Biggest Badasses in Dark Souls 1


The Top TenXW

1Dragon Slayer Ornstein

Literal slayer of dragons, captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn, with gold lion armor to boot. - KarmalApples

2Knight Artorias

Gave his life to save a puppy. Who can say no to this guy? - KarmalApples

3Havel, the Rock

Awesome armor, incredibly powerful, wields the tooth of a slain dragon. Essentially the face of Souls badassery. - KarmalApples

4Solaire of Astora

This man requires no introduction. - KarmalApples

5Andre of Astora

Ripped old guy with a majestic mane. Not to mention fantastic martial artist. - KarmalApples

6Big Hat Logan

Created a sorcery as strong as Lord Gwyn's sunlight spears. Gave the outside world the middle finger so he could continue with his work. - KarmalApples

7Lord's Blade Ciaran

Awesome armor, awesome weapons. Good person. Respects peers. - KarmalApples

8Hawkeye Gough

Shot a dragon out of the sky. Blind. WHAT - KarmalApples

9Chosen Undead

The one who ended it all. Overcame every challenge given them through sheer force of will. - KarmalApples

10Executioner Smough

Gigantic hammer that could crush a full-grown man like a bug. Grinds the bones of his victims into his food. - KarmalApples

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