Biggest English Football Shocks


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1York City 3 - Man utd 0 1996

possibly the biggest upsets in the history of the carling cup - celynwelshy

2Wrexham 2 - Arsenal 1 1992
3Liverpool 0 - Wimbledon 1 1988
4Bournemouth 2 - Man utd 0 1984

OMG, Manchester United is a majorly ranked team, and to beat them is an amazing feat. I watched the game, and Mnchester United were definitely not on top of their game, and it showed on the scoreboard! : (

5Worcester City 2 - Liverpool 1 1959
6Man Utd 0-2 Coventry 2006

Manchester United won the premier league that season too. So they shouldn't have lost 2-0.

Coventry were awesome and Mifsud was better than any other gloryfied Man United player, Coventry could do it again and score more goals

7Southend 1 - Man utd 0 2005
8Swindon 3 - Arsenal 1969
9Herford 2 - Newcastle 1 1972
10Luton Town 3 - Arsenal 2 1988

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11Man Utd 1-6 Man City 2011

Everyone was thinking that this Manchester derby would be really close, but man city thought otherwise and showed their local rivals who is really in charge. Man city could of scored way more as well.

12Chelsea 2-4 Bradford 2015
13Walsall 2 - Arsenal 0 1933
14Leicester City 0-1 Harlo


15Man Utd 2-3 Blackburn 2011

Blackburn bottom and Man Utd top everyone was expecting Man Utd to hammer Blackburn but believe it or not Blackburn won the game 3-2 thanks to goals from Hanley, and a double from Yakubu

16Liverpool 1-2 Wigan 2012

I was not really upset when I knew the result. MAN UTD ARE FAILS!

17Man United 8-2 Arsenal 2011
18Man City 3-2 QPR 2012

Man city coming back scoring 2 goals in injury time to win the premiership title

19Arsenal 0-1 Tranmere 1972
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