Top 10 Biggest YouTube Trolls


This list is for the best Youtube trolls from EricDouglace to CopperCab. Which of the Youtube trolls do you like most? If you've never seen any of these Youtubers then you could check them out and post your opinion here. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Durham Francis
This guy made a lot of people really angry by saying tornadoes don't exist, and that all the videos are a product of government conspiracy and tornado cult worshippers. He also made a channel with several ridiculous videos trying to prove tornadoes don't exist.
Total nutcase.
He trolls with videos and comments of how tornadoes do not exist.
Stupid lunatic thinks tornadoes aren't really, retard and maniac jerk be that troll
[Newest]I got two examples proving this bug-eyed creature is an obvious hypocrite:

He wants tornadoes to be banned just because they "promote violence" despite that he likes Gone With The Wind which DOES look explicitly violent with an F5 rating.

The biggest troll ever! He's the one who said Marijuana is worse than Heroin. He has made a very well-known viral video called Gingers have souls. He has been called a troll even by Raywilliamjohnson and is hated by basically everybody. He's messing around with us and telling everybody that there is going to be a zombie apocalypse. He's such a hypocrite and has been exposed by many people. This guy is trying to get attention to get your money!


His rants are more extreme than hitler's...
Coppercab faked his own channel hacking for views he has youtube partnership and he sell merchandise.
[Newest]South Park is A Great Show And Has A Very Good Video Game For It

He is a racist for being against all types of people who are primarily not American (He lives in Canada) and always calls Knuckles the N-word, a sexist for being against all types of women, including his "girlfriend", a homophobic, a vulpophobic, a fascist/socialist for shoving his opinion down people's throats mercilessly, a complete hypocrite, a manchild because he always makes a big deal over anything that actually isn't that bad, screaming, cursing, throwing a fit, causing major damage to his property like a spoiled child, and won't take criticism refusing to admit he's trolling, and none else but a complete troll, whether you recognize him as one or not. He deserves absolutely NO fans, and I mean NO fans at all! Period!
He once started off on the Sega forums website as he is making a big deal over anything. It got so annoying that even the administrators can't take it anymore, so they deleted his account for good, only to come back many times more. Like the others, he is the main definition of "persistence." He moved on to YouTube to cause even more trouble by doing the same old things until a few years later, his account got deleted but like what he did on the former website, he comes back in different accounts to protect himself, but they probably got deleted once more. Now he sadly has his original channel back, it is best to forget about him completely. Oh, and despite that I said he deserves no fans, unfortunately, he as plenty; the ones who want to agree with him just because they have similar opinions.
He also claims to be a big Nintendo fan, when he only likes Mario and Zelda, claiming that F-Zero is a rip off of Speed Racer when it actually isn't, and ranted about Samus' current appearance, claiming he only played the first Metroid game for the NES, despite that he says everything rips off Mario and Zelda, when it actually isn't true. Since like late 2011 or 2012, he says he's outgrown it, realizing that Nintendo is just as bad as Sega, evident with his New Super Mario Bros 2 review and his "Pretendo" video he had last year. I understand what he meant, but I'm gonna have to disagree with him. I myself, grew up with Nintendo and video games in general, because I was very grateful, but he needs to be very grateful, as well, if he wants to be a true Nintendo fan. That's one of the reasons to prove he's a complete hypocrite despite that it's his opinion.
[Newest]This guy is the best. Excellent performance art
More comments about mariotehplumber

He is very biased, and calls everyone who likes something "autistic", etc. He is totally immature. He thinks that everyone should copy his own opinion. His arguments are flawed, and he fails really hard at trolling.
He also hates any and every non-hardcore games that's new or old; and for some reason, he hates pokemon too, yet he has GLIGAR (a pokemon's name) in his profile name.
This guy complains about EVERYTHING Nintendo makes, new and old. Instead of caring about gameplay, all he cares about is the controls and graphics. He is a PlayStation and Xbox fanboy, never mind, he complained about one of the most well - received Xbox games, Half - Life 2! Don't use his reviews as the deciding factor whether you should buy a game or not!
[Newest]He's another Call of Duty fanboy that's all that needs to be said

More comments about gligar13vids

He hates almost every video game except SimCity which is one of the lamest game I played, he even hates almost every superhero movie which are the best he's the worst troll I've ever heard in the whole Youtube history.
He said pikmin 3 sucks
Best troll in youtube by far
You should check his Man of Steel video... It's hilarious
[Newest]I find him funny troll bomb!

6BG Kumbi
This guy is probably the biggest dummy I've ever seen. He is a loser and makes all 9GAG users look bad. He is a very obvious troll and has summer written all over his face. He calls the websites FunnyJunk, 4chan and Reddit the triad of evil. Apparently he also hates atheists and won't quit YouTube until all atheists get arrested. Long story short... This guy is a douchebag.


It's obvious he's a troll. Although, he's only like 12 or 13.
Best person on youtube

Perhaps one of the cruellest trolls on the internet. He has a twitter account, a deviantart account and tons of youtube accounts so far. Such as: PipweedTheGiant, PipweedTheDuke, Pipweed E.T.C. nearly hated by everyone in the world for mocking disabled people and people with things such as cancer and aids. He also mocks tragic events such as the titanic and the twin towers. His most popular trolling is when he mocked animator and youtube legend, Edd Gould AKA. EddsWorld. So please get him off the internet.
He needs to be hacked really badly and lose all his stupid Youtube channels, and be thrown in prison for a very very long time where he will make many interesting friends. Enough said.
Uploads videos that mock cancer patients and laugh at disabled people, made a video laughing at the families who lost loved ones during the 9/11 attacks. General scumbag
[Newest]May he R.I.P know curious about R.I.P ?,it means Rot in Pieces

8Jack Goff
A Real annoying person who seriously must die for being the crappiest person on planet!

I hate him. He's stupid, thinks his opinion is fact and is a total douche! Thinks he's smart but is really a moron! Please, get him out of here! Nintendo for the win!
He's made himself famous only by trolling! *Claps*
If you guys think he's a "troll", then why are you taking his opinions seriously? You dumb kids are encouraging him to troll

My opinion of Jared Milton:
WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?! IS IT A BOY? A GIRL? WHATEVER! THIS... THING IS A *REAL* MUTANT! NOW THAT'S THE CREATURE THAT MUST BE PURGED OF FOR GOOD! Anyway, with that aside, Jared Milton is a teenager who is a fantard of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, etc. Who brought trolling to a whole new level with an unbelievable million views on his two videos. One of the videos is that he wants to ban video games and the internet. Here's the solution: if video games are banned, people are going to make more of them! Plus, video games never caused drama; reality did! Another video it uploaded is that is wants SOPA back! Oh, and don't EVER get me started on this creature's music video! The creature's hypocrisy, the way it behaves and gestures, and its voice does render it a psychopathic mutant indeed. This... Thing is only trying to get your attention!
I got two examples proving this bug-eyed creature is an obvious hypocrite:
It wants video games to be banned just because they "promote violence" despite that it likes Call of Duty which DOES look explicitly violent with an M rating.

During a Skype chat, it says it didn't want anyone to love him, but went off saying they should love him anyway.
Apparently though, I've heard that this seemingly genderless being has Asperger's Syndrome along with other signs of undeciphered mental illnesses causing him/her to be self-centered, egotistical, and hypocritical along with having bizarre antics. He/she has poor talent of singing, acting, and has impulsive compulsiveness.
[Newest]Greatest Troll who ever lived

The Contenders

Some crazy cow obsessed hindu prick who posts on videos that aren't about religion such as top 10 videos and rants about how his dead "guru" grandfather's dying wish was for everyone in the world to become hindus before it's too late and how we shouldn't eat cows because they're our friends and we must drink the piss of "mother cow" and he's so deluded that when he's called out on his trolling he responds with : Thank you very very much my brothers and sisters for LOVING ME! Please Keep LOVING ME My brothers and sisters Thank you very very much for yours LOVE.
Let him worship his cows, and we will eat it for him :D

He is obsessed with Call of Duty and he HATES Grand Theft Auto 5, he always says Call of Duty is more realistic! I HATE HIM!
He really is dishwater

13Jessi Slaughter
She's a sellout. Why bother giving her attention?

This guy insults many old video games and just any video game in general if it isn't Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. But when he reviewed Shadow of the Colossus, he said that it was a s***** game but gives it an 8/10 just for being on PS2. Any video game that is made by Nintendo, he thinks that it sucks. And this guy is a racist. Against all types of people. Such as Japanese people and Jewish people. He also says that he idolizes Hitler. And this guy is so arrogant. He said in his Top 5 characters that deserve their own game, that he put himself at #4. And tries to make a good argument when people give him hate, but he just makes himself look like a big idiot. He is also a hypocrite. He says that he hates Nintendo, when he has all this Nintendo stuff. And in his top 10 worst video games of all time video, at #10, he puts Skyward Sword and says "If you like this game, you are a threat to public safety" but then at #1 he puts Majora's Mask and says "Why? Because it's my opinion. " So this guy needs to get off the internet and just go die.
(Goes into Futurama Fry Face)
Not Sure if Trolling
Or Just Stupid


This guy is a real modern moron. By "modern moron, " or "modern whore, " he is one of these people who take putting the past on their backs way too seriously. He has insulted many old Nintendo games that have been critically acclaimed, and compares them to the repetitive and overused Call of Duty, the overrated Final Fantasy, etc. His channel's motto doesn't make any excuse whatsoever, he comes up with plenty of random excuses just to get away with it from constructive criticism, and get this: It's funny how he calls himself a Mysterious Man just to hide is safety behind his screen by not wanting to show himself on camera, despite the fact that what he has done made him a rather notorious user on YouTube.
He always overuses the non-profane F bomb often in every two words just to make him sound cool. Overusing that word unreasonably does not make you sound cool; it makes you sound annoying.
[Newest]Dear lord, you haven't seen a troll until you've seen this guy.

They span like crazy
Big time spammers, and plain losers.

This girl is absolutely insane! She is anti-marijuana, anti-alcohol, and anti-profanity which is extremely hypocritical because she swears. she literally just can't face the fact that everyone has an opinion so she cyberstalks people who don't agree with her opinion, she also has a twitter where she stalks and rages at people using caps lock, she claims that if you don't agree with her you will go to hell and says that marijuana is a sin and every marijuana smoker is going to hell which is not true. she goes to tons and tons of videos and says a bunch of false things of why she thinks its wrong. many people have proved her wrong but she continues to act like an idiot and start insulting them, she really needs to back off and close her channel because of how many people hate her and disagree with all of her false information, its been like 3 or 4 years and she still hasn't figured out that pretty much 98% of people on YouTube disagree with her and she should just shut up.
She's some crazy doll lady who takes things way too far, she bashes people's opinions and shove her opinion down everyone's throat. cannot beileve she still goes around, its been 4 DAMN YEARS since she started YouTube
Absolutely insane! Dealt with this one before... She's nuts and the attacks from her demented mind... And the neverending "Oh you're horrible horrible horrible" if you don't agree with her. All in caps of course. Needs to have her internet privileges revoked - Permanently... Crazy ass biotch.
[Newest]She is the reason, In the wild, Animals eat their young!

Queengregjock (AKA queengregjock04, queengregjock01, queengregjock03 etc. ) is a satanic cruel troll who picks on people who killed themselves, cancer victims, people with problems, he is a big jerk, he tells people to kill themselves for no reason, he got terminated many times but he keeps making more channels, I hope this douche goes to jail for a very long time
He said to shove some stuff up my anus and he is just a jerk
Hope this guy gets terminated off of YouTube. I also fought him once.
[Newest]Awesome best troll, NUMBER 1

This guy is hilarious! Laugh out loud
This guy never stops spamming about Ryback and he never gets off the internet
He's a wrestling troll.


In his Haters rant video, he literally said to his haters that he is 22, but when it comes to his haters doing commentaries, rants, and parodies about him, they say that he sounds like and 8-year old kid. He likes Chad Warden because he thinks that Chad is his hero because the way he talks in his videos that he too sounds "pimpin" as well. In the video called, "EmoMasterDX" he was crying due to the fact that Chad Warden was closing his Youtube account that made PimpinMasterDX extremely emotional that his haters told him to kill himself that he was causing misery to the whole Youtube web page by making rants on Youtubers and on other features that the Internet has. In his Youtube Poops rant, he said that the Youtube poops videos were giving people AIDS that the videos was causing them to have a term of diseases. He also said that Youtube Poops have the right to make fun of Chad Warden because of his lack of stupidity on Youtube. And the last thing he said about Youtube Poops is that the videos will cause you to have an ear-rape explosion to the videos due to the fact that the videos that are being Youtube pooped are extremely loud and irritating. And not to mention that PimpinMasterDX himself is ear-rapeable of him yelling and screaming with that stupid voice he used by the power of Audacity to make himself sound "gansta".
PimpinmasterDX is one of the worst Youtubers ever existed because his spelling is horrible and etrosious.
I don't really have much to say, all I can is that he sucks, I really hate his top ten 10 worst consoles, I also think he is really annoying, and I am really glad he has been inactive for 2 1/2 years now! Score: 0/10 Sign, LuxrayVision.


Time4NRG is a dumb 14 year old kid who reviews every mainstream game that comes out and tries to spit on the supporters. He says his opinions are facts and rubs it in everyone's faces.

He is very funny! He makes up a bunch of randomness toward random noobs and makes me laugh my heart out. Even his name John Trollsten makes up his trolls.
John Trollsten. Seriously people do not pick that up, probably Americans

The girlfriend of LIfeinaTent

He is a 16-17 year old hardcore violence/war enthusiast who is classified as an extremist and can be reported by the police of the USA. He is deliberately searching for videos to insult people for what he doesn't like. He is a complete hypocrite, a homophobic, a fascist who hates freedom, love, romance, animals, always claims that humans are quote "God's most chosen and most superior, " a Warhammer 40k fantard, always claims that hatred, violence, and war is eternal life and beauty, and his typing skills, spelling, and grammar are extremely poor, as if he is deliberately using cacography. Is there any hope for this god-forsaken loser?
He is an extremist, a hypocrite, a fascist, a complete Warhammer 40k fantard, and a huge war enthusiast of a troll. I am dead serious. You can't even call this High School prick a "knight" at the slightest! He's an immature, evil, and random loser who makes humans look bad and he deserves NO FANS AT ALL! On the other side of the coin, I believe he only wanted to live in the world of violence, destruction, and warfare especially when he dies for good.
Since he is officially an extremist, he's just sick and tired of everything, correct? If so, then I rest my case. I believe he is deliberately searching for videos to insult people so that he can get them to blame him, which is what he really wants me to do (which is called trolling, by the way). For that matter, I have to feel sorry for this nimrod. Seriously. I also understand why he's against My Little Pony, including Friendship is Magic, since it's permeating the Internet with any fandoms of it that make no sense, and as a matter of fact that the animated T.V. show is supposed to be for kids, to learn what friendship is about. Just remember that I, for one, have nothing against bronies, or anyone who likes My Little Pony, including the series today. You also need to remember that what you are going to do to him is what he wants. Yes, he's rude as it is officially stated by anyone, but like I said, he's just sick and tired of everything. Trust me. I have learned the truth about extremism as I have said it. If you see his comments, which he only trolls by, just ignore him, because responding to him negatively is what he clearly wants, or so they say.


This man has just slapped the word "annoyance" on his face, most notably his "Fanboy Reviews, " which are, of course, extremely annoying, from start to finish! His intro, how he makes invalid points over Nintendo games he just made fun of, and how he repetitively concludes his Fanboy Reviews along with his voice. This guy is just trying to get the fanboys to blow up on him. Oh, and not to mention that he is also a grammar nazi.
Ahaha yes this guy this is the biggest troll ever all his videos suck you know if I was to give an award for the least amount of effort put in a video it would go to this guy for his "reviews" all the does is show a few pictures of the game put some text around it add some secure inducing colours and bum he's done ow whait he also commintates on the games with the stupidest writing I ever heard in his top 10 worst Pokemon games review which sucked by the way he said that Pokemon crystal rips off gold and silver but it didn't cause it's a sister game so it's like the tow in one and thence the next number he said that gold and silver rips off crystal the the fu£k lastly the said that "lastly he said that with all 3 legendary dogs running around its impossible to catch theme all we'll it's not I captured articuno zapdos and moltres in platinum and they were all rooming too so capturing 3 is not a problem is you have patients aka this guy sucks
His "Fanboy Reviews" are extremely annoying! He insults Nintendo games, claiming that Zelda is part of that "Illuminati" thing which I don't believe in and I never will. His voice, his intro, the rest of his videos, and his conclusions just slap the word "annoyance" on his forehead. He wants everyone to fanboy what he is trolling.
[Newest]He thinks he can use his squeaky voice to get a rise out of everyone.

I remembered him uploading a video where he advertises us to "Thumbs up for 'epic' earthquake" when in fact that the earthquake killed many victims in Japan (I know it's a year ago, but that earthquake is a monster). Not only that, but during his Skype chat with BlackBusterCritic, LifeInATent got owned and butthurt.

Unlike other people on this list, this guy is actually a good kind of troll. His Minecraft videos are so entertaining and you gotta love the classic sky-high lava grief trick. He and Master of Luck, another good troll, are really good together, and both of them can troll any kid well. Good going, guys.
This evil guy Trolls some teenage boys and girls and uses the voice changer to make them sound like 5-7 years old boys raging

He's so evil! Avoid him at all! If he makes you sound like 6 years old boy raging, He will make people think that your just a 6 years old kid
This is one of the most hilarious trolls I've came across, love is videos of annoying kids resulting in them getting told off by their parents for screaming!

29Alex Jones
He's a hick and a conspiracy theorist.
Also he is a Holocaust denial.
Fear mongerer, and lunatic. Seriously believes in "reptilian" people, time travel and the Holocaust never happened... Wait, what!


He basically thinks of women as wombs with arms and legs, that should not be allowed to read
Biggest douche on YouTube

THE FAKE PewDiePie can go die. Hardly any subscribers. STOP ADVERTISING AND STRIKING ON WHY THE REAL PewDiePie is crap. Guess what?
Fake Pew,
Go die in a hole with your friends.
It's NORMAL to swear!


This is a FAKE pewdiepie channel that hates the REAL pewdiepie. The REAL one is awesome while the FAKE one is nowhere near awesome.
A YT channel made by some 3 yr old jackass who hates pewdiepie because he is "swearing". What a moron!





37Misty St. Claire
This idiot needs to stop making accounts and bullying fat people, he also pretends to be a girl and uses a fake picture, she is clearly a he
A most annoying troll who pretends to be an official You Tube dietary advisor and picks on overweight people.
Rude, vulgar, and ignorant. Wouldn't know logic if it bit her on the ass.
[Newest]Easily a top 10 troll

One word.
No, actually, three words.
Stupid cancerous weeaboo.
She looks like she's about to kill me through my computer.
This person has issues reminescent of so many of these trolls.

39Harolds Cat
If your black or Jewish, DO NOT LOOK THIS GUY UP! He is a racist Nazi loving pedophile who messages kids and asks them if they want to join his racist "kingdom" and if they don't, he will swear and threaten them
I was actually one of his victims. He bullied me a whole year! I actually became famous for that.. Not really but I was one of his major targets. HE SUCKS! All of his accounts subbed me, and I was so scared! He would curse at me, spread rumors about me, he once guessed my password! This guy is bad and makes fake accounts and pretends that they are little girls and that they worship him and stuff. He's racist and a Nazi. He told me Hitler was good and that he tried to stop a virus called polio that was spread by thejewish. I'm NOT AN IDIDOT! I'm Cuban, and he told me to get shipped back to Mexico. I mean how racist is that!? And one of my besties was manipulated by him and fell for his tricks. And my other friend, which was Jewish, was also bullied by him. He sucks man
He's a messed up kinz tuber saying he's king of YouTube with loads of people in belief that he/she is a nice person even thou he made a kid cry thinking that he was going to hack her webkinz account if she didn't give him a shout out I suggest to leave the "amazing royals" if you are in the royals and block him right away! He's a evil cat!
[Newest]Harolds cat is a bully who calls people but Jews, and curses at them if they don't become a royal. he's a cyber bully!

A very obvious troll because of his username, despite that he was just a kid. He always judges games by the graphics and always goes for the ones upgraded in modern times. Like other people, he is a disgrace to game reviewers as he fails very badly at doing reviews of only two games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Megaman 9. Oh, and if you think AKnotholeresident is bad about Sonic 4, veryinvalid just ranted about Mega Man 9, which was the worst video ever of 2008! He calls himself a Mega Man fan when he starts contradicting himself! I mean, that video wasn't even a review! He just makes a fool of himself, cursing and dropping F-bombs, tries to be like a cool gangster, and makes a corny impersonation of AVGN! Oh, and don't even get me started with him talking about the military dying for our country in Iraq! With all that said, stay away from this idiot and keep playing Mega Man 9!
Futurama Fry Mode:
Not sure if Trolling,
Or just stupid.
Not to mention he has a butt buddy who defends him to death. His username is sparta-something. I couldn't remember it.
What a corny impersonation of AVGN that this douche made.


This guy gives attention towards the haters of PimpinMasterDX because he keeps on saying that PimpinMasterDX is his favorite Youtuber even though we all know that he sucks at making his rant videos. He gives poor attention towards me and all of the haters of PimpinMasterDX. He won't leave people alone and gets annoying every time. This guy is the example of what I call him a "PimpinMasterDX Fanboy".
To those MaygerMayun1 fans here, you don't even know him. So shut up!
This guy is a complete definite fan of PimpinMasterDX because he gives attention to his haters that he is better than them in any standard necessary. He gives poor attention towards me and all of the other Youtubers who hate him so much. This guy is another troll that I like to call, "PimpinMasterDX Fanboy"

43Dillon the Hacker
A troll who hate Pewdiepie, Bronies and Women who pretends to be an epic hacker.
He is a stupid nerd


He's the funniest and the best troller there is but doesn't troll so much it starts to get boring
He's in venturiantale he's like the best one

This guy is a fan of PimpinMasterDX but his title is changed to PimpinBast3rDX because he worships him as a fan

EricDouglace is a troll on YouTube who happens to be a sarcastic Justin Bieber fanboy who cynically threatens to hack people if they disagree with his opinion and Justin Bieber. Need I say more?
Eric. Why do you think that your seen to be plan to make everyone like Justin Bieber when about JB when about 99% of the earth hate him?

Not rare to find a top comment responding to one of his stupid ass posts. Also uploads interesting troll videos.

What's he doing on the list?

50Chad Warden
A gangster wannabe who boasts about the PS3 and disses on the Nintendo Wii just because the Wii Remote resembles a sex toy and as a matter of fact it isn't.
'Sup Beeches it's Chad Warden.


He's this obnoxious kid who constantly posts obnoxious comments, always laughs about how much he hates the Xbox fandom, Nintendo fandom, etc.
Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud. its his language
The ultimate Xbot destroyer.

Automatic 420/10

Doesn't care about his subs, trolls everyone. It's hilarious.

What's he doing on the list?

This troll is going on people's videos and spreading hate about metal music, rock music, vocaloid, god, video games, and the army. I wish he would just leave us rock lovers alone. He keeps telling us to listen to the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Well, the last time I seen Miley Cyrus, she was on the pole showing everyone her bra.
He uses suicides and murders to bully and discriminate others.
Think Miley Cyrus, JB, and the jonas brothers are clean and safe! Talk about a singer who got booed off when he won the award! Talk about a nude girl on a wrecking ball.
[Newest]Idiot is bashing the good ole hard rock music and recommending crap like Miley and Justin.


Spudroosi is a big troll who has an army of trolls, his trolls attack people who hate on him, he claims he has swag he loves Call of Duty and thinks pewdiepie is evil
He's 11 years old and reviews appallingly adult rated games. Claims that PewDiePie is evil and absolutely hates him. His 'armie' of trolls will attack anyone who hates on him. He can't spell.
This guy is very similar to Dag00t. As they both Hate PewDiePie, Pretend to be fat, Claiming they have Swag and cannot Spell.

This kid hates minecraft and calls all 90s kids douchebags, he also made a video saying "f*** all youtubers" his videos are misleading, he is a douche
Crazy kid who hates 90s, minecraft and all youtubers. he causes lots of kids to rage and swear at him.
He is a crazy troll who hates on everything he finds on youtube, he cyberstalks his haters using fake accounts, he steals peoples videos and puts a misleading title
[Newest]This guy sucks ass

Despite the fact that mariotehplumber's account got deleted, guess what: He came back! This time with a different username shown above. Not only that, but in his videos, we get to see mariotehplumber on camera and in the flesh, using his same old gimmicks of making a big deal over the graphics of Sonic games and maybe games outside of Sonic, cursing and screaming, and what's worse is that he actually THROWS A FIT OVER THEM by destroying anything in his basement! Well, I don't need to bother visiting his new channel anymore. I just don't.
Well, his account got terminated not too long ago by fans of Game Grumps, but to come back as "Mariotahplumber" just to retaliate! He just doesn't know when and how to give up!

MonkeyGameGuides is a troll who pretends the only game he likes is Call of Duty, and that all games should be like Call of Duty. He makes rant reviews on other games that he owns and complains about how bad they are, and how they should be more like Call of Duty. Occasionally he says good things about games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, because they are similar too Call of Duty. He also has horrible spelling and grammar skills and is homophobic and anti semetic in his videos, although this is likely part of his act too.
This kid was doing absolutely plain nothing on his videos but growling, snarling, spitting, and cursing at the camera in a Cockney accent, complaining about games he owns that are not Call of Duty, shoving his opinion down people's throats, and can't take any criticism from his "haters", including CuteFuzzyWeasel.

Lol he is dumb
Think that's teds account. That guy hates me. LIKE HATES ME! Huhuhuhu!

Well known troll, I've seen his name come up a few times on some purposefully ignorant comments about controversial subjects like gays and religion, always provokes and receives lots of angry replies WATCH OUT FOR HIM and IGNORE

If you like pewdiepie. don't look this guy up, he hates pewdiepie with a passion. anyways dag00t is a youtube troll who pretends to be a fat kid, he loves Call of Duty and hates pretty much all games, he claims to have swag and he can't spell
Makes a lot of kids angry by picking on their favorite toys.

Successful troll is successful.
Typical Call of Duty fankid, hates on Minecraft and says that Call of Duty is the best game in the world, also uses terrible grammer.

62Caiden Cowger
I wish he was just a troll, but unfortunately he has a very real radio talk show, where he spouts very real hatred about homosexuals and masks it under the stereotypical Christian facade of:

"I don't hate the sinner; I just hate their sin."

Right Caiden, so you don't hate homosexuals. You just hate their entire way of life and everything they stand for... but you still love them because God teaches you to love everyone... but they're going to burn in hell unless they repent. Lovely.

63Michael Achievement Hunter
What's he doing on the list?

The biggest douchebag on the Internet when it comes to Call of Duty fanboys. He reviewed Super Mario Galaxy and said that every Mario game is the same every year. The same person reviewed Doom, calling it a rip off of Call of Duty, even though Call of Duty came out 10 years later. He is also responsible for a comment war on the trailer for Mario Kart 8 and trolling on a Game Grumps video under a different pseudonym. He also hates Team Fortress 2 because the graphics look like a Pixar film. Not to mention, he is a racist and an 18 year old with grammar issues. Finally, he supports the Xbox One and wants DRM back on it. This guy is pathetic. What is even worse is the fact that he's back on Dailymotion.

Mariotehplumber's Butt Buddy, They play smash bros every weekend on Twitch if you want to see them scream over Rosalina 9As of this comment).
A good video editor and flash animator, but a bad troll and top henchman of mariotehplumber.
Ronald Balish, aka "TheBalishChannel" is a troll on YouTube who supports and defends mariotehplumber as a butt buddy. He is a provocative hypocrite who always claims that Tails is a faggot instead of a 10-year-old male fox and makes excuses of how Mario dominated Sonic. Since I think his account got terminated, only to come back worse, I think he's now lurking in mariotehplumber's channel, continuing to do the work for him. He made a Rhythm Heaven Fever interview parody featuring a grotesquely-drawn Sonic he made (and I really don't like the video at all, although it's slightly hilarious). I hope that comment I posted is accurate enough. If not, let me know what you think of him. Is there more to say about this guy?

What's he doing on the list?

67Mario Larsson Empire

Some pissed off little prick who claims to be a 15 year old gamer, his original account was closed, he isn't even a real gamer, he is just a lonely kid raging at a bad camera
Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase was absolutely, sickeningly hilarious and incredibly memorable. I'll give him that.


This is an outrage, Sammy deserves the number one spot. Goodby.

She really is a cake
This was MonkeyGameGuides before he started complaining on video games. He made a video standing up for Jared Milton and threatened to have people arrested, then changed his opinion when people got mad at him, then started standing up for Jared Milton again. Personality wise, he's no different from MonkeyGameGuides, as he acts as if no one is allowed to hate on him. And then there's his escapades with Encyclopedia Dramatica, making a "promise" to stop talking about his haters and Jared Milton if they took his page down, which they didn't do, although he still talked about his haters afterward either way. He eventually said that he had the right to report his haters to the police if they leave bad comments on his videos. Eventually, he made a video admitting to trolling and lectured his camera about why it's good to ignore trolls. The point is, this guy's a complete tool and joke.

70Angus Bough

He is by far the most obtrosious and most serious ranters that Youtube had ever existed. Because he makes these INFAMOUS rants on celebrities that everyone else likes and he hates. Like for instance in his Eminem rant he said that he likes the song "Slim Shady". But had no attention towards it. He also likes the song, "I'm Not Afraid" which is not bad for a song. And the thing that really pisses me off from him is that he gives piss poor attention towards the celebrities that he rants on, like in his John Cena rant he said that Cena will never make it as WWE Champion becuase he thinks that Cena lost too many matches to wrestlers that everyone likes. He also makes rants on the years and how they sucked I'm mean seriously those years are like the best years I ever had and he has the guts to make rants about them. Like for instance in his 2009 SUCKS video he said the the year 2009 is the worst year he ever had because with the antangion of new celebrities, new music, new T.V. shows, new movies, and more.

The biggest most annoying apple fanboy ever...
Hilarious Apple Troll! :D


This guy used to be absolutely hated, however now some people have actually found humor in his troll videos. Long story short, this guy has Sockpuppet accounts up the wazoo, hates Yogscast, AntVenom, Gamechap and Bronies. He calls them Yogdrnes, Antards, Gamecowards and Diseases respectively.
This, my friends, is one damn notorious Yogscast hater! He, or "It", rather, has created countless sorry excuses for sockpuppet accounts simply to troll the Yogscast, AntVenom, Gamechap and Bronies.
It sees comments posted in reply, takes screenshots at ridiculously quick times, some of comments posted 11 seconds from then, and insults people. It takes itself seriously to the point that it uses a robotic voice. Trust me, I've had a full-on argument with it. This.. Thing.. Is a bad egg indeed!
He trolls on the Youtube comments with his millions of sockpuppet accounts and then posts the comments on his main channel and makes fun of them. He is also a grammar nazi and he hates Yogscast and bronies for no reason.

The original youtube troll. This guy didn't get enough exposure but was funny as hell and was one of the first trolls on YouTube. Look him up! Justinge3RocksGH. 333 He rocks!


Vintage troll, if you remember him high hive.

Why's he on the list!
I laugh out loud'd very hard when I saw his videos, he is really hilarious.
All I can say is that he has wasted to time, food, (and whatever the heck is else is in his videos), and money. All admit his content is pretty funny. And he is also friends with maxmoefoe, another bad troll (a REALLY bad troll! ) score: 2/10. Sincerly, LuxrayVision.

For those of you that look up anything related to amusement parks or theme parks. Avoid this moron. He Is a fanboy of Six Flags Magic Mountain and considers all other theme parks to be crap. he especially hates Cedar Point and all other six flags parks. Kill him now.
I thought he was a retarded 5 year old at first. He speaks like "you are a lesser type." And makes up his own words.
His top 10 worst roller coasters list was mostly cedar point coasters. And he hasn't even been there.

This vote was from when my account was hijacked from a while ago.


HE HAS THE WORST TROLLS EVER! He once played and tried trolling but he failed!


He snags top comment or draws dozens of responses every time he comments. He must be a mad genius or just really weird...

A severely messed up Mexican dude whose one video against the Legend of Zelda franchise is worth a million haters with some with some cynical/sarcastic humor. He says that the Super Mario series is the best which it technically isn't the only good franchise. I do like Mario and Zelda altogether, but like the others, he is not intelligent at all. I mean come on! He wears a dang white hockey mask with a straw hat and sunglasses on to not only hide his identity, but to protect his head from being blown off! What the heck? Oh, and to add insult to injury, I have heard that his favorite videos consist primarily of boob videos and the worst sport ever. Not to mention that his channel's background is not good as well.

His comments has made me visit his channel just to see what he's up to. I have learned that he is a Crash Bandicoot and Sony fantard who trolls fans of classic or non-Sony media, primarily Mario fans for no reason. He calls people "(insert-name-of-item-he-doesn't-like-here) f******", he overuses the emoticon ":P", he contradicts himself constantly, he comes up with a bunch of false statements, and a while ago, he made a threat list comparing modern media and Sony games over certain media he has insulted so far demanding them to be "eradicated"; I mean... How the heck can Bugs Bunny be a threat to Spongebob? How can Mario be a threat to Crash Bandicoot? How the heck can Kid Icarus be a threat to Heavy Rain? And how the heck can Assassin's Creed be a threat to Castlevania? None of his comparisons don't make any sense at all! Not only that, but during Christmas, it is proven that he is a hypocritical, Nazi-worshiping, Hitler-supporting anti-semitic who says he likes Jesus but hates Jews. Little did we realize that Jesus is a Jew as well. Well... MysteryGuy is a troll after all, and I hope I can forget this guy.
Whoever wrote the review below: You CAN forget about this guy.
He is a Crash Bandicoot fantard who always trolls Mario fans, always calls people "insert-name-of-anything-he-hates-here f***ers, " which makes him a Crash f***er. He compares things he likes, primarily ones made by Sony, to things he doesn't like which of course are not that related. For instance, he says that Bugs Bunny is a threat to Spongebob, which of course, obviously doesn't make sense. I like both Bugs Bunny and Spongebob, but none of these cartoons are that related. His threat list on his channel is complete garbage. I mean that it never made any sense at all. I hope this troll I talked about is higher on that list.

Some people say that this obvious troll here steals people's videos and uploads them from his channel. Apparently though, to prove that he doesn't steal videos, he places the videos' respective owners in parenthesis within each video's title. He is still provocative after all, like the others.
Okay, before you get started on saying that AnonymousGallery "steals videos, " I'm just going to point that out that he DIDN'T steal them at all! To prove this, he puts user names of the videos' respective owners in parenthesis on each title and keeps them in his channel. Yeah, and why I put him on this list? It's his comments, annotations, and descriptions that are extremely provocative. Oh, and he calls himself "evil, " too.

This user, whose full name is Vincent William Carousse, proudly proclaims himself as a troll as he attacks any Sonic the Hedgehog-related videos, making up false stories about how he owns those "Sonic fantards, " and other stuff that nobody cares about.


In my opinion, howardnwhite should be way, WAY higher on the list because he thinks he can change our lives by making us support and subscribe to mariotehplumber and other trolls he worships. Everybody should sue him, because he is an ungodly pompous, deluded, goody-goody, and disgraceful troll zealot who loves to do nothing but to add insults to injuries by shoving his enthusiasm down people's throats. He's the one who should leave mariotehplumber and other trolls alone! No offense to people liking trolls, but this guy takes himself way to seriously!
WHAT A POMPOUS LOSER! AN ARROGANT, VAIN, POMPOUS KNOW-IT-ALL! I mean I have nothing against people liking trolls, but! Does he have to insult us for having different opinions? I hope he's joking all right. But it's getting old! Not everyone can tolerate his vain humour. It's not funny! Supporting mariotehplumber and other trolls to death as a huge enthusiast? Not a good idea to me! I hope this loser stops shoving his opinion down people's throats! Like I said before, it's not funny at all in my opinion!
This man never elaborates why he likes mariotehplumber or other trolls in general with a passion. He doesn't respect people's different opinions by passionately insulting them with critical acclaim. I have to respect his opinion, but does he respect ours? NO! This man is just a pompous loser and a totally hardcore troll zealot at that! This idiot deserves to be considered none other than a troll himself!
[Newest]He is a hardcore troll enthusiast. I have seen his comments and the way he covets over these most hated youtubers makes him a very annoying person.

Mariotehplumberrocks, if you're on this web's page and if you see yourself on this list, do us all a favor and please stop using Caps Lock, and death threats and insults! Please! You're overusing this trash over and over! If someone doesn't like mariotehplumber, why does that bother you? They don't like him! So what? You like him right? If yes, then exactly! You're starting fights for nothing and you're the reason why people stopped using caps lock because you're eating it whole! Death threats and hate messages are not fun to use at all, so get some help right away!
Mariotehplumberrocks' account got terminated not too long ago, believably because he's been reported many times for his monstrous behaviour for his idol. Most of you guys can celebrate for his termination, while some of you guys can moan about it.
Every time when someone says anything or criticizes mariotehplumber at even the slightest, he always, I repeat, always goes into full rage by typing in full caps lock saying the most uncalled for death threats and hate messages in full rage. This guy is an insane mariotehplumber fanboy, and I mean the fact that he is completely nuts, crazy, psychopathic, etc!



Come on, with a username like THAT, he is obviously a troll. He has posted on many various videos, saying that the people in it need more "Swag", like him. He hates Minecraft, however loves Tobuscus, who makes Minecraft videos! He is a generic modern age scrub, by which I mean he runs about going "SNOOP DAWG NOOB YOLO SWAG! ". You know those people!


91John Jackson
This guy makes fun of sky antvenom and the yogscast. He shoves his opinions down peoples throats to hate minecraft and mojang. He made a video where he is spazzing out on a cputch saying how muck he hates minecraft. I absolutely hate this guy. Reply if you do as well.


GyroHedgie453 is a sonic recolor who uses speakonia and made a pretty infamous top 10 video about which sonic characters were the most sexy (and he placed his recolor as #1).

94Dean Braxton
He makes lies about Grand Theft Auto, pewdiepie and other things being in the illuminati, he says pewdiepie is using his bros as slaves. he has another account called pewdiepie exposed. where he makes all his lies about pewdiepie, he made a petition for the USA government to ban pewdiepie, which only has 9 signatures.
He is a lying attention seeking idiot that should be suspended from youtube, enough said

1. Calls anything with anime weeaboo
2. "hacks" other youtubers (he just makes a new channel with a small change in the naming)
3. The BIG BIG BIG offense he made a rap song about killing elementary school children under the alias MC Arron (probably spelled it wrong) GET THIS MONSTER OFF YOUTUBE!

96Warren Cook
Warren is a troll who makes fake VHS openings. He takes a Disney film, makes a fake date, adds the Neon mickey Disney logo to them, and adds "REAL, NOT FAKE" to the title. He even does similar things to animated films not made by Disney.

This person is a stupid child who is Roleplaying Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura. There's like a thousand of them on Youtube already. Anyway, she made everyone angry when she commented on a video of Bring Me The Horizon saying that she hated anyone who liked the album and she was being incredibly abusive. Also, she did the same thing on another video and everyone got pissed off because of it. The real Tomoyo Daidouji would never do that. And plus, she was using extremely bad Grammar and spelling. This person really needs to grow the hell up. Check her Youtube account, you will know what I mean.

98Jaakko "Isvaffel" Järvinen
Jaakko Järvinen is from Finland and is really hard to understand his English and he often mumbles a lot and has the microphone way too close to his mouth. What makes when worse than any other AVGN ripoff is that he actually says he's The Angry Video Game Nerd and that's what he calls his show. He has the most misleading name on YouTube mainly because he sucks at video games and he's not even angry. He died on the second level of Super Mario Bros, He died in just a few seconds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He has 2,000 subscribers that actually think he's the real AVGN.

99Josh Markey
This user has made a bunch of troll accounts on Youtube, like "KratosReturnsToYouTube", KidGohan8011, Kratos8011, Goku8011, Vegeta8011, DBZOfficialKidGohan and others. He is known to hate Lucy Van Pelt along with a bunch of other trolls and he keeps closing his account every time to come back again. Check out his troll accounts if you want to know what he has done.

100KJ Miller
KJ Miller (aka TheKydogg) is a troll on YouTube. He is a gigantic fanboy of Family Guy and claims it to be better than shows like South Park, The Simpsons, The Looney Tunes Show, Futurama and SpongeBob. He has a biased hatred on Benthelooney (aka Ben Tanehill) as well as everyone else who doesn't like Family Guy. Family Guy. KJ also thinks Ben hates ponies despite the fact he loves MLP: FiM, plus he took Ben's Fred the Show salute far too seriously and he took Ben's rant on Steven Universe the wrong way even though Ben's opinion on SU wasn't biased at all. KJ is just a little kid who just won't give Ben a decent chance. Not only that, he annoyingly adds garbage comments on South Park videos saying his biased hatred on South Park and shoving it down people's throats. KJ just wouldn't give any of this stuff a chance.

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