Best Blonde WWE Divas Ever


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Maryse Ouillet
Umm its MARYSE OUELLT and she is the sexiest diva ever... I love her with all of my heart she is just the total package she has the blonde hair the sexy body the attitude the beautiful hazel eyes. She just has it all...
Maryse rips up in looks I would bang her any day also kelly kelly rips up 2 the reason why I voted for maryse was cause it had no comments about her she is beautiful
Think about it, making out with her while she is laying on you, her french voice/orgasm, face in her boobs, pounding the bedroom dresser with her all night.
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2Kelly Kelly
Kelly is perfect
Her boobs
Her ass
Shes hot sexy good looking
And best in strip poker
She is diva of the year material. Trust me; I know my divas


She can wrestle and she is always positive and she is sexy


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3Michelle Mccool
Michelle McCool was the very first WWE DIVAS CHAMPION. And the first ever WWE DIVA to capture both Divas and Women's titles. She has accomplished so much in the Diva's Division. She is by far, the best.
Let's face it if she can marry the undertaker and still be just as flawless as she is then she is the best
this girl is simply FLAWLESS
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4Trish Stratus
Shes the definition of Diva.
Smart, Sexy, and Strong.

She's an Ass Kicker, and not an Ass Shaker, like a lot of the Divas today.
She is too an ass shaker as much as an ass kicker. I heard of her as a bikini model in magazines long before I saw her on WWE. Still one of my top picks.
Um, how is Kelly Kelly winning? She's not even hot. Horrible mic skills, zero charisma, ugly, terrible in ring, etc. She's probably one of the worst and I hope she dies. No, seriously I hate her that much. She's also good at pissing in sinks. PS I don't even like Trish, I'm just voting since she's behind Kelly.
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5Torrie Wilson

shes the cutest diva ever

6Ashley Massaro
so hotter than these people


Really sexy I would bang her all the time



9Stacy Keibler

10Miss Jackie

The Contenders

No one can look hotter
She is damn sexy

And the legend THE ROCK


The sharp shooter was made by the famous bret hart and now carried by beutiful nese natalya

13Jillian Hall

14Beth Phoenix


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