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41 Is God Dead? Is God Dead?

Absolutly best!
After 1995 Sabbath released a album.
And this is quality album from a never ending band Sabbath.
Best song from album 13.

42 After All (The Dead)

Truly one of Sabbath's most under-rated masterpieces. This song has everything, and Dio just knocks it out of the park with the vocal work.

This song is where Slayer got their guitar sound from. Can't beat the lyrics. Truly one of Dio's greatest performances.

Fantastic heavy metal song and fantastic song.

43 Never Say Die

This is an amazing song it makes you so happy

This is so catchy! I love those guitars!

Does anybody no what song was on the radio on coronation street was it a Black Sabbath?

You kidding me? This song is top 20 at the minimum.

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44 Warning

This song is the greatest. Altough it has to be combined with Warning. They are pretty much the same song. Sleeping Village followed with warning. These combine to make Sabbaths greatest.

45 Rat Salad

This song shows who geezer is and what he has contributed to the sabbath, also it includes power drumming by bill.

Bill Ward is the God of Metal drumming

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46 Cornucopia

What the hell? Why is this one last? This was the first song I listened of Black Sabbath! Why is this one 65? 65! At least it deserves to be in the top 10!

One of the best songs from sabbath, people idiots dumbass kids believe paranoid album and song are the best

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47 Zeitgeist Zeitgeist

This is a fantastic song, with echoes of Planet Caravan. Ozzy's vocals are excellent, Iommi's guitar playing is beautiful and the rhythm section play low and sweet. What more is needed in a haunting song?

Second favourite from the new album, just behind End of the beggining.

48 Lady Evil Lady Evil
49 Damaged Soul Damaged Soul V 1 Comment
50 The Sign of the Southern Cross

107th? For what could be the greatest song in heavy metal history? It starts so serene with Dio's beautiful voice, building up into some of Iommi's heaviest, most badass, riffs. Butler's performance is masterful as well, particularly live, making this song into one HUGE force. And the lyrics: so open ended and abstract, yet creating such a glorious environment of doom. This is a song that gives me goosebumps when I simply read the title. It's that good.

The complete metal epic and unutterably beautiful and terrifying in turns. Dio deserves so much more recognition for his work with sabs than he gets. Open your ears and mind and bow to the majesty of this unheralded classic

Tony Iommi himself said this was the heaviest song Black Sabbath ever recorded...ever! Extremely underrated. Any of the Dio stuff re-wrote the book of heavy music and propelled them into the 80's. From the book the word is spoken...

115th? How is this possible? This song is amazing, definitely in their top 5 in my opinion.

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51 Johnny Blade

They Johny's a spider, but I also heard that this songs kicks #$$!

52 Voodoo Voodoo

The Live Evil version is one of heavy metal music's great achievements. 'Don't come to me for comfort. I'm alright! I got voodoo.'

The best song with Dio from the album Mob Rules, in my opinion

53 Over and Over Over and Over

Riff is beyond amazing. Solo is fantastic. And it's one of Ronnie's all time best vocals. Ozzy stuff is nothing compared to stuff with Dio. If I had to pick an Ozzy song for it, it would be the writ because his vocals are so amazing!

Best song from Mob Rules, should be top 20 at least.

54 Wicked World

This is easily one of Black Sabbath's most underrated songs, and I have no idea why, because it's such a good song.

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55 Back to Eden

Such a great song. Probably one of the best guitar riffs of Sabbath and greats vocals by Dio once again.

56 The Mob Rules The Mob Rules

Love dozens of sabbath songs. But this one is a 10. Just wish it was longer. Like so long it never ends

Currenly #46 what? This song and album are the best of sabbath and the great RJ? D!

57 Zero the Hero Zero the Hero

Top five at least, not much Black Sabbath experts here, just idiots praising the worst song ever written by sabbath paranoid.

Underrated as hell, The Cannibal Corpse is good too!

Paranoid is far from the worst Sabbath song moron

58 Born to Lose Born to Lose
59 Breakout Breakout
60 Falling Off the Edge of the World Falling Off the Edge of the World

Wow, not even a mention? All Sabbath fans must re-assess this song. You wont be able to get though more than half before it pushes into your top 20 at least!

Unbelievable this is so far down list. Are you philistines so blinded by the myth of ozz that you don't recognise that this is one of greatest songs from the greatest heavy rock vocalist ever? Respect the memory of the great rjd, listen to this metal masterpiece then vote for it

It's a joke that there aren't more Dio songs higher up the list. Everything in this song from the screams to the growls, the operatic range shows why Dio is 10X the singer that Ozzy ever was.

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