Top Ten Black Actresses

Talented, beautiful and all too often overlooked, these are the very best black actresses. Hopefully some of the recent accolades directed towards these women will bring them even more prominent and important roles in films to come.

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1Halle Berry


I have been one of her fans for a long run! I've seen almost all her movies! I am so glad she made oscar history by being the first black woman to win best actress for her wonderful performance in Monster's Ball!

I love this actress. Her skills shows in everything she does. I have been a fan for over 10 years. I will continue to show my support. I am waiting to see more things from her in the future

I love that movie the call she killed it

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2Whoopi Goldberg

No doubt! Whoopi is #1 here - Alexandr

She is the most succesful black actress according to box office and the oscars. - israel08

She's believable, versatile, talented, endearing and in possession of brilliant comedic timing.

So awesome so talented! Why the heck not choose her?

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3Angela Bassett

I love Angela Bassett. I think she's beautiful and graceful. She sets a perfect example for actresses like myself. I had the pleasure of meeting her once and she told me to be persistent. I will always remember and forver be greatful for that encounter.
Tiara Williams

I like Angela Bassett because she is talented, and she can make even a bad film tolerable. I have seen in various films and television shows, that showed off her talent, and I think that what makes a part of this top ten.

I know for a fact that Angela Basset is an aspiring and great person t look up to. I love her work and she was the perfect person to play Tina Turner. I look up to her and she has inspired me

She deserves the number 1 spot cause she's fascinating and very charismatic and very talented.

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Raven-Symone is Voted the best Black Actress of all-Time because she Truly is. She is not Overrated like Halle Berry because her Ethnicity she can actually Act, and is Kind to everyone she meets. Raven also can Sing, Rap, Act, and Produce.

rose from a show in Disney and becoming very popular - anthonybecerra831

The best Actress Ever, and should be doing big things in 2010.. We haven't seen much of her lately

She is incredibly sweet and an excellent actress. Plus she is beautiful and can sing, very kind and humble - dragonfly99

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5Thandie Newton

so beautiful and talented its amazing she doesnt own Hollywood!!

definately one of the better actresses. She was superb in Beloved, Crash and MI but also some of her lesser known british films

Thandie newton is a class act, an excellent pure talented actor, all her roles are extrememy box office material; Perfect personality, more beautiiful then all the 10 actress listed, her private life is private and thandie is always in a perfect performance I reiterate the perfect actor, lady, human eing

She was great in good deeds

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6Gabriel Union

She looks and acts like the perfect angel. Gorgeous, sexy and very talented.

Just love her! Very Good actress, I know for a fact she is one of the best ones out there, I think so anyway..

I am upset that you guys have her name spelled wrong. I love her though. Stunningly gorgeous and seems like she is an all around positive person to be around on and off screen. I watched a documentary about her visiting China to take part firsthand bringing awareness to young girls and education. It was beautiful.

She is so amazing

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7Viola Davis

It's ridiculous that she isn't at LEAST in the top 5. Not only is she one of the best black actresses working today, she's one of the best actresses working PERIOD. I don't know if everyone here hasn't seen Doubt, The Help, or Fences but by seeing her so far on this list I'm just gonna assume that no one has. Viola Davis is one of the best actresses working today.

A wonderful actress who brings passion and dignity to the screen

She was amazing in The Help!

She acts good in her movies

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8Octavia Spencer

She's the best she started from nothing and now an oscar winning actor I love her acting so much

Love her acting wish she had gotten the role in the Butler!

Octavia Spencer is an amazing actress. I loved her in The Help, she was hilarious!

9Kimberly Elise

Honestly, this woman is severely underrated.. I wish I could see more from her, she can play any part, she is not the most beautiful but surely the most dedicated. Kimberly elise has to be the only actress I see to come on looking horrible and acting broken. Then totally switch to a role of strong and radiantly gorgeous character

Easily one of the best young actress around. A true scene stealer in just about everything she does. Commands attention on screen without having to remove her clothes. Top shelf.

Someone must have been napping, this fine actress belongs in the top 10. Let's put it this way, she will be the next black actress to win an Oscar, wait and see.

She is amazing, I compare her acting ability to that of Cicely Tyson.

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10Queen Latifah

Come On! Quenn Latifah should be much further up then this are you kidding? Have you not seen The Secret Life Of Bees? - Dinky2191

She looks good and I love hearing her voice very soothing! Can relax when ever a queen latifah movie is on! Very good actress

Like her voice and his commitment in acting as she is simply actress. She may give the best shot in every movie she act

The Queen has so many talents it's hard to talk about all of then at once, but all in all she's amazing.

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The Contenders

11Nia Long

Nia Long is a powerful, black actress.She brings so much force and intensity to a movie "The Best Man" she gave an outstanding performance and have a unique beauty I wish we seen her more often.

She has great potential. I love her.

Underrated power actress that is remembered too much for Friday and not enough for "Love Jones" and "Are we there yet"

I can really relate to Nia Long in the documentary Behind the Color Line.

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12Sanaa Lathan

sanaa should be number 1 she is gorgeous andd she starred in the best movie ever love and basketball also she has her own natural hair and she is a philanthripist. she's amazing - terren65

I loved her in Love and Basketball. I know that movie is loved by everyone because of her perfomace with Omar Epps. They both did the damn thing! I give her props for that one. And also for Brown Sugar and AVP.

Hands down. Did you see her in the family that prays. She was an evil bitch. She was also in love and Basketball which was a good movie.

Single, beautiful, talented... Sweet Brown Sugar! None better!

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13Ruby Dee

Great on screen presence and longevity - Greenmean

14Taraji P. Henson

I thank she is wonderful, I have enjoyed every movie she has appeared in. She has been great as a supportive actress. I know she would be great in a lead role. So please give her the recognition she deserves.

She is Hot Hot Hot! Loved her since 'Baby Boy'! Cried at 'I Can Do Bad By My Self'. Rejoiced when she got got Oscar nod for Benjamin.. As Brad "Mom".

She puts everything into every role she plays. She's versatile and never loses her femininity in any role.

This is an outrage she is so good in empire

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15Loretta Devine

Excellent actress, would like to see her on this list

This woman is phenominal. No matter what she is in, I stop to see her perform. I am always proud to say to anyone else that she is an educated woman and can act with the very best.

16Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett plays good in all her roles. She's very beautiful and she knows how to act.

She's the best actress remember the set it off movies she is so greater

She is the best

17Cicely Tyson

She's phenomenal. Period. What's sad is that as iconic and influential as she has been to women like Viola Davis, Oprah, and Angela Bassett, she is not universally known to the younger generation, and THAT is the definition of tragic.

Cicely Tyson is by far the best actress of any race to have ever acted and also the most unrecognized and underrated ever.

Incredible range, every performance that I've seen was absorbing. One of best actors of any sex.

She should be in the top 5 if not #1. This is outrageous.

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18Pam Grier

Beautiful, sexy and used the camera to her benefit. Not many new stars can
Measure up to her.

None like her today. No comparison... Awesome Awemsome... Unbelievable is I can say... Endless love for this lady... Utmost quality... Epitome of talent beauty and brains... All rolled into one... What more can one ask for

Going to a party and have to dress as favorite ac tor and Pam it is wish me luck

19Meagan Good

She's the impossible, the hope of all, beautiful, cute, sexy, sweet, (I hope), loveable, adorable, inspirational... Hot, edgy, street, fun, hood, suburbia, and all of the above... MY WIFE...! Soon to be my life...

Meagan good is the most beautiful african american actress

all I can say is this girl is too hot for t. v. this girl is one of my favorite I wish she was mine

She is hot women

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20Oprah Winfrey

This women should be way up that list people need to realize the influential roles that she has chosen to do and do well.

Cold. Pretentious ego maniac

Pretentious cold ego maniac

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