Top Ten Bollywood Actors of 2013


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The Top Ten

Shahrukh Khan
We love you dear
He is a good actor and dream boy to all girls.
I want to vote SRK because I love him too much

2Hritik Roshan
I like hin too much
Best hero in the world

3Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir kapoor is so beautiful (nikhil nelson)
You are very ugly and old actor
Nakh charah

4Amir Khan
Aamir definitely deserves the top spot for the record breaking success of Dhoom 3. He is such a brilliant and gifted actor who is always breaking box office records. They don't call him Mr. Perfectionist for nothing you know...
Dhoom 3 is mass movie in bollywood
He is the only man who should be number 1
[Newest]Amir khan is great actor and he is number 1

5Shahid Kapoor
You are my best actor

6Akshay Kumar

7John Abraham

8Saif Ali Khan

9Salman Khan

10Ranveer Singh
He is most handsome and natural actor

The Contenders

11Imran Khan

12Gharki Raunak

13Ayushman Khurana

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