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121 Hearts Breaking Even Hearts Breaking Even
122 Queen of New Orleans Queen of New Orleans
123 Beautiful World Beautiful World

Is it a joke or something like that? This is a TOP 10 song and deserves better place! It's my favourite song and I do believe it's better than Wanted...

124 Complicated Complicated
125 I'm With You I'm With You

Emotional. Some what dark yet full of passionate hope. Great song.

126 This Is Love This Is Life This Is Love This Is Life

Wonderful song from Greatest Hits! It has simple chords & melodies. And I like it VERY MUCH! - gyungmin

Awesome track - would have totally been at home on any album in their 80's/ 90's heyday! This is pure Bon Jovi!

127 The More Things Change The More Things Change

Wonderful song from Greatest Hits! It has simple chords & melodies. And I like it VERY MUCH - gyungmin

Shows the way Bon Jovi has changed their style of music through the years. Don't understand why it's this far down though

128 Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
129 Rockin in the Free World Rockin in the Free World
130 Story of My Life Story of My Life

This song may be one of the newer Bon Jovi songs, but it has great meaning and and is a catchy tune. It's better then a ton of these other songs...103rd! That's insane! Please vote for this song! It deseves a top 25 spot.

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131 Bounce Bounce

Its unbelievable that this is not within 20! Whats wrong with you people! Check it out... amazing lyrics!

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132 Silent Night Silent Night

Great song, it always gets you nice and relaxed

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133 When We Were Beautiful When We Were Beautiful

I don't know whether the other songs deserve to be before this one but this is a pretty amazing song!

Bon Jovi rocks!

Great song! Emotion pours from it - well done to Jon & the boys as I did not think they could write a song like this anymore. Very reminiscent of the early material! Turn the lights down low, relax and enjoy!

I can't believe its no. 51.
This is definitely one of their 5 best songs!

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