Top Ten Biggest Myths In Baseball History

These are things that a lot of people found true but I know just about for a fact that these are myths and these events are impossible to occur.

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1Babe Ruth's Called Shot In 1932
2Jackie Robinson Was the First Black Player In the Major Leagues

Moses Fleetwood Walker in Toledo played in 1884 but he is very unknown. - Beatlesboy9

3Dizzy Dean Won 30 Games for St. Louis In 1934
4Dave Winfield Threw a Baseball at a Bird

He Did and killed it but people thought he did it intentionally but it was a mistake. - Beatlesboy9

5Abner Doubleday Invented Baseball

While he was a big part of it, there were so many other people and it took decades to evolve to the game it is today - Beatlesboy9

6The First Night Game Was Held at Comiskey Park In 1930

There were numerous night games held before this one. This was just probably the most well known. - Beatlesboy9

7The Mets Held the Worst Record In 1962
8Brooklyn Dodger Babe Herman's Triple Play

This one is hard to propose but I don't think it's true. - Beatlesboy9

9Ty Cobb Never Hit Home Runs

He wasn't massive on them but he'd get one from time to time. - Beatlesboy9

10Outfielder Paul Hines Pulled an Unassisted Triple Play

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11Derek Jeter took steroids

He actually didn't. This myth is bogus

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1. Babe Ruth's Called Shot In 1932
2. Jackie Robinson Was the First Black Player In the Major Leagues
3. Dizzy Dean Won 30 Games for St. Louis In 1934



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