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A test of true intelect. Higher IQ, Higher chances of winning
Chess is the only game I can think of that combines so much strategy with simplicity. With just 64 squares it simulates the fall of 2 nations that wage war on each other fighting until there is a lone king cornered that has no chance of survival. But yet chess has no manual you have to be taught by someone. With all of this its obvious why its lasted so long and is so popular.
I am voting for chess as I voted for Monopoly as the best non video gaming strategy game but chess is a great game and is a true board game, it teaches you to think ahead and how to think forward as we chess players say the novices think on their feet while good chess players think three and above moves ahead.
Chess is awesome I love playing it. For some reason even though Chess is a more advanced game than Checkers, I don't get the point on how to play checkers. Chess is a great game, whiles you are having fun you are learning a lot and using different type of mathematical styles.
Awesome and time devouring. Best game I've ever come across with a need for an extreme strategic mind with some of the best and most suspenseful international competitions.
Chess is a game of such intelligence and beautiful planning that it is also a social science: a study in logic, strategy, and psychology that is as addictive as it is crushing or rewarding.
Chess is the true test of strategy and intelligence. It has zero chance for luck and based on pure logic and commonsense. Extremely fascinating.
Simply the best when you get to understand the strategies.
I really enjoy trying to understand how the other player is thinking and I'm sure all the other chess players out there do also.
CHESS IS AWESOME! I really love this game and I'll never decline a nice game of chess. Chess is my personal favorite board game and it's something everyone can enjoy = D.
I don't see how any other game could be ranked above chess. It has stood the test of time better than any other game and is still popular. Best board game ever.
Its just awesome... I have been playing since childhood and it helped me in every stage of life...
People say that its boring but I would ask them to just try to understand thm they will start loving this game.
CHess is the best. But I can't argue with monopoly being the top. Too many people think chess is too confusing to be the top
THis game is just amazing it is a little hard to learn the moves but over all I think this is the best board game of all time
Why do I like chess? It is one of those few games that rely entirely on skill. No roll of the dice, no draw of the cards.
Greatest, and most ancient strategy game ever made... Play chess with friends or strangers, and you will enjoy it
How the hell is monopoly, a game where the player who buys the most on their first turn, ahead of this game?
This my #1 Board game... it's so fun and kills time, Once I played this at 12:00pm in school and when I BEATed my friend it was 2:45pm... yea
Chess is a great game for all ages. I love it because sometimes its a challenging but its also easy.
Chess is best, Who has not played Chess? I have been playing it since I was 2 YEARS OLD! (Believe it or not! )
Chess is a great game because there is no luck... Besides hoping the other player does what you want
Originated in India. Proud to be an Indian. One of the things that India has given to the world.
This game is so awesome I would play it any day any where
i think chess should be number 1
Wussies who want to rely on luck go for monopoly. We'll be waiting when you're ready to put your true intellect to the test.
In this game there is no luck just pure strategy that even a computer cannot perfect.
This should be #1 I play it all the time with my freindsand I always win. I'm really good and I love it I have never seen a game so awesome and I just love it so much

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