youtube star anymore because he is a actual performing star now but he is the best. Hi is witty and you never know what is coming with him. He is so theatrical and unpredictable that he has ruined my ability to enjoy other comics, their not as original. Go Bo!
One of the smartest people on the face of the earth! He's a genius and his songs are layered and prepared for those with an open mind, he's got amazing wit and he's a cool guy. Listen to Words, Words, Words, and if you understand half the jokes, you'll know, Bo is the greatest rapper ever.
because he's Bo yo, he's the greatest rapper ever ever and weather think he's clever or not, you think you're better your not, don't need a sweater he's hot.


[Newest]Bo Burnham... He's just so amazing... And I just think that he can relate with not only me but other people too, without putting forward much effort...

Tobuscus is the best damn youtuber of all time. He releases completely original content, is absolutely hysterical. Whether you prefer watching him play games while running a ceaseless (and hilarious) commentary, watch his "Lazy Vlogs", about his daily life (Lazy Vlogs are actually FUNNY, unlike RWJ's! ) or his Tobuscus channel, where he releases animated shorts and Literal trailers, go look up Tobucus right now. You won't regret it.
Audience? What are you doing voting for me? That's precarious. Keep doing that! INTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS! So. You were voting for me? Hothothothothot... Sorry! Ooh an airplane! Do do do do do do do do subscribe! OUTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS! Then BOOP!
WE SO DAMN AGREE! Toby is the BEST! We watch him every day, of course! He's a genius! D
[Newest]Toby turner Is one of the funniest people alive and makes the best YouTube videos in the world!

10Jenna Marbles
This girl is so funny. She has unique ideas about life and love and society and she expresses them in so-called "rant" videos that are hilarious. Her two purse dogs, Marbles and Kermit, add an adorable sense of comedy. She may just look like a big-boobed hot blonde, but she is HILARIOUS.
Jenna is the best female YouTuber of all time. Jenna says what everyone is thinking. And her videos are never the same! One week she will rant about "girls at the airport" and then another week she'll do a hilarious sketchy sort of thing. I tune into her channel every Wednesday/Thursday.
Jenna is more than funny. She's hilarious, and perfect in every way. She gives different point of views on real life situations that mostly happened to her, and can rant for the longest times. Her videos never cease to cheer me up!
[Newest]Jenna marbles most funniest person in the world hands down ✋✋👍

The Contenders

He is the best comedian on YouTube. I just love watching his video. His videos are so funny and also interesting. He took many videos that are about life and other stuff, which I think is really great.
Because he's so AWESOME, also he has involved his ridiculously funny dad to his videos and definitely big respect to he Jumbafund, which is also great - not only the humor - earnt money goes to the right places!
I'm pretty sure that KEVJUMBA, is 10x better than Fred, Fred needs to STFU!
[Newest]He will always be the best of the best to me! :) Kevjumba for the win!

Kids react + Teens react =Awesomeness. I love both series so much. Kids react is so cute and Teens react is more mature and funny and more jokes.
Why not in top ten kids react teens react and elders react are epic!


YouTubers Reacts is so funny!
[Newest]I love Teens React!

I can't believe he isn't number one. I pass out laughing at everyone of his videos
Penguinz0 is the funniest Guy on YouTube. He deserves so much more credit and now he's donating hid money. Great guy
10 times funnier than nigahiga, smosh and ray william johnson. Makes me piss my self every time I watch him.
[Newest]Great guy. Donates all his money from YouTube even when he is in deep trouble. Hilarious. Should be number 1

Mychonny is the best comedian out there! I cannot believe he isn't second (cause I know no one can beat nigahiga)! We need to vote him up! No one is as funny as this guy! And he has awesome accents (which are pretty nice too) and I'll bet he will make even funnier videos if he is picked #1! So vote!
Mychonny is so awesome! He makes the funniest faces ever just like an asian mr Bean. I'm surprised people haven't voted for him either. He's an inspiration.
Mychoony is one of the funniest and my 2nd favorite comedians on youtube under Nigahiga. I am beyond shocked that he's this low on the list. Personally I think he's much better then Kevjumba who is pretty high up there and mychonny deserves that spot instead.
[Newest]This guy makes me laugh so hard

They are actually wassabi productions. They are hilarious cause they acts! Roy acts as Rolanda and Alex acts as Richard and both himself. They always make my day. Not only are they funny, but they are also kind, helpful
, cute and handsome. They give challenges to themselves and their mission is to MAKE OTHERS LAUGH!

In my opinion, this is the funniest Youtuber of all time. Some of the other people on this list are funny, but nothing compared to JonTron.

First off, he makes good points about games he reviews. He isn't just completely random like some other people on thsi list, he actually tries to make sense.

Second, he is extremely funny. Just go see some of his reviews (particularly Bubsy Collection, Nightshade, Monster Party, and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts) and you'll see what I mean.

Third, he is very much to the point with his videos. Despite his older videos (especially the first two), he tipically doesn't make his videos very long. He states what he finds wrong with what he's reviewing, makes it short, sweet, and to the point (often with hillarious results), and manages to make his videos extremely entertaining.

Now that JonTron is back from Game Grumps and making more content, I am more than excited for more future laughs. His next review should be in about 5 days-1 1/2 weeks, so you can start watching his content on what he is now calling his big return (Season 2). He usually uploads monthly or less (occasionaly more), so go check him out. Many more videos to come in the future!

Score: 10/10: Best Youtube Comedian EVER!
When browsing this list, the thought that kept coming into my mind was, "are you kidding me? This person isn't funny at all". It's what I thought when I saw Pewdiepie on the list, it's what I thought when I saw RWJ on the top. Of all of these Youtubers, Jontron is the only one who I do find hilarious. He's just purely lovable, and his Nightshade video made me lose my mind with how good it was.
This guy is awesome! Unlike the others... *cough cough* Pewdiepie, Onision, and RWJ *cough cough*
[Newest]Makes my day every time I watch his videos.

17Wassabi Productions
I LOVE these guys. There has never been a video they have post that didn't have me laughing so hard I couldn't breath. Especially the Makeup with Rolanda. I was watching those again earlier as I ate ramen and just as I put my ramen in my mouth, something hilarious happened and I nearly choked on my food. They need to be at least in the top ten because these guys are HILARIOUS.
Come on, they're reaching 2 million subscribers and are funny as hell, how are they not in the top 10?
This is so funny

18It's Kingsley Bitch
F amazing he is so funny I love him so much I watch all of his videos
Why is he not number 1?
Kinglsey is hilarious! He makes me cry with laughter
[Newest]He should be #1. He's the only one that can make you laugh like there's no tomorrow.

Probably the funniest gameplay commentator on the site
God I don't know why people like him so much I really don't like him at all, all his videos are boring and unentertaining
How are tobuscus and pleasediepie 2 of the most stupidest and boring you tubers ever in the top 10 and Nova isn't. It makes me lose faith in humanity

Oh my god this chick is funny as hell. She ain't afraid to be herself and when she does, it's really entertaining
She's not hugely famous (Around 35 subscribers right now, but that's not bad for a tween), but she sure is hilarious for a 12-year-old.


Hilarious. So what if she's not even 13? For a kid, she's pretty damn funny. Mad props to Cal!

He's super funny. His Mortal Combat spoofs are hilarious. He deserves a lot more credit than he is given at the moment.
Dashiexp deserves more views than nigahiga, smosh, or raywilliamjohnson. He is mad funny.
Dashiexp is the funniest dude that I have ever watched he is truly amazing and to be honest with you I think that he should be #1
[Newest]He is the funniest no doubt

22Epic Meal-Time

Such a funny man gaming and his age is in his 30's why not disagree he is one of the best
How could he not be on the list!?! He's top ten at least!

24Rucka Rucka Ali
Rucka I think your funny just racist. In the Ebola parody you only talked about black people. You even said Jesus that is very offensive to Christans

25Peter Chao
Peter Chao is the funnies man ever and he is the greatest Chinaman
This guys way better than the squeaky, overrated Fred.


I have watched every morning for years.. They are a great combo of serious nerd info and uber goofy funny! I love that they have been friends with each other most of their lives and the true life stories include family life! It's a well rounded show
I absolutely love rhett and link... They are hilarious. I have watched all their videos and watch them every day the are part of my daily routine!
Lots of variety, hilarious, and family friendly. They feel like a part of our family.

Nice Peter is hilarious! He also made the Epic Rap Battles of History.


Makemebad35 is really Hilarious. He is a really nice person and I like how you can see the progression of his channel, and how when he is sad he shares his feelings. He always posts what the viewers want from him. He has been doing public trolling videos simple because of the fact that the viewers love them he always thinks of them and he is amazing. He is an original youtube celeb and he should be closer toward #1 should be in the top 10
Love Damian he is so funny! And a really nice guy
I love when he is on Omegle, Public Trolling, or just doing a skit.


Well hello fellow procrastinators!
The example of underrated

"This guy is hilarious! People can relate to his videos and he presents them in an entertaining way. He really connects with the viewers/subscribers and is very modest.
Dan Howell happens to speak his mind in the funniest way, and is one of my favorite British Youtubers! He should definitely be higher on the list than #33. Good Lord. He is able to connect with his viewers in the best ways, and he is always able to make me laugh. He also deserves every subsriber he receives. Vote for Dan!
Absolutely hilarious guy, I love him! Slight vulgar language (he swears a bit), but he makes extremely amusing videos that make me literally laugh out loud!
[Newest]Naturally funny and charismatic.

33Jon Lajoie
Not just top 5, Jon Lajoie was #1 the minute he came out with "Show Me Your Genitals"
Put this dude in the top five


He's not up in he's own ass like Smosh or CollageHumor

All of his videos make me laugh so hard, that I had to go to the hospital and had to replace my lungs.

Funny and pretty interesting.. Also stuff phil likes is pretty funny and he does it every day
He is incredible and unbelievable. I have no favorite video of him.


He's informative and just so funny



They are simply amazing! HAHA! Winning is their best video.


Not knowing these guys are on the list, I created a new schmoyoho. but the are so awesome! He's climbin' in yo windows...
So funny and so brilliant! They're songs make me wet my pants on the floor in laughter. He's climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up...

39Barely Political
I just love their sense of humor.
He Said His Name Was "Invisible Clothing Man"


It is good channel. I like it.

Rob is so funny His video's are very unique & entertaining. I'm surprised he hasn't been in the top 10 before VOTE FOR ROB!

Not as well popular as some of the others on this list but is definitely the funniest!
Not so popular but definitely one of the funniest! Absolute Beast FIFA gamer and funny comedian as well! Deserves to be higher on this list
Simply the funniest! He doesn't even need to try; that's just how he is! It's just pure talent!
[Newest]He is funny. why is he not higher?


She has a great talent and needs to go way farther in her career than youtube videos. The world needs to know and enjoy watching her
She is so hilarious how can she's not 2nd?! (nigahiga the best). those people in the top 10 list (except nigahiga) are not funny at all compare to her! She's so awesome and she always makes good points in her videos and is super funny!
She's crazy and weird and that's what makes her videos awesome and they are even so relatable. She's way better than that Jenna Marble chick.
[Newest]Superwoman is hilarious. She always has something funny and unique to say. She's being herself. I love watching her videos 💜

44Sky Does Minecraft
I die of laughter in his videos
Most funniest person I know
Sky is either two things:
Overrated, or underrated.
It just depends on who you ask.

Personally, I think he's awesome, although he could swear less. :/

In my opinion this is one of the most underrated channels on YouTube. He is funny and he always comes up with original stuff in his videos. To be honest his channel is much better than some other top channels.
He is SO darn funny! He makes fun of Snuggies and poor internet grammar.
It's sad to me that jacksfilms is ' FORTY-SIX on this list.

GloZell agrees to do crazy stuff (Challenges) and then posts it on youtube.. Her life must be very.. Well.. Interesting.. I always laugh at her.. And her mother.. Particularly when she spanked her in walmart "don't do mr. Walmart in walmart with yo momma because she'll spank you.. " HARDCORE FACE
She's hilarious! Just look at "Don't tell Oprah" and you'll see why!
Hilarious! "Is You Ok? Is You? Good Cause' I Want To Know. "
[Newest]Is you ok is you good because I want to know :-)

This guy is hillarious, he be all up there with nigahiga and stuff, number 5 least

There fail videos are amazing and awesome! Big Snake Fail is their best video for me.



How can you forget this comedian! Julian makes hilarious sobgs and other videos!
some of his top videos are...
1: hot koolaid 2: malk 3: eat randy 4: waffles 5: jellyfish 6: racist coffee 7: techno jeep 8: moving out 9: akbar 10: stuck inside your head
Come on now, he his better then 42




He makes hilarious videos about anything that comes to mind. He will have you in tears and probably make your ribs hurt from laughing so hard! He is very random and his facial expressions makes the video even funnier! You have to check him out!

His funniest video in my opinion is BLUE IVY VS NORTH WEST - bugattibeez

Plus he makes music! Check him out please
He should be up at the top too


54Bart Baker
He is obviously a very talented comedian and he makes the funniest parodies.
He should on number one bart you looked cute in the what about love parody believe it or not I'm only nine


Your family is amazing! I watch your videos a lot you are one of the best YouTubers

57Sam Green

58Joey Graceffa
I love Joey he makes me smile when I'm sad and when I'm having a bad day a second or two of his video's can turn my day to a great one <3 Joey Graceffa


He is the best. He makes my day (; I love him! He should definitely be in the top five with Shane.
He seems nice and he should definitely be higher on the poll



DCigs is the funniest comedian on YouTube for multiple reasens. He creates hilarious videos, he knows what to say and is naturally funny. I strongly suggest watching his prank calls and his angry black man videos they are laugh out loud funny. He is the most underrated comedian on this list.


I was surprised to find DCigs so low on the chart! I'd expect him to be in the top 5 if not number one, he can make you laugh for hours if you check out his videos. They're the kind that you wanna show to friends to get a laugh out of everyone
This list is an absolute travesty. Dcigs is by very far the funniest man on here. Who on earth made this? Where was the logic when creating this list? Was it chilling with Nemo?
[Newest]This is the only comedian that has made me laugh out loud on YouTube in almost all of his videos. Best comedian on this list easily.

Best person in the universe. She's an all round awesome person! It has to be said that she is most certainly hilarious and would crack up anybody!
I watch her everyday! And I always die laughing! (not literally! )
Grace Helbig is an attractive and hilarious Youtuber! She puts out a new video every day and never fails to make you laugh will her awkwardness and randomness.

Jenna is definitely one of the greatest youtube comedians! She is original, creative, and most of all funny!
Jenna is amazing! She is so funny, says whats on her mind, and you can totally agree with her! I would give her an award for awesomeness!
How can this girl not be nominated in here? Her landshark is the best thing I've seen in my life. Not to mention "the face"!

64Click The Button))) - asiaplayer1122
Cool videos he makes videos almost everyday!


She's happy and she's always making up silly ideas. I don't know. But this girl is super hilarious. Her accents and expressions are funny!

He's great if you like cynical humor. I really like his musical autopsies and Advice No One Asked For skits.
Adam Buckley is one of the funniest people on YouTube, and deserves to be higher than this
Adoseofbuckley is awesome everything from him is funny
[Newest]Bag it and tag it.

Markiplier will always have my support. He is a great lets play gamer, a great guy and I love the fact he keeps a good head on his shoulders. You can tell people pick up on how passionate he is about what he does, and it reflects on the number of subscribers he gets everyday. No need to fret my friends his numbers may not show here on but he is the third fastest growing channel on YouTube, sometimes the second behind PewDiePie. GoodMythicalMorning sky rocketed after their interview with PewDiePie so that is why they hold second place currently.
Markiplier is just plain awesome... Shame he isn't higher on this list... He should at least be one of the top ten... He really deserves it...


Number 61? REALLY?! Mark is the best YouTube channel there is. Seriously, why is Mark not number 1?
[Newest]WHEN Markiplier plays five nights at Freddy's he is so hilarious

56? AWE HELL NO! The only reason Natalie Tran (Communitychannel) is not number one is cause no one knows her. She is the best CATT! I'm never gonna stop that. I'm so-CAT! Anyway, shes the best. (Your mum rates her)
It couldn't get better than this.

But it does every time!
SHE IS AMAZING... I love watching her videos, they are so funny and interesting... She should be in TOP10...

What the hell, this guy should be in the top 5, he's hilarious and deserves as much recognition as ray william johnson

But then again his humour may be an acquired taste, you might need intelligence to get it

Check it out, if you don't then continue swimming in your dumbness
Unique type of humor

Connor is so amazing and brave. He, as of today, is no longer a part of our2ndlife because he feared that he would mess it up since he's been sad lately. You go, Connor.

Also, I'm really ashamed in this list, the top 3 are all unfunny trash. Tyler, Troye, Our2ndlife, Miranda Sings, Dan, & Phil need to be higher up.
Connor is amazing and he is so inspiring and gives an frantastic view of the world to young girls that really need it!

71ll Superwoman ll
I think she should be selected because she makes you laugh so much! My favorite of her episodes is Why the dentist is annoying... So funny! Totally check her out!
She doesn't deserve 49, she should be top 3
She's the best ever! I love all of her videos... she's funny, cool, humorous and moreover, she's SOOO pretty! She deserves a spot in top 3...

He legit gets used condoms sent to him in the mail by his fans, he is hysterical!

73American Girl - verynicesam

What's funny is their love of fart noises, which they do in much of their videos

This guy is absolutely hilarious. The only reason he's not in the top ten is because he didn't get as much promotion as the others. He is so creative and is such a good voice actor. Come on people, let's vote him up.
maker of the yu-gi-oh the abridged
You will obey the rod!

Phil, Dan and Tyler should be the first three on the board. First of all they're HILARIOUS. Second of all they're all very cute. Third of all they're all awesome as hell.
Phil is the best!
[Newest]Phil doesn't need crude jokes to make him funny, which is nice

77Miranda Sings
The very fact that Miranda Sings is number 85, indicates this poll is garbage.
That lipstick though. Dying.
These are wrong. why though, she is a bae HATERS BACK OFF

Little lemon drop and proud!
How is Danny so low? Its sacrilege!
Danny should be number 1!

79Tyler Oakley
Why is the poor guy all the way down here? He's hilarious!
He is so funny HOW DARE YOU GUYS PUT HIM ALL THE WAY OVER HERE HE DISERVES MORE I TELL YOU MOREE! Have you guys guys even seen him?!?!
I can't believe Tyler is so low on the list! I love hims so much he is hilarious, honest and has a great personality I love his videos.

80Smosh 2 - IanH
This is not as good as the other channels smosh has made but it's good

81Steven Jo

82Spoken Reasons
He should be top twenty for his hilariousness in the truth
Spoken reasons should be number 1 man FCHW. This guy is awesome keeps you laughing all the time and also keep in mind faith courage and hard work. I ain't shiit.. Uhh

83This Is a Commentary
I can't believe he is ranked so low. Tre is mad funny, I watch every video. Not to mention how real he is! Come on now.


Best outta all of these people
So funny
Better than Nigahiga any day

Wrote the popular parody Tik Tok and what makes you beautiful parody " You Don't Know How Good we Sew ". Search thecomputernerd01 and see the the awesomeness!


So funny! Please vote and other people please convince that this group is the best!
You forgot the "the" in the name.
I do love them!


Onision's sense of humour doesn't appeal to everyone, but to the ones it does, it's priceless.

86The Whitest Kids U' Know


88Chester See

Best youtubers out! Watch any of their videos! They're HILARIOUS!

90Rémi Gaillard
Simply hilarious, I wonder how he isn't at least in the top 20
Remi is absolutely perfect. He's clever and hilarious and by far my favorite.


These guys make me laugh especially the Ronald McDonald stuff

93ideo - JPizzle1122

I love his videos, they're so funny.



Awesome and I love the show great way to learn awesome stuff

Very underrated youtuber his videos are great and every one into horror games should check him out, and he doesn't scream like an idiot to every single thing that pops on the screen like pewdiepie.
Funny as heck, enough said

He should be number one definitely! Go Ed


I was expecting to see him a lot higher than this
How is this guy not number one? Are you guys playing' possum on me?
[Newest]Uh Ed is awesome!


100Don't Jealous Me

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