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1 Livin' On a Prayer Livin' On a Prayer

Yeah! The Best song of Bon Jovi of course...! When you say Justin Bieber I say without problems... BON JOVI! I'm 15 years and I think that the boys who think that Justin Bieber is better than old rock are stupids.

Live in Romania, I've been waiting a long time for a concert like this, best rock band ever seen. I'd love to hear Livin On a Prayer and It's My Life!
Best regards from Romania!

This song owns! This song is the only reason I know who Bon Jovi is. Definitely the best Bon Jovi ever!

Amazing song solo, great instrumentals an love the lyrics and bon jovi just makes this song the best. One of the best songs if not the best apart from 'under the bridge'.

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2 It's My Life It's My Life

There seriously is no competition with a song like "Its My Life" around.. Really, one would have to say that it deserves the top spot. Move over Livin' On A Prayer!

This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud

It's my life!

This is one of my most favorite songs ever, in my top 10 and definitely the best Bon Jovi song. I don't know why this isn't number one, it's way better then Livin' on a Prayer

It's my life deserves to be on second spot since livin on a prayer is the best

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3 You Give Love a Bad Name You Give Love a Bad Name

Everybody says that this one is the best. Come on its way better than liven on a prayer. Maybe one day it will be the best

This song is absolutely amazing! Not to say that everything by Bon Jovi isn't fabulous... But this song, in particular, rocks.

Best song ever I always listen to this on the way to school and sing to it why isn't this number 1?! Xxx

Easily Bon Jovi's best song. 'Its my life' is kind of overrated and definitely shouldn't be above this song...

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4 Wanted Dead or Alive Wanted Dead or Alive

It has all the feelings of being a classic masterpiece

Great song, instantly recognizable even in the background of countless T.V. shows or movies, a rock classic, great visual imagery, inspires new guitarists - just unmatched!

Love this song it's amazing. First heard it off supernatural the T.V. series (please watch it, you will love it! ) when dean and sam where singing it it made me love it even more!

Blues song that's good

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5 Always Always

I disagree with the opinions of others, that "Living in a prayer" and It's my life" are better than this one... NO! No way! Yes, I admit those two are great songs too, but "Always"... It's just epic.. You can feel Jon giving all his energy, emotions and soul singing this.. I love all of BJ songs, but "Always" was the one introducing me to this great band and I haven't stopped loving it till that moment..

This is my FAVORITE Bon Jovi song. I just love it.

Is the absolutely hit of Bon Jovi, I think this song separates him from every other hair band of the 80's and place him as the king

I'm lost of words to describe this incredible song, 'just want to listen on this all day long

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6 Have a Nice Day Have a Nice Day

I loved this song even more once I found out it was Have a Nice Day as in f*** you, have a nice day

Bon jovi is a happy artist with songs about hopes and dreams and this song has a amazing guitar riff and an awesome vocal combined with those legendary lyrics

Amazing song, much love for the lyrical genius and quality rock perfomance.

I love this song. Very good feeling

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7 Bed of Roses Bed of Roses

well it's the best lovers song I have ever listen to! omg the best song ever :)! great guitar solo and lyrics

Very long romantic love song and one of the best rock ballads of all time - ronluna

it is the greatest song ever written - xtr3mist

I'm in love with this song! When I listened to this song for the first time,it gave Me goosebumps! It's one of the best romantic song I've ever listened,so amazing! By this song and Livin' on a prayer,i became a Bon Jovi fan!

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8 Bad Medicine Bad Medicine

What is this one doing down at #10?
Easily the best Bon Jovi song ever!
The New Jersey is very underrated on this list. NY and SWW are head and shoulders above the rest of the Jovi catalog!

Best song to sing and dance to drunk - Bec

This song's obviously underrated and deserves a higher place on the list. Probably the best Bon Jovi song ever

Come on, how on earth "you give love a bad name" and "wanted dead or alive" are ranked above this song. Open your hears for crying out loud Bad medine is so much better than wanted dead or alive. I just can't believe the tastes of people. I just can not.

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9 Dry Country Dry Country

This one is needs to be voted, it's such a shame that this one is so underrated, one of the greatest song of bon jovi ever,

This should be #1 it's absolutely the greatest song ever made it has a awesome solo so it deserves to be on top of everything really bon jovi best tock band ever

Their best song ever with the most beautiful solos - taladini

In This Dry List, praying for some holy people to vote this song.Where the List has run dry, where nobody votes and no one's getting alive

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10 Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory

Simply one of their best. More people should put this song on the top 10 jovi list as its just as good as wanted dead or alive if not better.

My absolute favorite by Bon Jovi!

Best song by them. Definitely should be number 1! Bon Jovi at their best in this song.

Jon Bon Jovi is singing this song

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The Newcomers

? I Love This Town I Love This Town V 1 Comment
? Because We Can Because We Can

Wonderful song... Mind blowing video.. Bon jovi iss back.

Such a wonderful song, new Bon Jovi's fans anthem

This is a incredible song,108? This the best song of What about now, fantastic album

This song is one of the best songs of Bon Jovi. listen it up friends.

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11 Runaway Runaway

Runaway is my favorite Bon Jovi song. You have to love the keyboard and guitar solos. So much meaning to the song as well. All of their songs are good, but this one is best.

Deserves to be in the top ten the starting keyboard solo is amazing!
Great song love it

Haven't you heard the acoustic version? Time to listen and cry if not! It is beautiful. Just beautiful

Get this in the top 10. Without this, most of us would never have heard Livin On a Prayer, because this put Bon Jovi on the map

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12 I'll Be There for You I'll Be There for You

This song has a greats lyrics: ill be there water when you get thirsty, when you get drunk ill be the wine
Is a masterpiece with all the solo, the piano's pats, I can't believe that isn't in the top 10


Oh My God! U can't believe that this wonderful song with heart touching lyrics and good guitar solo is in the 11th position. Its impossible. This song deserves Position in the Top 5. I sure everyone will love this song and if possible you will sing it your lover.

"I'll be there for you, this 5 words I swear to you, when you breath I want to be the air for you, I'll be there for you"

Come on please more vote to this song, this epic song must be number one

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13 Born to Be My Baby Born to Be My Baby

This song should be in the top 10!
Good beginning, good lyrics, good guitar, good drums, good keyboard..
It's a great song! Bon jovi forever

This song change my life. Should be in the first 10.

Great song with great guitar solo

Love this song should be in top 10

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14 Keep The Faith Keep The Faith

Love this song great guitar solo this song should be number 10 or 11 not 14 please vote this one up love the drumming great singing I listen to this song near everyday with livin on a prayer

This song just moves everything inside of me! There is no other song as powerful as keep the faith, it's not only the lyrics and the message, it's the music, best guitar, best drums, best base ever!

Love This Song Please Vote This Song Should Be Number 10 Or 11 It's That Good Amazing Guitar Solo Bass Drums And Singing - mneilan

Very cool track!

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15 In These Arms In These Arms

My all-time favourite song ever out of anything and anyone!

Powerful song! In my opinion is the best because reminds me my High School times and my first girlfriend. Rest of songs are wonderful, however. Best regards from Madrid!

Great song that made me cry! heard it live in munich last sunday and it was such an awesome feeling! I'm really not able to discribe it! But I love it

This song inspires me to do something...haha

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16 Never Say Goodbye Never Say Goodbye

Absolutely beautiful song which moved my heart. Should be way higher on the list.

never say goodbye 2x
u and I and my old friends... - ronluna

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17 Lay Your Hands On Me Lay Your Hands On Me

exellent starting and mind blowing Rock music... - RIFATHUSSAIN

Definitely my favorite behind Dry County - benhos

Should be 2nd behind living on a prayer

Really?! Number 17?!

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18 No Apologies No Apologies

I love most of Bon Jovi's songs and though I wouldn't put this at number one it should be a lot higher, top ten at least, great song!

Is this a joke? This is top 20 when it should be like 70th

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19 Someday I'll Be a Saturday Night Someday I'll Be a Saturday Night

This gets me trough the entire week... amazing song, can't stop listening to it!
I'm feeling like a monday but someday I'll be saturday night

I can't believe this song is 17th- It's one of my favorite songs ever, and should be a lot higher on the list (it would if it were up to me)

Cheers you up every time you are feeling low... Should at least be in the top 15...

I love this song

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20 I'd Die For You I'd Die For You

So underrated. Definitely one of their best songs EVER. Should be way higher on the list.

Why is this not higher? I've never heard a bad Bon Jovi song in my entire life, but this definitely deserves better. Super underrated, probably my favorite.

very underrated song from slippery - richie4life

Why is this song so underrated? I LOVE it! - RockFashionista

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