Best BMX Bike Brands


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We the People
My mate has a we the people and they are immense. To me they are the best bike in the world and when ever me and my mate ride to school people always say that we the peoples are brilliant! You would be lucky to get one
They are light and great skate park bikes. They are the number one bike in America in my opinion. I might be getting one.
I'm getting one for my birthday the justice it looks so nice my friend has the we the people versus
[Newest]The bikes are just so nice and lighter they are far better than united
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I got a haro and it has been the best bike I have ever had
I have ridden haro for a year... the x1 backtrail ride everyday no problems at all. its SICK
I ride a 2010 F3 it is the best bike ever
[Newest]Haro is best bike ever
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Fit bikes are sick! I would recommend the Van Homan Series.
I have a fit van homan 1 and love the bike it can't be beat. You have to be FIT to bike. FIT bikes are super light and super strong. If you don't ride Fit then F-IT.
getting a purple and black fit bike... amazingly light greatest bike you could ask for for skateparks, even dirt jumps... get it right... get fit bike
[Newest]Fit bikes are awesome I'm getting the new fit 18 chrome

They are the original performance bicycles... Really light but still strong... You can perform any stunt you know, with less effort... I've ride hoffman, we the people, kink, fit, diamondback, sunday, stolen... Bla, bla, bla... Most brands... In ma opinion mongoose is the best... Go 4 it's worth every penny...
I had a mongoose! It's great! It's the nest bmx bike I ever had till now...

It was good for street and stunts and very durable frame and tyres.
Everyone had a Mongoose in my neighborhood growing up. Mine was a silver chrome moly with steel moto mags. Most people had the plastic tuff-wheel rims. I still remember most of my friends bikes and their color combinations. The redlines, cooks brothers, and diamon backs were considered elite bikes of the time because tghey were lighter.. But Mongoose had their special forces bikes called the supergoose and team mongoose.
[Newest]That the best bike
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I got the Aaron Ross pro and it is so good. They are all good quality bikes. Although they are kind of expensive but they are great for the price I would highly recommend these guys even though they don't make all the parts the all come with the odyssey pro parts package.
Amazing bike its
Neck and neck with haro I got an arron ross pro to beast bike get this bike should be in top five
Great bikes. Look amazing. Although very expensive...
I recommend Aaron Ross's bikes.
[Newest]This bike is so lite you can do tricks so easy on them
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Always had Kink bikes and never had a problem with them!
I have a barrier too it the best bike ever, light, strong very good bikes. I love kink. Iv wreked many time still works perfect
Kink bikes are good quality bikes but are to expensive


[Newest]Hey skater dude poops

The Eastern Night prowler the best. I've wrecked like a million times and it still works like new. For $450 its probably the best intermediate bicycle out ther
The Boss is super light and durable. Their "wearable" parts like tires, tubes, etc suck but the major components like bars, cranks, fork and frame are quality made.
Awesome bike rides smooth when I bought mine I had minor problems. My handle bars were torqued pretty bad, the shop replaced them but they always slipped, I threw mine out and bought s&m medium light bars, bike crank was junk bolt kept falling out took forever but finally it doesn't want to come undone. Overall awesome bike I'd say the easterns are number 3, s&m 2, and fly in 1st. The frame is rock solid the welds are incredible in the easterns. I don't know why mongoose is ranked higher than eastern probably because they're a cheap bike from walmart, so many people have them. If you look at a mongoose the welds are so sloppy compared to an eastern, s&m, or a fly
[Newest]Eastern should be 1

These bikes are definitely the best in my opinion, I have a colony sweet tooth and my friends has the united su2 2012. I would happily trade him my bike for his as his is amazing
Legendary I'm getting the united rn2 for my birthday the grey one it looks well nice and has good reviews it also has small cranks united are SICK!
Best bike ever. I can ride it to school and on the way home I just do freestyle down the street. When I stacked it off a half pipe I thought it was busted but I got up and saw it and not one scratch. Highly recommend it to people that want a long lasting good bike that is light and perfect 100/10 love it united is the best EVER!
[Newest]I got a United second hand and it rocks! £50 well spent. Don't need any other bike now I have this.

I got the skin dog, best bike I've RIDDEN!
When I got a Joker Diamondback and it is really good for on the street jumps and looks great.
I have a viper! Its really awesome, I've had it for 2 years now and it still works like brand new'! I LOVE IT!
[Newest]I got a diamondback last year and it worked perfectly but I would recommend getting better tires and not skidding
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Amazing Bikes! But replace the factory given tires, they will pop easily on big jumps but do fine on curbs.
Verde is way better than we the people even dk is better but there is no way anything can ever beat Verde its just not possible Verde is the best there is and that is a fact and mark my words Verde will become the best in about a yeat
Getting the Verde Theory 2011 it is absolutely sick. It looks AWESOME. Would recommend to people around the world. They are right up there with We The People and Haro. Another great thing is they are light but extremely tough making them great for beginners and for the riders that are pro!
[Newest]Verde is a great bike probably my favourite bike make

The Contenders

I have a mirraco mi6 its awesome and really tough they are also light and have wicked designs I think it should be way higher up like in top ten more people should vote for mirraco
I have a mirraco blink they are very good bikes. Light weight sick designs they ride awesome and are fairly priced I think mirraco is top 10.


2012 MirraCo EDit. Ill admit, pretty crappy rims, could jut be the edit, otherwise, the most solid, durable, lightweight, good looking, and affordable bike. Where I live we have lots of different brands of bikes, in my opinion I would rate MirraCo 3rd in top ten.
Go go MirraCo
[Newest]Good but bad rims but keep up the good work

I'm totally for the DK... It rides smooth and is the best looking... I think this should be at least in the top threes.


I just bought my 4 year old son a new dk bike after he blew out the back tire (for the 2nd time) on his huffy from back brake skid stopping. I'll be real the bike is just a little big but he has already learned to start on his on with no assistance. Its no surprise because when I got on it I was shocked by how easy this bike was to handle. Very nice gearing and total set up
I Have a DK bike also it is the best bike I owned.. and I have owned close to 30 bikes.
[Newest]This bike is beast

Durable, reliable, light weight. You are not bmx riding without one. New or old school the bike is tough. Some parts can be upgraded, small upgrades like brake pads and pedals and that's it as far as up grades. She'll take a licking and keep on ticking. The overall performance of the bike is tight work. Do not sleep on GT they have been around before a majority of these new companies. GT has been in the game for a minute which makes them a seasoned veteran in bmx bike performance.
Great reliable strong light get yourself a gt bike because of the quality and the strenght.
If you need a good reliable bmx this might be your choice and I know I got one.
Its really light like all the other bmxs but it haves it own style so its an overall great bike and also its upgradable and can be better than all the other bmxa
GT because it is way lighter and is stronger to do tricks I have ridden several types of bmx bikes and it is one of the best I would class it second best because we the people is the best they come in sick desighn's I recon it should be in the top 10 and people should vote for it because GT is honestly way better then some bikes above
[Newest]Gt is the sikes brand ever! 1

I have a awesome new 2011 stolen wrap the bike is great rides great, and looks great I wouldn't want any other bike

Has nice cyclone forks, pivotal seat, stolen 25 tooth sprocket
It rides smoothly and very fast
I have one, it's the best, but I bought it just to wait for the moment when someone asked "What brand is your bike? " "Its "Stolen"" "WHAT! "
Stolen bikes are pretty sick I am getting one soon it will be the stolen sinner 2013
[Newest]Stolen is great for a beginner

I have a 2010 scarab, it's the best bike in the area where I live, and everyone else agrees, it's way better than the haro's redlines, easterns, DKs, and WTP's. I love it.
They are amazing my ontic el is way better than my friends $1000 sunday
They are also just really good bikes I enjoy mine and its definitely worth the money thanks for everything hoffman
My hoffman flash is amazing I say hoffman is the best hoffman does amazing jobs on all there bikes they should be in the 1 spot on the bike scale hoffman is the best bike brand they should be treated that way. Thank you hoffman keep it up (:
[Newest]Have a 2015 seeker best bike ever

Had a fly barcelona sweet bike
Well this is obvi the best bike in the world... Like who wouldn't vote 4 this
Fly completes are badass! I ride a nuetron

Great bike brand! Its really light and sturdy! One of my favorites
I have a CULT bmx bikes... Really light, frame... Good work, though there handle bars seem to lack a bit, crank? Great cranks. Chains are awesome. Great bike really good quality, takes a hell of a beating. Just great for what you pay for.
I've had a cult for the past year, and they're made to take a beating that's for sure! A downside will be their handle bars
[Newest]They are hella light I have one its really cool bike

18Sunday Funday
Sunday fundays are the best

It's may be expense but its the best and lightest
Sunday funday are like the best bike you want to buy to a ride down the street when I rided my sunday funday a girl ask me out

Subrosa are the best bikes out there rite now. I love them. I been riding a subrosa for 1 year and is the best bike ever. Is strong, light. And they ride good.
Subrosa are sick they are the best bikes in the world. I have a novus 2012 and I've had no problems there super light and super strong. If you wanna be cool then you need a surbrosa. My mate has one

Hey its tyler subrosa rocks cause it is so light and very easy to handle for my birthday I want a subrosa malume 2013 it is very sicks and slick there only 1 company I trust its subrosa. Peas out people
[Newest]I love my subrosa ill always keep it but if you buy one by new cranks because they are a little weak and pedals always get stuck. But overall itts a great company #subrosaornothingatall

I have the colony Phantom Frame, it ride really low and its the only bike I've been able to complete a back flip on. I have had the frame for about a year now and I ride every day, and not yet have I had a problem with it ( The Frame
there is no reason that it doesn't get in the top five, I mean come on now... There hella sexy ( even when stock ) and its just the best bike you could ever get.. VOTE FOR COLONY BITCHES
I really like the 2012 colony descendant they are awesome bikes I think they deserve to be in the top ten and heaps of people have them at my school the 2012 range is pretty awesome.
I've got a colony premise 2013 and it's THE BEST BIKE I'VE EVER RIDDEN. I love it! It's great on dirt, park or just riding around town. It's super light, good quality and it looks awesome! As for strength this bike has taken quite a beating already and seems to stand up to it really well. Go out and get one!
I have a 2015 COLONY PREMISE and it's the best sexy, light, smooth!

My 10 year old has a triple xxx Redline great bike and takes a beating. Awesome.
I grew up riding redline BMX. Awesome bikes! Now my son is continuing the tradition.
I have a very light redline RL3.1 and it goes good on jumps street and it dose take a beating it's an awesome bike and most people have redlined
[Newest]Redline bikes all the way. Gold Cup #1



I love specialize bike they are the best for beginners and pros they last a lot longer than fits
Light weight. I bought one and it's really good fun

23Free Agent
Free Agent BMX bike are the best, when you by one you will be amazed at how smooth it is and how many tricks I can do on it happy thanks giving present it warn. I am really surprise that not many people have this bike, by it now today?
Had this bike when I was younger and running bmx courses, its was amazing. Now that I am older and ride mountains, wish they made a bike for me. But I will make sure to purchase this bike for my son when its time for him to ride.
FREEAGENT is the best bmx bike I have ever had it rides so smooth and is kind of light if you have the right parts on the bike and if you have the FREEAGENT team bike if you race... You will be the king of the track that's only if you get team limo bike that's the best bike in the world.
[Newest]Best bike I have ever had better than we the people.

24Shadow Conspiracy
I think that shadow has some of the lighest, strongest, parts out on the market for bmx today. Most of my setup on my own bike is shadow. I highly recommend their products.

These bikes are hella tight! They also have great tires worth the money. They last a long time too
Great bike brand. Very nice and fly bikes. I would advise to get an odyssey.
You know your getting a high quality product
[Newest]They don make complete bikes or frames

26BSD Forever
Its the best bmx brand ever and it should be at the top
Bsd the best bmx brand ever gods quality parts for a reasonable price
Why ride anything other than bsd you goons

They are the best bikes in the world I don't know why they ant it the top 10.
I think this is an awesome brand there better than gt
Premium bmxs are the bomb and are better than Haro and Mongoose because I got one and they ride sick and are light!
[Newest]They look so nice and r so smooth

28Black Eye
I have a pisola 2011 and it is very light and gets you a lot of attention, as it is a very good looking bike. The only bad thing is the brakes are on the back tire and the seat is plastic.
They look the sickest and are really light and cheap
Its a good bike

Best bike out I love my forgotten I have a forgotten victim have had not a problem with it great for jumping and really light it should definitely be ranked higher then 28
It is like the best bike you would ever ride and it is amazingly good
All other brands are crap

Best bike ever you should all buy one if you don't its stupid and hows all of the other makes above this?! I have one of these breaks are great tyre tread and very smooth ride, I spent 1500 pounds on the bike that a last had and seriously my ruption is a lot better and it costs 240 pounds! I have the ruption friction so all of you guys ned to got one of these!
I got it and its really cool and light
This is a really cool bike my friend has one jake
[Newest]It the BEST bike in the would

Not only do they great bikes themselves, they build great parts for most of the others listed here too
I got the BTM and it is super strong and light plus the trans red color looks super good
[Newest]S&m should be #1 best parts you will ever ride

I have a norco volt I think it is epic I think it is very well equipped. I think haro and norco shouldswap places on the list because norco is very light and strong. They are very well styled. You get really nice rims with it. More people should buy this bike. This bike is sick yo! :-)
I have a 2011 norco volt and it's a light bike and very strong.I will never regret buying it.I think norco could make it to the top 5.
Great bikes light weight and very fun ti ride on! They are very good
This is an awesome bike rides smooth been riding it for a couple years now and all iv had the buy is tubes and some new grips. exelent bike

I have a ripper and they are and always will be the dogs bollocks. Young or old you can always appreciate the amazing looks and ride experience.
Ripper, quad angle, om flyer... All old school but timeless...
There the best bikes ever made and don't argue. My dad used to have two and he says he wishes he had never sold them!
[Newest]Because I have one and it is really good

These bikes are so sick I didn't even know of the brand until I saw it on this list and if you've seen the bikes you wouldn't believe they were on the second page of this list just one month ago but these bikes are sick light and appear to be good. I ride a fit now but after seeing these bikes I want one for my next ACADEMY for the win!
Best bike ever I love time to ride hard and stable best for dirt jumps. light and smooth in my opinion this is the bike you want
This bike is so sick there is a 2014 addition the best bike brand ever please vote fore this bike
[Newest]This is a grate bike

Voodoo are terrible there sprockets to big and there made badly etc also there really heavy
I've got one for Christmas and it looks brilliant really nice colours.
Very nice to ride good for jumping
I got a voodoo Malice really good for jumps and tricks very light

Good make + reassuring bikes
Amazing brand I have a griffin 26 and it is such sooth and nice bike to ride!
They are light and so nice to ride!
[Newest]It's better than diamond back

Good bike it ride smooth and sturdy with good handle bars fast the smallest spracket for rider in the trials
Animal good frames and bars won't break it ya

3880 United Redbull

Great bmx durable and nearly undestructable cheap price very lightweight and 2 great brakes with the steel body makes a perfect bmx go buy one now and if you don't well you suck at bmxs

I don't mind these bikes even though they are quite heavy it help me learn faster and they look pretty cool I have x rated furnace and getting fit boyfriend 1 but will still use the x rated. Overall 7/10
How is x rated above primo and amity and mutiny x rated is terrible it doesn't look good its too heavy the wheels are horrible
I'm now speaking to all you parents out there what you have to do is put stenghth after weight if the bike is to heavy then your kid isn't gonna learn tricks which means it doenst matter how strong the bike is but if you buy a light but not strong your kid isn't going to get as long on it but he will still enjoy it and learn more its best if you get him bike that is light and strong but if not at least get one that's light. I am not hating I'm just tellin you the truth.
X-rated bmxs are alright but the paint comes off easily. I ave the x-rated hustle and its great for whellies but its bad for bunnyhops. When I go to the park everybody says its a well good bmx for jumps as you can barspin well

Overall I would say there good bikes and are worth getting if you want to do ramp tricks on it
[Newest]Absolutely crap whoever made them is stupid

41Trail or Park
Rubbish bikes wish I got a haro or a verde but they are better then mongoose probably need to get a new frame though like a haro frame

I have a blank vision it is very good! It is light so that makes it good for tricks!
It is the best bike I have ever had and I would recommend it over any other bike!
I have a blank cell 2013 there very good
Have a blank media 2012 it's better than my wtp zodiac x10 I love it was also at a pretty reasonable price which is great in my opinion wtp are so over rated an only powered use them
[Newest]I have a blank media and its amazing


I have a gsport birdcage rim laced up on a gsport ratchet hub and I love it

Great riding. Very smooth. Fun at skate park. Rust proof kinda. Easy to do trick on. Light. Sturdy. Never had problems really until I let it out of my house for like 90 days. But it better than most bikes I know. Parts are amazing. MOST OF ALL COLOR IS VERY PRETTY! GET ONE! I recommend buying a next at a very trusted location that has very good items that always last and has the top brands for everything. Walmart!
They are terrible with a capital t
Oh stop hating on this young man because he's damn right next bikes are
Rubbish and the only reason ya allsay otherwise is because your kids keep saying that there front wheel just came off or that the bike is to heavy its just because you can't face the truth so just shut and get lost

Eclat is the best company for parts! You can't find another brand A part like there's there parts are so strong and light! If stevie churchill is sponserd by them ya gotta know there good! Vote for eclat
Eclat is so sick!


48Profile Racing

Very light and good looking
Light and amzingly sexy

Cool And Fast Old Fashioned Strong BMX...


These bikes are amazing they are very light and easy to ride and are great for all tricks.
Best bike I've ever had. Real light and easy to ride. I recommend it.
Love this bike brand I love how light it is and the features

I have a KHE Equilibrium. Off the shelf spec. I know of few people who have a better performing custom bike.

KHE should at least be in the top 10!
I got a KHE root 360 for christmas and it is the best bike I have ever had and I have had easterns, stolens and a wethepeople zodiac
I saw one at a bike show an loved it
They r crap I had one for one day and it broke. The bars kept moving, the seat broke, chain kept coming off, the brakes didn't work and the rear wheel kept jamming up. Over all a complete bludy rip off never get one. Get a mongoose or wethepeople.

I have amity ratchet 13 its light weight and so far pretty strong, rides smooth all the time, never had any problems with it.
Uh why are amity behind x rated? X rated sucks
Your totally right amity is a graet brand I'm really picky the bikes I buy have to be brakelaess and under 25 lbs and amity totally does the job

I have a apollo and they are really good but heavy the best thing about the are the breaks they are really sharp
Nobody cares who good the brakes are
They are really good and strong apart from when you do a footjam it hurts

Cheap and really good for the money. I mean come on they sell a bmx for £110 you can buy a kush2 which my brother has which is a really light bike 19 lbs only 1 piece crank but we bought the 3 piece upgrade.
Its a great bike, smooth and light for the price but few parts break easy
Very light, the tyres are durable as hell and the compelete bikes are very cheap.
Totally worth the money and could easily give United or Haro a run for their money
[Newest]Best bike ever! 1

Tesco bikes are trash and what is really dumb is that they bother to add a gyro brake system, because of there weight it makes it very challenging to bunny hop or to get air and your not going to be able to do tricks so unless they amnage to get a bike that weighs a decent amount, using gyro brakes is POINTLESS!
Tesco bikes are incredibly heavy and the ones that are ok are seriously over priced this is coming from a seven year old does not do bmx but has a 18 inch trail or park frame bsd bike whick is like 19 lbs which really light but tesco bikes are still really rubbish and mag wheels seriously lolololololol

I have the felt chasm, very good stock bike. I have changed the bars, stem, tires, peds, pegs, chain, and still adding. It never needed anything new besides tires just from riding. It weighs less than most bmx bikes, very good bike to get. Not a starter bike though.
I'm from medford or and I got the felt chasim an so far its the best bike I have, I lovethe way it rides, I changed the tiers with chase hawk signature tiers and now its probably the best ride that's possible
I don't know why its 37 on the list so lets bring it to 1!
Screw we the people
I have a felt and it is awesome. It is so smooth and has good friction at a park!
My son had two mongoose bikes and both stunk in comparison to this Felt. Felt is well known for road racing bikes and the bmx bikes are second to none!

I also have a p-17 fireball and I am all about the style of it. It's a 19" frame (expert), I put some new parts on it like a profile 3- piece crank and a fey other parts, I'm more of a jumping and grinding person and this bike has not let me down, it has the original forks and head set and still is like new -LIFE BEHIND BARS-
Mines a P-17 Fireball Fastback from 2001, The last year GT made them before selling out. Everything's original except the Seat and Tires, But being 13 yrs old. I still rock it to this day. The second Powerlite I've owned after the first one got snagged. Made of steel and good for hard rides. I'm 6'2" and 212 pounds, So I know it's a great bike company. Only GT if still made them.

Two hips are great bikes. I had a verde vex and shortly found out it had single welds on the frame and forks two weeks later my frame snapped ever since I got my twohip playboi I haven't had any problems except I can't get off it
how is diamondback above fit and we the people?
and how did mongoose even make it on here?
2hip is the best though
I got a 2hip soul it is awesome people trash on 2hip all the time but fact is they're the best should be in the top ten

I just got a thruster and it works fine on rode it's smooth
It was the best bmx bike I had until some one stole it :-(
Have one and its pretty light and its the first bike I can bunny hop in a long time
[Newest]My friend has one and it's light and strong

Amazing bike 20lb. Cool colors and patterns fast shipping and great service
Got the amber savior really light and awesome
Best value for bike! Full chromoly frame for just $350
Excellent service too

Volume is to sick
Volume is awesome and they make great parts! Light and they look sick!

Amazing frames and forks. If you want a street frame then get either a tunnel or a bridge. I got the bridge and I ride it for park and I LOVE it. Light and strong. I don't get why there are brands like united and S&M that are closer to the bottom rather than the top.
Amazing! I love my skavenger bridge frame! Extremely light, farely durable and perfect geometry!

65Ideal BMX

Federal is a really good bike it is reliable and light weight
Best bike brand! Parts are super clean!

I'm totally for the big daddy rooster neon It rides smooth and is the best looking I think this should be at least in the top five. Hope people also think the same its a fantastic bmx you don't want to miss out on.
I used my friends big daddy rooster neon wow it just amazing bike I am thinking of getting one soon round about 150 it's a quality bike maybe the best bike out how know people only like tge bike they got they should try different ones to find out.
I own a big daddy rooster and it is epic I thought it was top of the range bike, my bike has no gears unlike others, big daddy roosters are not easily broke iether all the other bikes are to flimsey but roosters are the best freestyle bike you can get not that many people own them either they are sort of rare
[Newest]Some land rovers are lighter than those heavy monsters

Riding a mutiny lucky strike v3.5 and let me tell you its the best frame I had... Light, strong and good looking
#1 brand in the world


Got the fracture good bigginers bike does everything I want my bike to do
It's really good and looks really nice
Muddy fox is terrible I mean I saw one of there bikes right and the cross bar was rectangler that wanst even a joke I think it was the x ray bike but still they are no good

I have a kawsaki and its heavy but perfect for trails and if your really strong then Kawasaki is the way to go. And they are sort of beginner bikes for strong people. I'm not that strong so I just use it for bike rides and trails to.

My friend has one looks badass rides smooth easy to ride handles good and gets some attention I can't see why its not number 20
Even though they are part of we the people they aren't the greatest part manufacturer out there

Awesome bike I don't ride faliure but I know that harry main does and they look epic
I have a failure the brand describes the bike it is really bad
Lightest frame I have ridden on and also harry main rides failure to

I had some primo handle grips I GOT BLISTERS!
Great parts all round and the best guy rides for them, Tony Neyer he is the hard acting street machine.


This is definitely #12
This list is a joke.. Fbm is way down here because. This list is out together by fools and kids that don't really know anything about bmx. Top 10 should be fbm, kink, the take, animal, bsd, T1, subrosa, S&M, solid, and Fiend.

Best sleek bikes out there and are extremely good for tricks and freestyle
Iv just swooped An original big daddy rooster for a zinc far better then the rooster

The people who say sims is good are either being payed or have just been hit by a train
A very good bike. I don't know why it would be in a low rate but a good bike just for fun. A little heavy but it's not for tricks so overall and a good bike
Maybe You have been hit by a train.
It's a very good bike.

Good bike big wide handlebars really comfortable
Just got one, and feels good in my opionion.
Gerbils enjoy the ride especially the seat ohhnahh hurtsnsongood

"My mate has one of these. Very nice looking bikes and to me beats a mongoose anyday!
It is a very beatiful frame
i hope its became a # 1 frame
Excellent bike for the money

Brilliant bike! Long lasting heavy however very strong and I would highly recommend this bmx
I think magna is a really good bike and should be number 1
To me magna sucks and they are too heavy

82Standard Bykes
These frames should be right at #1 great quality and customer service.
Love this company and buying one tomorrow
Rick builds the highest quality product available in the market today. Stat

Really good very long lasting with a seriously long durable brand and I highly recommending you to get one now so start begging your mum and dad to get one right now so go do it NOW!
My ABD is so strong and light! I can jump it on basically anything! Vote ABD
Awesome gravel jump bike
[Newest]I have on and I have changed the grips, back wheel sprocket and seat it is pretty light as well


Made from indonesia is the best

I have got a social bmx and it is great and unlike most bmx makes I have never seen a bad social they are awesome
Social is the best make of bmx ever it should be in the top ten
If you want a long lasting social is the one to go for

87Race Inc.
I might have picked SE Racing, but I thought that Race Inc. need to be on the list. Those are the two BMX brands that everbody wanted back in the period 1980-1983 when I was into BMX. Too bad they were both too expensive. I had to get a Mongoose instead and then when they lowered the prices, I got a GT.


I think reeboks is not the greatest for great riders but for a new person they are pretty good so if you are new to bmx this might might be something your looking for
Laugh out loud I like those kind

They are veryy light and sturdy trust me I own 2 of them. BEST BIKE I HAVE EVER OWNED!
Very light and sturdy
Awesome, like it's totally cool dude
[Newest]One of the best

Don't know why this is 100th my friend has one and I have a we the people, I don't want to make anyone angry but it can compare.

I have umf brad dj 2 its very good




empires are the best they look good there very strong and light gr8 for tricks best bmx ever better then we the people vote for empire I garanted you so vote for empire bmx trust me best bike I have



There not good bmx bikes
I have won a race against a gear bike with this bike

Theas bikes are terrible

Epic bike.. the bike that every other bike was trying to be when I was a kid.

One of the first bikes I can remember with a aluminum frame
Had one as a kid, some bunghole stole it, that's how epic they were
Had hb mongoose gt schwinn db haro and many more. My kuwahara bravo beats em all. Value for money!

Ihave one of it and its rideable bike

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