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181Machina ForceV2 Comments
182Dark Master
183Baby Tiragon

Detach an xyz material (there are three) to direct attack with any level one monster once per turn, and also it's cute

184The Eye of Timaeus
185Black Rose DragonV1 Comment
186Victory Dragon

Attack your opponent directly and he reduces them to 0.

187Impenetrable Iron Wall

Cards CAN'T be banished.. AWESOME!

188Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
190The Atmosphere

This is a crazy good card to have when you are locked in battle with a powerful card. Just banish 2 monsters from field and one from graveyard and he's summoned. he can equip a monster and gain attack and defense of it. Why is this not higher on the list. think of the possibilities of this card

191Number 104: Masquerade

Its effect is beast and is so easy to summon. Its effect is when your opponent uses a monster effect you can detach an Xyz material and negate the activation and then give your opponent 800 damage. Also while you have it on the field, you can send the top card of the opponents deck to the graveyard.

This card is awesome if you don't got it go get it

V1 Comment
192Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Sure it is expensive to summon, however when you summon this monster, it cannot be destroyed and the best part is that monster this monster gain 10,000 Attack per user's turn.

Armityle is almost UNBEATABLE

V1 Comment
193Evolzar Dolkka

This card is the baddest card ever (coolest)

194Adhesive Explosive
195Stealth Bird

When flip summoned, opponent takes 1000 damage and you can set it back down the same turn!

196Five-Headed Dragon

It is the strongest card in my deck and I have 2!

It should be in the top 10 because 5000 atk and 5000 definitely and all you need is five dragon's

V1 Comment
197Alpha the Magnet Warrior
198Beta the Magnet Warrior
199Orichalcos Shunoros

This card is to OP.

When it is destroyed you can summon divine serpent highest attack infinity

200The Seal of OrichalcosV2 Comments
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