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21 Neon Knights

Amazing biker song! Every time I go out on the road I jam to this song. The whole album is great!

Energy ENERGY ENERGY! This is everything a hard rock song should be!

Very good intro to a near-to-perfect album

Dio sabbath is the best sabbath

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22 Changes

This song isn't like most Sabbath songs, I'm just getting into them and its pretty clear already. Something about Ozzy's voice just gets me, I don't know how to put it into words. A very honest sound.

Great song different to many other black sabbath songs just the way this song was done is amazing

Greatest Black Sabbath ballad ever made a pure pure ballad!
Using piano and less guitar one of the most unique ballads of alla time

A very sad ballad.

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23 End of the Beginning End of the Beginning

Can't believe this song isn't here

Thit song, despite being in the newest album, is amazing, the riff, the lirycs, everything is in place and feels awesome listening to it. If you are reading this listen to the song if you haven't yet, you will like it I promise

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24 Planet Caravan

Great song covered by pantera. A Moody, spooky and mellow sound with some excellent guitar playing.

One of the only songs I can listen to for hours and hours on end. Pantera cover is possibly even better than Sabbaths too (in my opinion of course)

My favourite Black Sabbath song, I listen to it on repeat when I'm trying to get to sleep. Pantera cover is amazing as well.

Unexpected for Black Sabbath, this song is haunting and relaxing. My favorite Sabbath song.

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25 After Forever

Just hear it! The riff, the vocals, the chorus... But specially: THE LYRICS! - rock2metal

23?!? How? This song is so catchy and has a really soothing beat. I honestly expected this to be at least top 15

I love the conversational lyrics in this song, the lyrics are asking YOU questions so you feel more involved in the song.

Deserves to be much higher... Inside the top 10 for me.

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26 Children of the Sea

Best vocals by ronnie and the guitar riffs in this song is juz so awesome man it should be in the top ten

The very best Sabbath Song ever ;-)

It deserves more... They should've published it as a single. It's a paradox to decide which is the album's best: H^^H or because

27 Hole In the Sky

Butler and ward at their best with pure metal bass and drums. This influenced sound of maiden, Metallica and in my humble opinion nirvana massively and more than early sabs which is great but prototype. Hole in the sky is finished product and the essence of British metal

Belongs in the Top 10! The Riff and the Drums are awesome, Metallica and Pantera can not be wrong.

I think it's one of their heaviest songs and it has a great groove!

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28 Megalomania

Epic song with killer rifs, one of my favorites.

One of the first and best epics in metal. Completely destroys Sabbath's mainstream stuff.

The centerpiece of Sabotage. The best song outside of the first 3 albums. Sabotage is one of my favorites, people that have listened to the original 8 over 100 times would probably agree with me. I did vote paranoid #1. Sabotage most underatted album, megalomania most underatted song.

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29 Spiral Architect

Very amazing, very uplifting song. Extremely incredible album. I don't get why this song is so long on the list...?!

There's many great Sabbath songs, but this is their best in my opinion.

Probably my favorite sabbath song.

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30 Lord of This World

Amazing lyrics, riff is beyond phenomenal. This song is extremely under rated, if you haven't already listened to it please do it's a great song.

How has this not been voted for yet, amazing lyrics, amazing song concept and my favorite black sabbath guitar riff.

31 Die Young

probably the best song after ozzy left the group...
i wish they would be more like that but they weren't able do repeat themself

Such an awesome song with such a powerful voice. When it comes to Rock music, this song totally represents the genre amazingly well. One of Dio's best songs ever!

One of their faster songs with an awsomme riff intro

49? It's one of my favorite sabbath song, it should be at least at top 10 what?

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32 A National Acrobat

This song should be much, MUCH higher than Heaven and Hell. As a matter of fact, there is no Sabbath without Ozzy (even the rest of the band says so)and therefore songs without Ozzy shouldn't even be on this list! A National Acrobat is probably my personal favorite Sabbath song at the moment.

This is not only THE best Sabbath song ever but happens to be my favourite song EVER. It is incredible and could have quite easily made up 5 seperate songs it has so many incredible riffs- which is the thing I like the most on all the best early Sabbath songs.

My favorite Black Sabbath song. Such a great song and beats all their hits.

That riff and that opening line! First half is better than the second though.

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33 Looking for Today Looking for Today

A total master piece, There are even flutes in this song! - VJS

34 Behind the Wall of Sleep

Awesome track. It should be somewhere on the top of the list. Awesome solo as well.

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35 Dirty Women

66? They play this song at almost every concert!

If more people listen to it, top 10 no doubt

I can't believe it isn't top 10, Iommi is god here

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36 Wheels of Confusion

The first time I heard this, I couldn't get enough. I must have listened to it 1000 time or more by now. Tony Iommi's playing is great. Such great way to kick off the "Volume 4" album. I idealize Iommi's playing. Wish I could play half as good as he can. Long live Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath.

Almost unbelievable that this song is currently at number 27 on this list! Listening to it just now as I type and trust me, it deserves to be a lot, lot higher!

If you ask me, this song set the blueprint for stoner rock/metal - ryanrimmel

No question the theme of Sabbath

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37 Killing Yourself to Live Killing Yourself to Live

Okay, seriously. I very rarely make comments on this website but what the hell happened here!? I don't actually have an absolute favourite Black Sabbath song but goodness, this song has one of the catchiest versus I have ever heard in all of my life! I'm not even kidding! Also very interesting when the tempo progressively increases! Not to mention, Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett has stated this song as his all-time favourite of theirs!

My personal favorite sabbath sons. Has so many unique qualities to it. The song is very progressive and changes time sigs all the time. Just my $0.02

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38 Solitude

Ozzy sounds so sad in this song it doesn't even sound like him. Great song though

A fantastic song, so much feeling put into Ozzy's vocals and a total change from nearly all of Sabbath's other work. Not all of their music is the same; you just need to know where to look.

Few songs can transmit you intense emotions, this is one of them.

How the hell is this so low on the list?! This song is a melancholy masterpiece.

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39 Under the Sun

Apparently the band renamed it "Everywhere Under the Sun", because of the trouble Bill had learning the drum parts, (According to Ozzy's auto-biography. The rhythm is dark, and Ozzy's performance is great.

One of greatest song from Sabbath, great riffs from Iomi, nice solo and performing from Ozzy

40 Master of Insanity
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