Best Bon Jovi Songs

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Livin' On a Prayer
Yeah! The Best song of Bon Jovi of course...! When you say Justin Bieber I say without problems... BON JOVI! I'm 15 years and I think that the boys who think that Justin Bieber is better than old rock are stupids.
Live in Romania, I've been waiting a long time for a concert like this, best rock band ever seen. I'd love to hear Livin On a Prayer and It's My Life!
Best regards from Romania!
This song owns! This song is the only reason I know who Bon Jovi is. Definitely the best Bon Jovi ever!
[Newest]It's over rated but good
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2It's My Life
There seriously is no competition with a song like "Its My Life" around.. Really, one would have to say that it deserves the top spot. Move over Livin' On A Prayer!
This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud

It's my life!
This is one of my most favorite songs ever, in my top 10 and definitely the best Bon Jovi song. I don't know why this isn't number one, it's way better then Livin' on a Prayer
[Newest]It's just classic Bon Jovi
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I disagree with the opinions of others, that "Living in a prayer" and It's my life" are better than this one... NO! No way! Yes, I admit those two are great songs too, but "Always"... It's just epic.. You can feel Jon giving all his energy, emotions and soul singing this.. I love all of BJ songs, but "Always" was the one introducing me to this great band and I haven't stopped loving it till that moment..
This is my FAVORITE Bon Jovi song. I just love it.
Is the absolutely hit of Bon Jovi, I think this song separates him from every other hair band of the 80's and place him as the king
[Newest]This Song Is There Worst It Sucks So bad
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4You Give Love a Bad Name
Everybody says that this one is the best. Come on its way better than liven on a prayer. Maybe one day it will be the best
This song is absolutely amazing! Not to say that everything by Bon Jovi isn't fabulous... But this song, in particular, rocks.
Best song ever I always listen to this on the way to school and sing to it why isn't this number 1?! Xxx
[Newest]This one and wanted dead or alive are just classic love them to death when I didn't have this album it was wanted (pun intended)

5Wanted Dead or Alive
It has all the feelings of being a classic masterpiece
great guitar solo and lyrics
Great song, instantly recognizable even in the background of countless T.V. shows or movies, a rock classic, great visual imagery, inspires new guitarists - just unmatched!
[Newest]The most badass song of Bon Jovi!.

6Dry Country
This one is needs to be voted, it's such a shame that this one is so underrated, one of the greatest song of bon jovi ever,
This should be #1 it's absolutely the greatest song ever made it has a awesome solo so it deserves to be on top of everything really bon jovi best tock band ever
Their best song ever with the most beautiful solos


[Newest]This is easily one of the most underrated songs in music history. Epic solos and awesome song in a whole.
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7Bed of Roses
well it's the best lovers song I have ever listen to! omg the best song ever :)! great guitar solo and lyrics
Very long romantic love song and one of the best rock ballads of all time


it is the greatest song ever written


[Newest]Greatest song ever. I love it

8Have a Nice Day
I loved this song even more once I found out it was Have a Nice Day as in f*** you, have a nice day
Bon jovi is a happy artist with songs about hopes and dreams and this song has a amazing guitar riff and an awesome vocal combined with those legendary lyrics
Amazing song, much love for the lyrical genius and quality rock perfomance.
[Newest]It rocks! Bon Jovi is the greatest!

9Bad Medicine
What is this one doing down at #10?
Easily the best Bon Jovi song ever!
The New Jersey is very underrated on this list. NY and SWW are head and shoulders above the rest of the Jovi catalog!
Best song to sing and dance to drunk


This song's obviously underrated and deserves a higher place on the list. Probably the best Bon Jovi song ever
[Newest]My favourite and the best performance at stages... They spent like 15 min on this one

10Blaze of Glory
Simply one of their best. More people should put this song on the top 10 jovi list as its just as good as wanted dead or alive if not better.
Best song by them. Definitely should be number 1! Bon Jovi at their best in this song.
My absolute favorite by Bon Jovi!
[Newest]Great Song And Amazing

The Contenders

11I'll Be There for You
This song has a greats lyrics: ill be there water when you get thirsty, when you get drunk ill be the wine
Is a masterpiece with all the solo, the piano's pats, I can't believe that isn't in the top 10

Love this song! But I think -James Durbin sing- it much better with high tempo.
[Newest]Just want to meet with jon bon jovi...

Runaway is my favorite Bon Jovi song. You have to love the keyboard and guitar solos. So much meaning to the song as well. All of their songs are good, but this one is best.
Deserves to be in the top ten the starting keyboard solo is amazing!
Great song love it
Haven't you heard the acoustic version? Time to listen and cry if not! It is beautiful. Just beautiful
[Newest]Who doesn't love what's pretty much the first Bon Jovi song?

13In These Arms
great song that made me cry! heard it live in munich last sunday and it was such an awesome feeling! I'm really not able to discribe it! But I love it <333
Amazing song. "I'd get down on my knees for you". THANKS FOR SUCH AWESOME MUSIC BON JOVI
My all-time favourite song ever out of anything and anyone!
[Newest]Powerful song! In my opinion is the best because reminds me my High School times and my first girlfriend. Rest of songs are wonderful, however. Best regards from Madrid!

14Born to Be My Baby
This song should be in the top 10!
Good beginning, good lyrics, good guitar, good drums, good keyboard..
It's a great song! Bon jovi forever
Great song to watch live..


This song change my life. Should be in the first 10.

15Keep The Faith
Love this song great guitar solo this song should be number 10 or 11 not 14 please vote this one up love the drumming great singing I listen to this song near everyday with livin on a prayer
This song just moves everything inside of me! There is no other song as powerful as keep the faith, it's not only the lyrics and the message, it's the music, best guitar, best drums, best base ever!
Love This Song Please Vote This Song Should Be Number 10 Or 11 It's That Good Amazing Guitar Solo Bass Drums And Singing


[Newest]This Is Michael Jackson Song!

16Never Say Goodbye
never say goodbye 2x
u and I and my old friends...


Absolutely beautiful song which moved my heart. Should be way higher on the list.
Takes me back to yesteryear

17Someday I'll Be a Saturday Night
This gets me trough the entire week... amazing song, can't stop listening to it!
I'm feeling like a monday but someday I'll be saturday night
I can't believe this song is 17th- It's one of my favorite songs ever, and should be a lot higher on the list (it would if it were up to me)
Its a classic, awesome song.

18This Ain't a Love Song
This song is really amazing.
Why is this work of art in #19? It has such a beautiful sound and a deep meaning.
Deserves much higher up the list than this. Beautiful
[Newest]Top five in my all time favourite

19Lay Your Hands On Me
exellent starting and mind blowing Rock music...


Definitely my favorite behind Dry County


On mtvs top 100 pub rock hits this was placed before livin on a prayer


20No Apologies
Is this a joke? This is top 20 when it should be like 70th

21(You Want to) Make a Memory
Love this tune! Definitely one of the best bon jovi songs although saying that there is a lot of amazing songs to choose from. Bon Jovi is definitely the king of music. Such timeless pieces
This one boggles the mind, granted the songs in the top ten are quality any day any time bon jovi music, but this one grabs you and doesn't let go.
WOW! Great song for me, so emotional.

22We Weren't Born to Follow
The best ever Bon Jovi song, although it's really close with No Apologies. It should be rated loads higher than 30th after all it is on their greatest hits album whereas lots of these other tracks are not.
Best bon jovi song after it's my life... Definitely should be in top 10
Powerful song! A Bon Jovi masterpiece!

23What Do You Got?
I love this song because of everything that is one of. The best song, s from Bon jovi ever the reason why I love this song
Because. Of the devilry to Jon, s voice it is. Just most amazing that Jon ever did this song is actually will in my new. Phone
One. Of the. Most influenced song, s from Bon jovi but richie and the guys are all great I love the clothes that you guy, s are
Wearing in this video you and the guy, s are off the charts I love you guy, s with all of my heart you are the guy, s made me
On the map man
Awesome song, much better than the common mainstream crap. Definitely the Best Bon Jovi song.
This maybe bon jovi's 10th song I've heard, and till now, its been the best.. Very underrated song.. Needs more votes.. Very meaningful song..
[Newest]My favourite song off all time. Amazing lyrics and an amazing track overall.

24My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
Oh my god that final scream should definitely be top 10
Always will always have its special place in my mind, but this deserves to be in top 10 at least, the power of this song is amazing. underrated
Great guitar, scream and awesome riffs. Great efforts Bon jovi. Keep it up.
Please do songs like this. Energetic!

25Only Lonely

26Something to Believe In
This song should totally be higher in the ratings... It's definitely top 10 material! Just listen to it, and I know you'll agree with me. Just listen to this song, and then listen to Living on a Prayer and you tell me that Ling on a Prayer is better... It's just not possible! Vote for this!
Agree with the other fella'. My favourite Bon Jovi song of all time. PERIOD! This is coming from a man who owns all Bon Jovi albums.
If this song ever had air time on the radio, it would be in the top 3 of this list FACT.
People need to stop listening to the singles and explore the albums more.

27Thank You for Loving Me
This song is really beautiful. One of the best Songs I have heard, for the least this should be in the top 5!
This song really touched my heart.!
Those of you who likes love songs, I suggest they should listen to it!
This is song is really indeed touch my heart because my boyfriend dedicated this song to me. He's so sweet and I really love him
Loving unconditionally to someone you love is like leaving in heaven. So keep it up! Thank you for loving us Lord.
[Newest]Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This song has the most beautiful sound. So touching! I love it so much! It can't be ignored like this! People, listen to this song!

The video of this song is awesome and the sing is also good!

29I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

30I'd Die For You
So underrated. Definitely one of their best songs EVER. Should be way higher on the list.
very underrated song from slippery


My favorite Bon Jovi song for sure!

31Raise Your Hands
I agree with richie4life, its a brilliant classic bon jovi song, didn't stand out because it was on a great album.
this should be much higher, it's a great bon jovi song and if it would have been on another album it would have been a single...


Such a great anthem of a tune, and a highlight of the bands live shows

32These Days
A perfect picture of those days. Always drives me to tears even when the love songs don't
What? Should be in top 10, great tune great
Lyrics great harmonies, should be in top 7 at least.
This is a top ten most popular Bon jovi songs list
ATM, no1 ever credits the not so commercial and
Not so popular songs.
The best intro, the best melody, the best solo and the best lyrics. There's nothing more to say.

33Lost Highway
It's inspiring, very nice...
This a very good song
Come On... It's a top 10 song...

34Shot Through The Heart
Hey! You guys gotta be kidding! My god... Here was I searching it somewhere in top 3 spots!
Come on, this son g should be at least in the top 10
This song is in 4º, its called "you give love a bad name"
[Newest]I agree. This song is way too low. Top five song.

35Blood On Blood
great song!
true friends are the greatest thing in the world


I just discovered this song... Love the lyrics and the story with the music played with emotion
the songs just makes you remember your truest friends in your life

36Stick to Your Guns
The best song from New Jersey album this is so underrated song the beginning of the song is so beautiful. Good song to relax to
One of those reasons that albums are better than best of's. the way the powerchords give way to gentle acoustic guitar is fantastic. This is the precurser to songs like 'Sante Fe'

37Because We Can
Wonderful song... Mind blowing video.. Bon jovi iss back.
Such a wonderful song, new Bon Jovi's fans anthem
One word : Higher. This song needs to be higher on the list! Great lyrics, catchy beat, awesome video, what more can you ask for? Please vote for this, it deserves to be higher, like waaayyy higher. Bon Jovi is an incredible artist
[Newest]This is a incredible song,108? This the best song of What about now, fantastic album

38Who Says You Can't Go Home
This song is definitely my favorite. I have loved it since the first time I heard it back in 2006 when I was 7 years old.
This song is amazing. One of my favorites
it made the #1 in may of 2007


[Newest]Such a great song!

39Santa Fe
This song is incredible. Seriously. Incredible. I can listen to it multiple times in a day, and it never ceases to impress me. It brings out the best of Bon Jovi's amazing voice and has one of the best sounds of any of his songs.
His best song ever. Great music, great lyrics and great vocal!
Best song he's ever written, his best vocals too

Hi jon bon jovi play that song for dawn she love you I get married play guitar with you now

41Wild Is the Wind
awesome lyrics, great songs. one the best ones form bon jovi. just can't understand why this song is 46th. it should be in top 10.

42Living In Sin
Most underrated song of bon jon jovi, he has expressed himself to extreme in this one.

43I Want You
Demasiado beuna para estar de 36 entre las 5 primeras!.. (^^)

44She Don't Know Me
Or of their first songs, great instruments and lyrics, should be in top 10
One of the first videos I remember seeing back when MTV first aired, remember MTV when they played REAL music...

45In and Out of Love
61! Top ten maybe? Top 15 definitely

46Burning for Love

47Hey God
Powerful Rock Track, top ten easily
So interesting and passionate. Far from the cliched lyrics of many other rock songs.
Wow! What a nice song! It has too much energy and ofc. The lyrics are great!

48All About Lovin You
One of Bon Jovi's best song, typical love song. LOVE IT <3
I like itt!
Specially the video clip, it's very surprising

49Hardest Part Is The Night
This one rules for sure and anything else is just BS. Hands down the best tune from 7800° fahrenheit, get it to the top peeps!

50Crazy Love

51Work for the Working Man

52The Price of Love


54Let It Rock
damn good rock song!
one of the best hard rock songs that they have done


You're going round in a spin, caught up in a game you can't win! I know that "Always" and "It's my life" are great, but you should also check out his first album. It's even better

56Love Lies
Bon jovi jon bon jovi Richie sambora alec john such David bryan tico torres my sister Stacey Johnson having a baby I be aunt dawn

57Dirty Little Secret
best song of the album have a nice day


58Bells of Freedom
What a melody! Bon Jovi proved their versatility with this song. Very beautiful and soothing. One of their best without doubt..
The power and feeling in this song is just unbelievable! Definitely one of Bon Jovi's best!
Hello this should be in top 3. This is hell amazing song!

59Lie To Me
Underrated song. One of the best from Bon Jovi. Deserves TOP 20

60Bang A Drum

61If I Was Your Mother

Its unbelievable that this is not within 20! Whats wrong with you people! Check it out... amazing lyrics!

63One Wild Night
Great rock music, perfect guitar rift that just slams in from nowhere, my favourite song, I'm not asking for a miracle here so not number one but come on! In the top ten at least!
I will always vote for the underrated song over my absolute favorite
Awesome song
Great lyrics
Extreme beats and music

64Wild In the Streets

65Story of My Life
This song may be one of the newer Bon Jovi songs, but it has great meaning and and is a catchy tune. It's better then a ton of these other songs...103rd! That's insane! Please vote for this song! It deseves a top 25 spot.
Should be in top15. Also I didn't find song "In Thess arms".
C... This is great song.

66We Got It Going On
best bon jovi song on lost highway


Love all songs on lost highway but that is my favorite song on the album.

67(It's Hard) Letting You Go
This is one of the most heartfelt songs ever written by the quintet. They have a lot of beautiful songs but this is definitely the most underrated. Have a listen.


68Just Older
What a cracker. Bon Jovi has been my number 1 since I was 6 years old. Now I'm "just older" at 24, he is still my fave...
This is a great song. I love this song. It should be there at the top of the list...

69Diamond Ring

70Without Love
WOW> Can't believe this ain't in top 10 let alone top 20! Very True lyric. Great song!


71Let's Make It Baby


73To the Fire

74Social Disease

75Dyin' Ain't Much Of Living

76If That's What It Takes
Just listen to this song and hear the charisma.
The song is so meaningful but I didn't expect it to get heaps of votes with all these other brilliant songs around
Way underrated! This might actually be my favorite Bon Jovi song!

One of my favorites, certainly. My favorite on the circle.

78I Am
This is Probably there Most underrated song ever it's Amazing and it happens to be my #1 Fave Bon Jovi song So much meaning Please people listen to this song and you'll hear why it's amazing


Love this song... certainly it's most underrated...

good song about independance
This is so good... Why don't people like it? ;/
<3 How is this not in the top 10?

80Love for Sale

81You Really Got Me Now


83I Believe
This is one of the best BJ songs ever. Just listen it. Lyrics, vocals and instrumentals make this one essential
grat song, should be higher.
This song is one that shows the change of bon jovi very well...


84Something For The Pain

85Bitter Wine
What? I can't believe this song is in the 100 place... It should be at least in top 15

86Good Guys Don't Always Wear White

87Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart
Not the best song by Bon Jovi but surely deserves a placein top 20 in this list, the lyrics the solo everything is awesome.. The guy who mentioned it in this list is Awesomem/
Underrattest song ever
Thanks to the guy who mentioned it.. Man you are Awesome
The most underrated song of bon jovi, every bj fan must give ita a try!

88Get Ready

89King of the Mountain

90Silent Night

91Tokyo Road
Just a classic rock tune. Take Me Back to Tokyo Road!

92Homebound Train

9399 In The Shade
Man this is not just best bon jovi song... It is best song EVER! And bon jovi is far for beign my favourite band...
Just read the lyrics...

94Billy Get Your Guns

95Justice In The Barrel

96Woman In Love

97Little Bit of Soul

98Blame It On the Love of Rock N' Roll
Hey Its supposed to b in top 30

99Save A Prayer
An epic Bonus track! One of the reason why Keep the faith is the best Bon Jovi album

100Superman Tonight
such beautiful lyrics, show how a love may be unconditional, no matter what happens, because you love that person, amazing... just AMAZING! you'll like this song more if you are in love
I didn't even know they made this many songs and I have listened to them all of my life...


This is Way too Low this a a great Song!


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