Top 10 Most Bizarre Enemies In Mario Games Excluding Bosses

This top 10 list is about the weirdest enemies. These bizarre enemies can be bizarre in their appearances, actions, and lifestyles. Bosses are not included.

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1Flightless Skeleton Goonie (Yoshi's Island)

This is a Skeleton Goonie with no wings! It may look dead, but it's still moves really fast with their tiny, skinny feet. They move faster on land than on air. All of that about this enemy is what makes it really bizarre! - Super-Eric1993

2Conkdor (Super Mario 3D World)

This bizarre bird has little feet, a spiky shell, a long neck, a hard bill, and goggles! This is one crazy looking bird! - Super-Eric1993

3Chuckya (Super Mario 64)

This is a bizarre enemy that looks like a science molecule. It is related to the Bob-omb, but doesn't have a fuse or explode at all. Instead it is purple, with a red orb on its head, and boxing gloves! All those features make it very different from a normal Bob-omb. - Super-Eric1993

4Snooze-A-Koopa (Super Mario Sunshine)

This bizarre enemy is really lazy. It sleeps in a giant shell that looks like a giant dinosaur egg. When it moves, it doesn't stand, it has to crawl instead. It mostly sleeps all day long! - Super-Eric1993

5Stretch Guy (Yoshi's Island)

This is a bizarre Shy Guy. It has a super stretchy body. If you step on it, it'll shoot watermelon seeds! - Super-Eric1993

6Red Boo (Super Mario Sunshine)

This is a Boo that transforms into a platform when squirted with water. The Red Boo is bizarre instead of scary. - Super-Eric1993

7Dino Rhino (Super Mario World)

This bizarre enemy is part Dino and part Rhino. It is slow. If you stomp on it, it'll turn into a Dino Torch. It breathes fire! - Super-Eric1993

8Colossal Koopa Paratroopa (Super Mario Bros 3)

It's a giant Koopa Paratroopa with wings! The wings can make this giant bizarre enemy jump high or fly instead of falling down fast! Who knew that small wings can support a giant shell? - Super-Eric1993

9Roto-Disc (Super Mario Bros 3)

This bizarre disc rotates while flashing. It's an unusual obstacle to overcome. - Super-Eric1993

10Galoomba (Super Mario World)

It's a bizarre looking Goomba. If it gets stomped, it'll flip over upside-down. - Super-Eric1993

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11Scary Piano (Super Mario 64)
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1. Flightless Skeleton Goonie (Yoshi's Island)
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