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The best fusion wheel. Ever it has beat all of my beys. The grooves give it an advantage. Please vote for is

Basalt is number 1 he beat earth eagle so bad earth was crying so bad

Basalt is the best ever the only time its ever lost was against a ray striker that had its fusion wheel switched with a hyper fusion wheel.

It is very cool bey. It should be number 1 it can defeat any bey.I love my Basalt fusion wheel very much and please vote for it.

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The earth fusion wheel is by far the best of all fusion wheels except basult and a few others. Even the look of the wheel is epic. Not much more to say, gives some well needed defense and stamina. VOTE IT

The earth wheel is one of the best wheels out there but no match compared to basalt wheel.

The earth wheel is the best because my earth virgo is my best Beyblade and the four things around it make it really well. Last, it might not be the best comparing it to gravity or something, but still makes it a awesome Beyblade. Well most people would think that one of the fusion wheels are better.

At first I thought Basalt was the best fusion wheel but when I tested Earth and Basalt, Earth won by far.

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Phantom is used in some of the best stamina combos ever. One example is Phantom Cancer TH170D

Phantom orion: best stamina wheel ever, defense: one of the best, balance:very good, attack: not the best. But is the best wheel ever

Phantom has good defense and attack it beat every bey I have

Phantom Fusion Wheel is Awesome

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Diablo can attack so hard and still have a lot of balance it's so awesome it broke one of my beys. Rock and earth can't even defend it knocks beys right out of the arena. SO GO BUY DIABLO NEMESIS!

Diablo should be in first because it has great defense and it has two modes ultimate attack and ultimate balance and it's the heaviest it knocked out all of my beys or sleep out it

This is the best wheel ever! Its weight makes it good in defense and attack, it looks cool, overall this Beyblade fusion wheell makes all the others look like scrap, vote this one if you have common sense!

Super high attack and defense broke my duo uranus - favouredlist314

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It is the best because I have all the blades and it always wins whenever I use my thermal pieces or thermal lecerta they always win.

My friend has it and his bey is invincible

My godline pegasus I callit.but it's thermal Pegasus and it's so strong it's only been defeated by phantom orian and Leone it wins so many battles for me it's insane


It's definitely NOT the heaviest (Twisted/Basalt being 50 grams), but it's the widest one (measuring a total of 50 mm). It's a great combo for battling multiple Beyblades, due to it's width, which also gives it great stability.

With the Beyblade spin track boost track it can take down any other Beyblade with different parts it can be invincible.

I never used it but got dang hades kerbecs is awesome

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I love the rock fusion wheel because it has a lot of defense and when it gets hit into walls it doesn't do anything to it. It beats my meteo l dago, my galaxy pegasus, my lightning l drago and my ray striker. If you are looking for a good combo for rock leone here it is, any leone energy ring, rock fusion wheel, an ed145 spintrack(my ed145 spin track you can take off the horns)and a be performance tip. Hope this helps.

Good. It almost never gets KO'd by other attack types. It is good at KOing stamina types.

It sometimes gets hit under the spin track but only after a big hit.

It can beat basalt horogium

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Duo has really good stamina and defense and outclasses several fusion wheels like Earth, Twisted, Rock, Flame, Hades, Evil, Jade, Burn, Counter, Fang, Beat, Thermal, Grand, Bakushin, Death, Fang, Scythe, Spiral, Mercury, Midnight, Night, Virgo, Variares, Thunder, Sol, Dark, Poison, Inferno, Wind, Heat, Divine, Forbidden, Lightning, Storm, Ray, Blitz, Kreis, Fusion, Mad, Omega, Galaxy, Meteo, L-Drago Destroy, L-Drago Guardian, Wing, and many more in terms of Stamina and Defense.

Its the best. Nothing beats it. Its invincible. My favorite. Great for defense and stamina. Its the best fusion wheel ever. It never gets ko by another beyblade. It is the ultimate fusion wheel.

Duo has both attack mode which has good knock outs and stamina mode which can out spin other beys (both are good)

Stamina and defense what more can you say!

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I really like this fusion wheel. Especially because it can change modes. In attack mode, it can easily chip away the opponent's stamina. In defense mode its defenses are incredible. I recommend getting Death Questecoatl.

It is very good against attack types because of it's ability to absorb the attack.

Death is great you can make attack, defense, stamina and balance combos I recommend using death Quetzalcoatl bd145 rdf

Death is the best

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This wheel should be in the top five. It's not as heavy as other wheels, which is good, and the 6 blades of defense come in handy for attack types, the 6 attack blades are good for stamina types. Also this kick but balance wheel works with almost all tips, tracks, face bolts, and energy rings. It can beat 4D beys anytime, any day.

It has a great balance (attack, defense and stamina). It is the strongest wheel since it has all ultimate powers. There are some examples like Dark Wolf, Dark Bull, Dark Gasher, etc.

It sprays pee on other bey fusion wheels and kill and damang beyblades and it has big smash pee attack yape

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Lightning has a lot of attack power. It sends other beys flying just in one shot. It rock's.

My arena has holes in it from this fusion wheel, you should buy this.

May I just say, THIS FUSION WHEEL IS awesome! That's all. Thank you!

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Burn! Burn! Baby! Hey check it out. You will never think of another wheel ever! Burn wheel is ' awesome! Bladers go buy a burnfireblaze right now! You'll know what I'm typing about!

Burn like never stops spinning it's so smooth it can stand a lot of attacks
Burn should be number 1# P. S it's awesome.

Burn is a cool fusion wheel it works energized but calm energy as it spin gracefully with the top! It's smooth and has good stability.

I have it on a custom and its beautiful

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I watch it on T.V. And flame libra has ultimate power he took down a player from russias team which was hard for him because he was cheat but he found a way to mess up the levitation contraption

It is the best fusion wheel. I have flame libra and it could could beat the best bey galaxy pegasus and meteo l drago only with fusion wheel 'FLAME'!. I THINK FLAME should be no. 1

Awesome! I have flame lacerta, and it has literally never lost a battle in like 3 years. No exaggeration. Not one loss

Flame is the best it defeated my friends gravity perseus and twisted bull

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POISON POISON POISON! Like com on people. Poison is good for attack and defense. It can also be used for stamina but I didn't try it. Once I get my befall, he's gonna be a tournament winner.

Got poison virgo he beats most people but thermal is tiny bit better vote for poison or thermal I would rather go with thermal but it's your choice

Ps don't choose any other fusion wheel or else

Its very good at hand-spun spin stealing and if you make it a little sharper it can even break other Beyblades. Use it with attack types

Great for attack and if you sharpen it is a weapon itself

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It has great defense but has low stamina it has helped me so much I mean like even big bang pegasis in 2 of it's 3 or 4 modes couldn't beat it

A comment wrong vulcan has a low defense but a great attack and a low defense type. a better attack type than galaxy and storm

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Man this is really good I think it should be number 1. Cause it beats lots of others. If only it would go on the other energy rings it WOULD be number 1.

6 words I love this fusion wheel, and it also beats a lot of other beys. I just think it is awesome.

The meteo fusion wheel is thin so it can go under more Beyblades but it's a shame that it only works with meteo ldrago.

Its got great attack power which is great and its not big and clunky which allows for fast spin

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I vote fang because fang leone is the BEST!

Fang is great for smash attacks.It can send opposite Beyblade flying out of the stadium with just one hit.


It's the best it owned my friend earth eagle in one hit clean win for me it even scratched the earth fusion wheel as well

This one is the very best. In my opinion it is second to none. Combined with a stamina type performance tip it even stronger.

My opponents never stand a chance against my Evil Bull

This should be no. 1 instead of Basalt

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It also beats meteo l drago superb, bey.

I think this the best because I went againts all the other different types of fusion wheels and gravity ended up winning as the best so my opinion

Ita most exciting. Its is defense type but it does attack ore. Its awesome. Buy it its superb. I beat earth eagle littaelly 10

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I think grand should be first because with that fusion wheel I beat earth eagle, meteo l drago, hadeskerbx, and twisted tempo

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