We the People


Because they look sick and they are light and strong bikes : WETHEPEOPLE IS THE BEST PLEASE VOTE FOR NUMBER ONE SPOT

I have one it hasn't got a flat tyre or a puncture in a year and there are light I learnt how to tailwhip and double bar in a few day and I only started bmxing a year ago and in a week I learnt both of them trick and I was on a bmx track I fell of and my bike done a double backflip and all that happened was that my bike had a few starches and the frames are really strong my friend had a mongoose and he snapped his frame in to months

We the people bikes are awesome when I tried the arcade 2012 at the bike shop I knew it was go back be a perfect bike to start with bmx cause I've always had a mtb and I always wanted a bmx I saw we the people brand made saw how good they are I went to the bike shop with my mom tried the arcade 2012 perfect

I had an old diamond back that weighed 39 pounds and got a we the people trust and it was the best thing ever. I rode everyday and didn't have to change the tube or tires for 7 months when the back tire wore out.
I also have tried my friend's bikes like a united, fit and mirraco but they all feel like they will fall apart but my We The People Trust is SOLID. Best bike company out there

I love the way we the people bikes are made I am going to get one for my birthday so I can't wait until that happens. I don't know what type I should get but they all look very nice and I have heard they perform better then all the rest

SO SAD THEY don't SELL IN THE US! But I wish they did sell in the us. Hey can anybody tell me when they sell in the U.S. email: ha not getting my email/.. BEST BIKE COMPANY EVER. But I have to get a Haro or Mongoose Cause they sell in the U. S

Getting a 2013 Zodiac this summer, my friend has the 2012 version and is the best I've ever ridden, for almost $650 the bike is pretty spendy. But I don't care they're the best bikes out there! They're the lightest I've ever ridden and the most smooth, even hitting 30-35 ft. Doubles the bike still lands smoothly. I would definitely most recommend this bike to any of any skill! Go We the People!

I have one, it is such an awesome bike, mine is a radio but we the people make them, all the other makes on this page are awesome bikes as well.

I have a wethepeople justice 2011 its the get either a wethepeople envy to justice nothing else like envy or reason or something like that there awesome trust zodiac versus anything there so good light and all go brake less though or gyro

I have the we the people justice. Its probably one of the most sturdy and strong bikes out there. Don't get any eastern bike though. Their frames crack way to easily. Especially the eastern boss

Best bike ever, I've had a arcade2011 and it was so good to ride. Great bike for freestyles. Sonn getting a zodiac2012. Best bike brand in the world but do sometime have something faulty. When I bought my arcade the brake weren't working but I recommend this bike and I will always stay with this bike brand

I have a we the people volta and I absolutely love it! Best on dirt, skatepark, street and everywhere else! It is so light and easy to do tricks on it!

I have a we the people arcade 2013 black and red and I have had it since it came out also its totally stock (not costom - how I bought it) anyways I have never had a problem with it and there is no better bike in the world by far.

best bike ever screw haro and mingoose

We the people are perfect for a base bike all my friends ride them and so do I, they are brilliant for riding park and street I have got the curse at the moment and it is working brilliantly.

The best bikes bikes ever! I want to buy one but I can't decide which one! All of the bikes are great! I want all of them! Especially the envy!

My cool friend ollie has one and he is amazing and is sponsered by them so I get free parts and he had a choice of lots of brands but chose we the people crysis because they r a top brand if your interested please post

They are just amazing bikes and I just love the way they look so in future I could see myself paying about 700 pound for a wethepeople bike.

Me and my friend have a we the people he has a crisis and I had mine for about 2 years and it still works like new and looks new and never broke or cracked. I think these bikes are the best bmx bikes they might be expensive but they are worth it If I could choose any bike it would be a we the peopl

It's so nice it's affordable... You will not regret about you ride because it's so nice I will one for my son he wanted to learn how to ride a bmx

Just love the bikes got 2, looking at getting the (zodiac)! Look it up in matt black! Love them so much and really light! What ever bike you have got it isn't as good as wethepeople!

I want to know how much a we the people bike cost And it is the best bike I have ever seen and I might get one as soon as possible if the price was good

Gosh they are so lite and strong plus the speed you can get on them is so insane I want one so I can beat the crap out of my friends! 😝 Then I can win my bet of who can get the best bike

I have rode this bike almost every day and it is so easy to do tricks because of its light weight and it looks so fresh it's the best bike I have ever had

I have a we the people for a while now and I'm 10 my next one is gonna be a purple trust and the bike I'm riding at the moment is a custom we the people arcade.