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41Lost Highway

Very inspiring, beautiful song, truly amazing. It deserves to be appriciated.

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42Crazy Love
43Work for the Working Man
44Last Cigarette
45Superman Tonight

such beautiful lyrics, show how a love may be unconditional, no matter what happens, because you love that person, amazing... just AMAZING! you'll like this song more if you are in love

I didn't even know they made this many songs and I have listened to them all of my life... - lukeweber

This is Way too Low this a a great Song! - Curti2594

46These Days

A perfect picture of those days. Always drives me to tears even when the love songs don't

The best intro, the best melody, the best solo and the best lyrics. There's nothing more to say.

Best song from Bon Jovi's best album

I love this song. Emotionally I really connect with it.

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One of my favorites, certainly. My favorite on the circle.

48The Price of Love
49Because We Can

Wonderful song... Mind blowing video.. Bon jovi iss back.

Such a wonderful song, new Bon Jovi's fans anthem

This is a incredible song,108? This the best song of What about now, fantastic album

This song is one of the best songs of Bon Jovi. listen it up friends.

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51Never Say Die
52I Love This TownV1 Comment
53Bang A Drum
54Room at the End of the World

! Jon's voice in this song is incredible! The way he sings the chorus sent shivers down my spine! This is absolutely the best song on What about now!

55Blood On Blood

great song!
true friends are the greatest thing in the world - richie4life

I just discovered this song... Love the lyrics and the story with the music played with emotion

the songs just makes you remember your truest friends in your life

Why the hell isn't this in the top 10?

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56I Want YouV1 Comment
57Santa Fe

This song is incredible. Seriously. Incredible. I can listen to it multiple times in a day, and it never ceases to impress me. It brings out the best of Bon Jovi's amazing voice and has one of the best sounds of any of his songs.

His best song. From music to lyrics to vocal, everything is great. I can't believe it's not even released as a single.

His best song ever. Great music, great lyrics and great vocal!

Its jon bon jovi solo song not bon jovi

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58Hey God

So interesting and passionate. Far from the cliched lyrics of many other rock songs.

Wow! What a nice song! It has too much energy and ofc. The lyrics are great!

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59Lie To Me

Underrated song. One of the best from Bon Jovi. Deserves TOP 20

60Let It Rock

damn good rock song!
one of the best hard rock songs that they have done - richie4life

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