Greatest Blue Oyster Cult Albums

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The Top Ten

Secret Treaties
Brilliant, only knew "don't fear the reaper" before buying and stood in shop with a choice; "secret treaties" or the "best of", I took a gamble as I prefer albums over compilations and very happy with my decision!


Flaming Telepaths, Astronomy... Some of their best songs ever!


Best lyrics as well. Try to compete with ME262. This album is incredible.

2Agents of Fortune
This is their best album, they leave the "glam" and metal, and creates a beautiful soft-rock album. The only album I really like by BÖC, still there are some good pieces here and there on other albums.
I have never gotten tired of listening to this album. The music is so original I constantly find myself being in the mood to listen to one song or another, never the same one over and over again.
Agents of Fortune represents the band at their best, most creative and most versatile. It's one of the great albums of the 1970s.

3Blue Oyster Cult
A very complete first album with all listenable cuts. Some really good cuts and excellent guitar playing.
Their best, hands down.

4Tyranny & Mutation
The first three tracks are a bit weak, but the rest of the album is stellar. Fire of Unknown Origin is a bit more consistent and has a better sound, but the high points of Tyranny and Mutation are higher, and it rocks in a way that their later albums don't.

5Fire of Unknown Origin
This album put BÖC in another level. Burning for you, is by far the best song ever played in rock & roll history. Awesome, magic, alien, exquisite!
An unbelievable catchy trip into a world of fantasy. Highly recomendable!
Fire of Unknown Origen is awesome, unique tunes, magical: Burning for you is the best rock song ever played.


7On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

8Cultosaurus Erectus
Some great BOC song writing and musicianship
This album has THE best collection of songs by B. O. C. ever.


9Some Enchanted Evening
Great version of Don't Fear The Reaper amongst some other Cult classics. Still stands up well as a fine live album.

Underrated and overlooked. In the, The Vigil, The Great Sun Jester, the title track.

The Contenders

11Club Ninja
White flags, spy in the house of the night, dancin in the ruins, madness to method are great songs that deserve more credit and of course there is perfect water this song is legendary just hear it you will know why.


13Heaven Forbid

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