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141 Galaxy-eyes Photon dragon

You banish this card and I've of your opponent monster then get them back at the end of the battle phase so it can stop attacks, and if you're facing a xyz monster out gets rid of their overlay units

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142 The Monarchs Awaken

Trap card
-Target a tribute summoned monster you control if you have no cards in your extra deck
-It loses it's effects
-That means no mirror force, no magic cylinder, no bounce and return cards, taking control of it,destroy, etc it can only be beaten by a stronger monster

143 Nekroz of Trishula
144 Summoned Skulls V 2 Comments
145 Dystopia the Despondent

Even though it is hard to summon, it has 500 attack and defense points, and can't be destroyed in battle.

146 Timeater

This card is amazing it actually takes your opponents turn by destroying one of their cards every time it's your turn leaving your opponents with no turns, it's your turn all the time

147 The Legendary Exodia Incarnate
148 Dragunity Vajrayana
149 Tour Guide From the Underworld

A level 3 that special summons another level 3 fiend from your deck. Good for XYZ summons and also if you play ultimate offering then tributes easily

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150 WInd Up Zenmaines

Another XYZ card that requires 2 level 4's. It's effect is so good at stalling, since when it is about to be destroyed, you can de-attach one material to negate the destruction and instead destroy one card on the field! Truly a good card

151 Blade Buster

It's a great card to have 2600 attack and it rises 500 for each dragon on your opponents side and in his graveyard it makes it perfect for taking out even the strongest dragons

So good if the opponent has a deck which is based on blue eyes white dragon then this card is the most powerful because it will have 3100

152 Skyscraper

Any Elemental Hero gains 1000 ATK during battle phase if their ATK is lower than opponents.

153 Raging Flame Sprite

Attack directly when it does plus 1000 in 4 turns can be 4100 attack

Can build up to a really high attack level and direct damage!

154 Lord of D.

Weak, but protects your dragons from traps, spells, and effect cards, combined with Flute if Summoning Dragon, lets you summon 2 dragons to the field.

This guy protects my blue eyes shining dragon and thus helps me win the duel.

Kickass But you have to have the flute of summoning dragón Its an East way fir me too summon my red nova and Blue eyes

155 Ameba

Look it up online

When this card switches control the opponent takes 2000 damage and this effect is only used one while face up on the field

156 White Horned Dragon
157 Clocktower Prison

R you serious it should be first I mean seriously
It lets you take no damge and if it is destroyed it releses a awesome effect monster

158 Earthbound Immortal Cusillu
159 Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca
160 Earthbound Immortal Uru
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